I had been driving down the road with my parent’s car who let me use it to get to high school.

Now, I’ve been using this road for years and there’s a place called Loch Ness, which is in Scotland that I, myself, currently am in Scotland. Every time I drive down the road, I get weird feelings. And, I’m not the only one who gets weird vibes, its people who also drive/walk down this road. When I was driving back from high school, I had driven to the side of the road, getting out, and locking my car, going to Loch Ness. When I got down there, my strange vibes had gotten…worse. I decided to pull out my phone, going to camera, and looked around in the water.

As I looked into the water, there were bubbles coming from underwater. I had held up my phone, zooming in with the camera, and waited. Soon, a head had come out of the water. The head looked like a certain dinosaurs head that I can’t get the name of. I quickly took a picture of it and looked at the picture and it was creepy as I looked at it. The animal had turned its head, facing me. I felt the presence of it watching me and looked up as it swam towards me. I started to panic, turning around, and quickly dashing out.