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Scary Lockdown- Sorta…

My life isn’t┬áinteresting.

I live in a small neighborhood with rather nice people. When something happens here it makes the news. From the years I’ve lived here I’ve only had about 3 “bad” incidents. One of those 3 things was a lock-down. Not like a practice lock-down, a real one.

So I was in elementary school and as far as I remember it was a Tuesday, sometime in December. I remember this being a few days after my birthday so I had just turned about 10 years old. ┬áI was in another classroom for RTII, or as our school called it “power hour.” It was literally just RTII under a different name.

College Shooting

I am a 19 year old American college student and I Attend Northlake College in the Dallas area. This story however isn’t going to be from my perspective, but rather from my girlfriend’s.

Some background: If you didn’t hear already about a month ago an active shooter came onto our schools campus and opened fired. I was thankfully at a satellite campus during the ordeal. But my girlfriend was at the main campus at the time when it happened and experienced much more than I did.



Now it’s been a few months since this has happened, but the whole experience is engrained into my mind. Though nothing terrible happened from this (thank God), it was still a very traumatizing event.

{One of my teachers said that there are three kinds of people in an emergency situation, people who freak out, people who freeze, and people who help.}