The sturgeon lake creature

About two summers ago my dad and I were fishing at sturgeon lake( a small lake near our homtown) we were about to start the day fishing and my dad was just pulling the boat up so I could jump in when there was a extremely large splash about 50 yards away from us near the center of the lake.

Now I can’t stress this enough but this lake isn’t particularly big, but occasionally people do catch large 40-50 pound pike out of this lake, so 15 year old me tries to think about it logically and labels it as such.

Once I get in our boat my dad starts up the trolling motor and we go over to the far side of the lake.

The fishing was great that day, you could pretty much catch a pickerel on every cast, and I had almost forgot about the splash when it happened again, my dad had seen it this time, so he looked at me with wide eyes and said”what was that” I told him it couldve been a big pike, but he was sure that Whatever made that splash was NOT a pike.

So we slowly drifted over there and not two minutes later I saw a large silloutte slinking around just under the boat but the weirdest thing in it had hands, not human hands but paddling bass with three fingers kind of like an alligator.

I pointed it out to my dad and he immediately started up the engine. When we had made it back to shore he asked me if I had saw what he saw. I asked “the shadow in the water?” He then replied “no that’s not what spooked me” so I asked “what was it?”

And he said shaking “it came out of the water on my side of the boat.

It’s head was the shape of a saucer and it had eyes on the top of its head, and a black and rust orange coloration” to this day we have not returned to that lake, because there should be nothing that big in that lake,

I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it could’ve been but unlike the name of the lake suggests there are no sturgeon there so that rules sturgeon out, and besides sturgeon have a pointed head like a shark, not a rounded one, the only thing that’s come close to maybe being it is a giant salamander it matches what my dad saw but I doubt one would be that big I think they only get up to four feet and what would one be doing in the middle of the lake.

So I guess this mystery remains unsolved…

The Haunted Lake

This happened last summer, and I will never forget this. I was up at a lake I don’t remember what the name was for the weekend. I stayed at a cabin maybe 100 or so feet from the lake. The first night, on a Friday, was peaceful, so far I thought. I was texting my best friend on Hangouts, and that’s when I heard a scream, of maybe a teenage girl, coming from the lake.

That ticked me off because it was late at night. I woke up later at 1 am to the sound of hands slapping my window. I got up armed with my rifle, but when I went to the window, there was nothing there, yet there were hand prints on the window. Then, there was a knock on my door. I felt a cold breath on my neck. “Behind you…” a voice said. I looked behind me, only to see a ghost face of a teenage girl, who let out the same scream. I heard it every hour that seemed to come from the lake.

I put my iPhone to record the lake, and that’s when I found something horrifying. The ghost, spirit, or whatever it was was rising out of the lake. It was probably seven feet tall. It had seemingly nice clothes, though. That’s when I googled this strange occurrence.

Apparently, a few years ago, a girl was stabbed it the head, and then thrown into the lake. She screamed out of agony. Her clothes were blue jeans and a red shirt, with dark hair, as the ghost was.

I don’t know if I believe this source (I forgot what it is) or not, but I know for sure, I will never go back to that lake again. On a side note, I wonder why my iPhone kept showing pictures of handprints on the screen. I don’t know if these things are connected, but this will be the last time I camp alone. Be safe out there everyone, even people who have risen from the dead are still out there to get you…