Insta Creep

Before I start the story I must tell you I am easily scared and I don’t like it either. I am fourteen years old and 5 foot 8 inches and I also am an introvert.

Anyway it was a typical Saturday night and I was about to go to the mall with my older sister.

Which wasn’t very unusual we went pretty often but that’s beside the point.  Like most of the teenagers I used Instagram almost everyday.

One day while I was getting ready for the mall I received an Instagram message from an unknown user saying “hello beautiful” With a heart he started asking me where I was from I told him I was from France trying to get him off my case.

That didn’t stop him he started to text me in French which I google translated and it came out as weird stuff like “your wish is my command”

And “I want to get you pregnant” With even more hearts I told him that he needs to stop texting me and that I’m not interested.  I told him that I was gay when I know that’s not the truth.  I told him that I wasn’t impressed with the Google translated French he was attempting to win me over with.

Within the next two minutes he finally stopped using Google Translate and started using English again.

I told him he needs to stop texting me and again I was not interested.

He there’s proceeded to tell me that I was his and no one else he sent me pictures of my house and told me that he knows where I live and if I moved that he would find me. At this time we had just built a new house and it wasn’t on google maps yet.

Trust me I checked. He told me that he doesn’t care about my “significant other” And that I had a connection with him and his little sister which he DMed me a picture of her.

I had no idea about who this little girl was and the next thing he sent me sent a flood if emotions through my body.

It was a screen shot of his home screen that’s not what scared me it was the wallpaper that scared me shit less it was me sitting on my bed in the pajamas I was currently wearing.

I instantly started crying and I sprinted to my parents room and showed my dad because he was the only one that was in there I broke down in tears and was crying so hard that when my dad handed me back my phone to show my what he had texted the man I couldn’t see the screen because my eyes where filled with tears once I regained my vision I saw that my dad texted him saying “hey asshole this is her dad you better stop texting my daughter I am going to  call the police”

And he blocked the user and I deleted my Instagram account and the police where never called and I never heard from him again.

So to the people who use Instagram I advise you to keep it private and only expect requests from people you know.

Knock knock

Most nights my friends and I would prank each other by knocking and running on each other’s doors. It was great fun

Until one night I heard some one knocking. I went to the door and no one was there. I texted my friends saying “very funny guys. Knock it off. It’s like 3 in the morning”. I didn’t expect them to be awake but they were and all they said was “what do you mean the rest of us are at blakes house” (that wasn’treally his name because I don’t want to use his full name). I started to worry so I called my mum and dad. They didn’t seem to answer so I just locked the house up and went to bed.

The next night I had invited all of my friends over because they wanted to prove it wasn’t them knocking. Later that night at 3 am we all would hear knocking at the door. We all started screaming. After a while the knocking stopped. I call mum and dad to come home from the hotel immediately. My friends and I grabbed things from the kitchen to use as weapons to defend ourselves . As we watched in the backyard a man in black was standing there.

My mum and dad arrived home and knocked him out. And called police. They arrested the man but fined my dad for physical hurt. But we are thankful to this day we called for help

The only thing I didn’t to tell police is that I knew this guy from Instagram. He had followed me recently, and had been constantly requesting to message me. I followed him back because he sent me a video and I was too curious not to see it, but it was just a video of me as he followed me from a distance. Creepy, right? Never let anyone you don’t know follow you.

The scars in his skin

So I want to say that this happened just recently.Since every one of my friends has an Instagram they convinced me to make one.I’m 18-year-old male and one of my best friends is a gay and he immediately followed me.And he trying to be a wise guy he told his gay buddies to follow me.At first, I was alright with that until he gave my number to the guy that was interested in me.He said that he knows I’m straight but he still wanted to talk to me.So my friend gave to him my number.The guy started to message me and he introduced himself as an interesting guy.We had a lot of things in common and he wanted to meet me at the nearby Starbucks.We met but after that “hang out” I didn’t want to talk to him.Trough all hang out he was looking at me like he was devastated by me to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.I told him that I was straight and that I’m not interested in him.He seemed kinda annoyed by that and he said “I would like to see that face in snuff movie” after that I said that I got to go and that he better stops messaging me and all of the sudden he says “I need you are the perfect guy for me”.At this point, I didn’t give a shit cause I’m a very intimidating guy at least my friends say so in 7.2 feet tall very lean and didn’t have a problem with this guy cause he was shorter than me but very buff but still.After I got home I told my gay buddy this and he said that he was a sex offender.At this moment I was very pissed off at him but he said that he felt bad for the guy.And after all, this that isn’t the worst part at all.A day later he posted a picture on Instagram with my name cut in his skin.And the day later my friend told me that his stuff buddy was in the hospital cause he cut almost every vein cause he wanted to get scars with my name.Now this story may seem insane but it’s nothing but true cause he was high during his cutting on all sorts of drugs and I hope that guy gets help.Thank you for listening.Thank you for listening.

Creepy instagram hacker

So to start things off I’m a 16 year old guy that is a bit taller that most people I’m 6’4 and sometimes get mistaken for an 18 year old, I know it’s not really important but I just wanted to give you an idea of how I look. Anyways, I have an instagram with about 200 follows, not the biggest but no the smallest page. Anyways, around 4 months ago my instagram got deleted, at least I thought so, as soon as I saw this I made another instagram and posted on my other social medias so my friends and family could know that I have a new instagram and that my old one got deleted.

A few hours after I posted that my old instagram got deleted one of my friends from school had texted me that it didn’t get deleted and that it’s still up, so when I read that I searched up my old instagram on my new one and saw that it still existed. So I signed out and tried to log back on to my original instagram.

Unfortunately it didn’t work and it told me that the password was incorrect. I didn’t really think much of it and just logged back on to my new instagram, i also told my friend that I didn’t have the password for it and to just unfollow it.

One week later a girl that I knew from a chemistry class (I’ll call her Ashley)texted me saying “hey”I thought it was strange because I only had her number because we got paired up with each other for a project and haven’t talked to each other in a long time. So I texted her back “what’s up?”. She asked me where we were gonna meet up tomorrow. I was lost and didn’t know what she was talking about. So I asked her what she was talking about. She told me that I texted her on instagram earlier that morning asking her to hang out at the mall later that week.

Being the teenager that I was I just played it off and pretended that I did ask her to hang out. I also kind of did have a little crush of her earlier that year. At no moment did I even wonder who was the one that texted her, or even who was controlling my instagram.

Two days later I left to the mall and went to the place where Ashley and I were going to meet up. After five minutes of waiting at the food court I saw her with an older man with his arm around her shoulders, I just thought it was her father and he was bringing her here. So I walked up to her and greeted her and the guy that was with her. I asked him if he was her dad, he brought her closer to him and and said “yeah I’m her father and sorry but she has to go home with me, maybe you guys can hang out some other time.” I looked over at Ashley and she had her head down with a sad look on her face.

Now I didn’t know Ashley that much but I knew that she wasn’t usually this quiet, she’s usually an outgoing person. I asked Ashley what was wrong and before she could say anything the man pulled her arm and said “sorry we’re in a hurry”.

I got the signal that he wasn’t Ashley’s dad, and that Ashely was in danger. So I chase after them and when he noticed that I was chasing him, he grabbed her even harder and started running. I guess being a football player payed off in the real world because I caught up to him and tackled him down. I was more concerned about Ashley than I was about the man so I went to see if Ashley was okay because he was basically dragging her by her wrist. I picked Ashley up and thankfully she only had a small pain on her hands where he pulled her.

She thanked me for helping her but she was really worried, also the man took off with her phone. We stayed for a bit to fill out a report and I drove her home after that. She didn’t mention anything about hanging out another time so I thought that.

A few days later I got a text from Ashley’s number saying that she was thankful for helping her and she was hoping if she could make it up to me with a make up date. I didn’t reply to who ever was texting me and I haven’t heard anything from Ashley about that incident ever since. It’s been 4 months since then and nothing’s came up.

I tried to take down my old instagram by having a lot of my friend reported it and block it just in case it didn’t go down. If Ashley didn’t tell me that he stole her phone, who would’ve known if I would’ve been her to tell this story, or if I just left Ashley get taken who would’ve known what happened to her.

The Staring Creature

One little summer day I was in my house it was dark about 12:00 AM on Saturday, I have just gotten back from Wisconsin, there was just complete scilence I could still hear a few cars going by but that was it.

I started getting ready to go to sleep but out of no where I hear something walking outside, I figured it was my neighbor cause I live in a town home
in Itasca,IL if you heared of the area, anyways it seemed it got closer to my garage since I am on top of the garage in my room..

I look outside and right across the street walking on the rode way was a long legged creature it was looking in people’s windows but everyone’s windows were closed and blocked from curtains.

Except my bedroom window I can see it turn around and look at me with its cold dead eyes, I got the shivers and imagined it was me seeing things but I wasn’t it was real I was so scared so I locked every window in the house and shut all the doors and locked them too, I got in my room and locked the door and fell asleep no knowing what I’d see the next day.

The next morning I wake up and I can see kids riding their bikes like any other day, so I decide to go outside after I brushed my teeth and ate, so when I went outside I saw blood on one of the trees I was scared and I remembered hearing a tree shake and it sounded like bark getting scraped off a tree I could tell the creature I say the other night had hurt itself anyways till this day I can still remember seeing it I never knew what it was.

I choose to try to not think about it but I never could stop it was the most scariest time in my life I never had an experience like that ever.