Don’t Move

I am a 13 year old girl and I live in Austin, Texas. The neighborhood I live in a safe environment, or so I thought.

This happened over spring break and I will never forget it. I was staying with my best friend for the week, seeing as her parents were out of town, she didn’t want to be alone. Lets call her Zoe. The first night was a normal night. Although, we didn’t like what happened the next night. We were sitting in her room that night, starving to death. We decided to look for food in the house, but we couldn’t find anything. So, we decided to go and get food.

I grabbed my money and she grabbed her’s. We opened the creaky door and walked out. As, we got onto the sidewalk on the main road, I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Like someone was watching us. I told her we should walk a little faster. She was confused, but to my surprise, she walked faster.

We finally reached the store, bought some junk food, and left. I didn’t mention we are both volleyball players, and have a lot of strength. We are also very fast. Zoe was making loud noises with the bag when I heard a tree branch snap. I turned around and my heart sank.

There was a graveyard there across the way. It was creepy to behold, and just at the edge of the fence that surrounded it stood a tall, dead tree. The snap came again, and I saw a small twig fall from one of the branches. I looked up, expecting to see a bird or possum, some creature of the night. But I was staring straight at what looked like a rotting woman. She had crusty hair and her eyes were gone. I was staring at eye sockets. She looked as if she had 3rd degree burns on her. The lady had a wide grin, and I honestly thought it was some halloween decoration long forgotten in that tree, but then it began to move. And then it let out this horrific, inhuman scream.

Zoe and I let out bloodcurdling screams. I grabbed her hand and ran. I could hear the woman’s footsteps following us. I lived right around the corner, and my parents always leave a hidden key outside. I snatched it up and open the door, slamming it shut after Zoe ran in. Immediately, the lady banged on the door. I ran upstairs to get the extra handgun my mom had.

Grabbing it, I also grabbed the bullets and loaded it. Zoe was crying when I stumbled back downstairs. I don’t blame her, I was out of breathe and crying too. I looked through the peep hole and the lady was sitting on the porch. I then yelled, “If you don’t leave, I’m gonna fucking shoot you in your head.” She turned her neck around in another terrifying grin. That’s the moment I swung the door open, and pulled the trigger. Zoe called 911 and she said they were asking what was happening as I sent bullets into the ladies head.

She then disappeared, and we ran to Zoe’s house. The police came and asked us questions. We never notified or told our parents about this. Neither did the police, seeing as they suck. I wish I could say it ended there, but it didn’t.

The next night, I was taking a shower and I heard tapping on the window. I had forced Zoe to sit on the toilet lid, after what had happened. I asked her to hand me a towel, and she did. I peered out the curtain, making I to where no one would be able to see us.

I had to bite my lip to not scream. It was the same woman and I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed Zoe and told her to grab the handgun I had brought. I then got dressed while Zoe was getting the gun. I put on my shorts and a baggy t-shirt.

I called the police and then made a dumb decision. I opened the back door slowly and quietly. Zoe came behind me with the gun and we both tip-toed out. As we snuck around the corner the woman was standing near, we had our eyes locked on her. I ran at her as Zoe shot the gun right next to me. I was hoping she did not miss. I tackled the lady as the police pulled up. She then froze. No movement came from her.

We found out later this lady was missing from a cemetery nearby. She had died 3 years ago in a fire. I am so glad we survived that. I am pretty fearless, or I was before this. My best friend and I will always have that story to tell.