Dark Rosè

I was standing next to my little sister as she blew out the candles. ” Happy birthday Sally !” I sang as the little birthday girl giggled. Today was my little sister’s birthday , and she was turning seven.

Walking in the kitchen was our mother , and she was carrying a present that was the same height as her. ” What is that mommy ?” Asked Sally but the middle aged woman only smiled and said “Well open it and see my dear.”

The seven year old wasted no time opening her present and soon enough it was opened. There standing in it was a my size doll that looked so real. ” Wow is that mine mommy !” Asked Sally when the woman nodded her head the little girl’s smile got even bigger.

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Dark Rosè: The Chase

Hi, my name is Jake. I am here because I wanted to share my experience I had with a demon or possessed doll . I have no clue of what it was.

It all started when my girlfriend brought this doll home with her one night. It had scratches, cuts, and was also missing a few pieces of hair. What struck me the most is how real it looked. The doll’s eyes was so human like it was wierd.

I asked her where did she find the doll , and she said a old woman gave it to her. Later that night while in bed I woke up to hearing footsteps outside of my window , but thinking it was my neighbor’s dog. I ignored it and went to sleep.

The next day, our friend was over the house with her Chihuahua​ , for movie night. However, we couldn’t watch the whole movie because the dog kept barking and growling at the human sized doll in the corner.

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