Dark Rosè: The Chase

Hi, my name is Jake. I am here because I wanted to share my experience I had with a demon or possessed doll . I have no clue of what it was.

It all started when my girlfriend brought this doll home with her one night. It had scratches, cuts, and was also missing a few pieces of hair. What struck me the most is how real it looked. The doll’s eyes was so human like it was wierd.

I asked her where did she find the doll , and she said a old woman gave it to her. Later that night while in bed I woke up to hearing footsteps outside of my window , but thinking it was my neighbor’s dog. I ignored it and went to sleep.

The next day, our friend was over the house with her Chihuahua​ , for movie night. However, we couldn’t watch the whole movie because the dog kept barking and growling at the human sized doll in the corner.

After they left , I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I passed the sink some knives from the knife set where missing. But I just shrugged it off thinking that my girlfriend misplaced them or something.

The next day , while I was watching TV my phone started to ring . Picking it up I noticed it was my neighbor. When I answered she told me that her dog was stabbed to death and his eyes where missing. I was shocked to say at the least . ‘ who in their right mind would do such a thing.”

Sitting in my bed reading, my girlfriend came in the room looking upset. ” Why did you move my doll Jake ?” Looking up at her confused I replied ” I didn’t touch it let alone go near that creepy thing.” She only rolled her eyes and got into bed. It was obvious she didn’t believe me , but I was telling the truth. ‘ Maybe she moved it and forgot about it.’ I thought before falling asleep.

Later that night, I felt something breathing on the back of my neck. Thinking that it was my girlfriend I told her to stop breathing on me . But I was met with silence. Getting fed up I turned around and saw the most scariest sight. There laying beside me was the doll and it was smiling. Horrified I fell out of my bed and watched in horror as the human sized doll sat up and lunged at me. Barely I missed the doll’s attack and ran .

Heading towards the front door I tripped on something. Looking down I saw that my girlfriend was laying in her own pool of blood and her eyes where gone. Scared I stumble to get up as the doll was running towards me smiling. It grabbed me by my throat and tried to choke me , but I head butted it.

While running outside trying to get away from the demon doll . With tears in my eyes I didn’t see the car coming towards me. All I felt was extreme pain on my left side then darkness. Later I woke up in the hospital . The doctor told me that I was going to be paralyzed from the waist down , and later the police wanted to talk to me. The doctor left the room to give me some time to myself. While sitting in the hospital bed I started to hear tapping at the window. Looking at it I saw a figure that was wearing a dress. Looking closer, my heart started beating fast as I came face to face with a red eye demon doll smiling at me. .