Glad I wasn’t alone

This happened about 3 months ago, which was September from today. Me and my friend Justin were gathering our gear to go for a deer hunt. It was a little past noon, so we didn’t expect animals to start moving yet, so we had some time to get prepared.

Our usual hunting spot is only a mile and a half walk from our property. The spot we like to sit from gives us a view of the whole area. It is on top of a hill, in a field. The woodline is directly behind us, so we are quite close to some deer bedding. I was armed with a compound bow, while Justin had a crossbow, with a scope.

Our plan was to sit till about 6, since it usually gets dark at 5:45. One thing about our hunt kind of had me on edge, and that was that the area was a bit quiet, besides the occasional leaf falling, or wind gusts.

Since we saw nothing, we decided to move down the hill, to get a different vantage point. I was putting my water bottle back in my daypack preparing to move, but a sudden crunch made us both freeze in place. I slowly drew my bow expecting a deer or coyote, but what we saw still haunts me to this day.

I saw deer like horns sticking out of the brush, so naturally I aim in that direction, thinking it’s a deer, but one thing was off. It was about 70 yards out so I waited before it came into the open to shoot, but when it moved into the open, I was stuck in place, and I’m sure Justin was the same.

First we smelled a rotten stench, similar to that of sulfur, or a rotting corpse. When it walked out, it had a head of a deer, with one feature that is sort of burnt into my head, and that is it’s eyes. Dark, empty, black pits in the creatures head.

It was about 4 and a half feet up on all fours, but that creature stood up like a human on its hind legs, scaling in at over 8 feet tall, so easily taller than me and Justin on top of each other, since we are quite short. It just stood there, gazing at the empty highway about a mile out. We tried to be silent to not get attention, so we didn’t shoot. I have never been so terrified in my life. Luckily when a semi engine braked, it scared the creature into the woods where it showed up.

We waited about 5 minutes so if we ran it wouldn’t hear us, or at least catch up with us, since I had a bow and a backpack to carry, and Justin had a crossbow. All I can say, is if you are going into the wilderness for any reason, don’t go alone. Take it from me, because no one wants an encounter like this to happen to them.





It wasn’t a deer

I live in Northern California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It’s a heavily forested area with lots of steep hills and some small creeks too.

I work at a gas station not far from my place. At work, I have the opening shift, which is 5:45am to 2:15pm. I usually drive there and back, but last month my car broke down, and it was so old that it wasn’t worth fixing anymore. So, I ended up selling it for parts. Using that money and some of my savings, I plan to buy a new car very soon, once my savings reach where I need it to be. But until that happens, I have been using uber and lyft to get to and from work.

One day, about 2 weeks ago, I was a bit strapped for cash and couldn’t really afford to call an uber, so I had no other choice but to walk to work. It’s a two and a half mile distance down a fairly well traveled paved road. It’s a pretty dark road at night, due to the forest on both sides, but there’s an occasional streetlight at a few intersections. At the time of night I normally head off to work, it’s rare to see anyone else driving down that road at all. My gps on my cell phone had estimated that it would be about a 50 minute trek, and I planned to leave a fair bit earlier than normal because of that, at about 4:30am. Besides, I usually like to arrive to work a bit early anyways.

The time came to leave, so I put on my coat, grabbed my flashlight, and left my apartment. It was pitch black outside, as usual. But tonight seemed… colder, and more eerie than usual.
As I walked down the side of the road, I started to feel wary, and a little creeped out, like something was watching me. Dismissively, I told myself that it was probably just a deer or something, as we have a lot of those in the area. But throughout the walk, the feeling persisted, and I got more and more jumpy the farther I went.

Soon I heard a bush rustle, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I whipped the flashlight around and saw a deer off to my right, across the road from me.

I told myself, “relax, nothing out here can hurt you.”

I wish I knew how wrong I was.

Close to the end of this journey, I passed by an especially densely forested area by the road, and there are no streetlights in this area at all.

The feeling of being watched spiked, and now the hairs on the back of my neck were standing straight up. I shined my flashlight around to try to see what was causing this feeling, thinking it was probably another deer.

I really, really wish I hadn’t.

Now keep in mind, the next few events I’m going to describe to you happened within a few split seconds.

My light passed over what seemed to be a crouched figure with its back to me, in a bush 50 feet or so to my left, and slightly behind me. At first I thought it was a homeless man or something. I stopped walking and shined my light directly at the crouched figure and saw it clearly.

I froze in absolute terror.

Whatever this figure was, it definitely wasn’t even human, let alone a deer.

It appeared to be naked. It had no hair on its body, and its skin was very pale. Its body and limbs were unnaturally long and gaunt, like skin stretched tightly over bones. Its fingers were grotesquely long and bony too, and ended in sharp, black points, like claws.

The moment I shined my light over it, it quickly turned its head to look at me. It’s eyes glowed like an animal’s eyes do in darkness, like a wolf’s eyes, or some other nocturnal creature’s.

I didn’t get a great look at its face, because the moment it looked at me, I just bolted. My brain didn’t even tell my body to run, I just found myself sprinting. I somehow knew, deep down on some primal, instinctual level that I had to get away from this thing.

So I was sprinting down the road and didn’t dare look back. Over my own panicked gasping, I heard it chasing me and breathing raggedly, unnaturally, which, of course, made me desperately push myself to go faster.

A car’s headlights suddenly appeared in the distance ahead of me on the road coming towards my direction. As I kept running, the car soon passed me, going behind me and out of sight. I no longer heard that thing behind me, but I kept running anyways and didn’t stop until I reached work.

Huffing and gasping for air, I arrive at work and tell my graveyard shift coworker what had just happened.

I expected him to laugh or poke fun at me, or look at me like I was crazy.

But to my shock, he didn’t look surprised at all, and told me another coworker of mine had seen that same creature recently, and had described it to him exactly as I had, every last detail.

I somehow got the feeling that if that car hadn’t come along when it did, I wouldn’t have been around to tell my coworker this story.

Needless to say, I’m never going to walk to work in the dark ever again. If I am ever out of money to call a ride again before I get that new car, I’ll just call in sick.

It’s better than being chased by that inhuman thing in the woods.

Humanoid in the Woods

This happened to me and a friend (I’ll call him Kyle for privacy purposes) our 6th grade year of middle school 6 years ago. We lived really close to each other on an old gravel road in the woods, and we would go to each others quite frequently after school. We would meet each other at a corner halfway between our houses, then we would walk to either one’s house (this is some what important to mention in the story. Any way we met up and I went to his house.

We made to his house and decided to go to one of the many fort outposts we, and other friends made for air soft and hanging out, we went to what we called the metal tent, because it was a tent like structure made of metal sheeting made from scrap parts near by, there was also a nice little creek next to it.

When we got to the fort we noticed that most of it was stripped and a crude trail led down to the stream from where fort was, we then saw the parts to our fort where made into a bridge to cross the stream. Trying to think of an answer we thought his brother could of done this, but that was not correct because his brother moved away a while ago. We then thought that the wind blew it and it slid down to the stream into a perfect position.
Kinda far fetched but it was the best we could think of. I decided to walk a little ways passed our wrecked fort for some reason ( I forgot why) and heard something rustling in the bushes a head of me.

I figured it was probably a harmless, smaller, forest animal like a normal person would. I then heard loud breathing coming from the direction of the animal and saw this thing was not an animal I’ve ever seen, it was crouched on all fours and had human like legs, not animal like but bent like a human’s or primate’s would be. I didn’t see any details on its torso but could see it had humanish forearms and hand like appendages at the end of its arms, bald and hairless, pale skin, and black eyes. It looked like Golem from LoTR or “The rake”.

I honestly thought it was a sick or infected homeless man or hermit out in the woods, this thing was no man, because when it screamed it made an unhuman srcream. It sounded like a pig, frog, and a wounded elk. At this point my friend heard it and came to check on me. He walked to me and saw this thing and we ran, and it chased us, we made out of the woods and into his front yard area, and it didn’t fallow us out passed the tree line, it stared at us for a while and then proceeded deeper into the woods and out of sight. I decided to go home after that.

Couple days later I decided to walk over and meet him at our meeting corner. When I got there he was freaking out. He told me it came back it was making the screeching noises and stomping through brush and snapping twigs around the tree line. We wated at our meeting place at the corner and rested a bit then decide to go to his house. Later his parents put up a trail cam, to try catch a picture of it, never got a picture, cliche I know. Later the noises went away and we never saw it again. We don’t know if it built the bridge, or what it was. Funny thing though, we use the bridge to cross the stream if we ever need to.

Late Night Customer

This story happened recently. I’d rather keep my name out of this, for security reasons.

I’m twenty one years old, and I work at a Gas Station; the Graveyard shift. Now, I’m really into the Paranormal and had my fair share of encounters. I own several books on Demonology and how to banish spirits and such, and Cryptozoology is one of my biggest passions

I am six feet tall and weight two hundred and fifty pounds, that being said, let’s get into the story.

I recently moved into a new part of the city because the rent of the apartment where I was staying went up and I couldn’t afford it anymore, and the new apartment was way too far from my previous job so I had to resign and look for a new one. I got hired a gas station within walking distance and the pay was decent enough to pay for rent and bills. It was perfect!

My new co-workers were very welcoming and willing to help me with any questions. During the first week everything went smooth and simple, my schedule was the one of the morning since it was slower and my training would be easier without so many costumers interrupting. It was fun while it lasted. Once I got my new schedule, I chuckled. My boss had given me the 12AM-to-8AM. I am a night owl, so staying up late was no problem for me. Besides, that meant I did not have to deal with lousy costumers, only the occassional late drunk coming to buy beer.

During the overnight shift we lock the front and back doors; the only way a costumer can get what they want to buy is through a window with a hatch that we open and lock.

Now, the Station is pretty big and exposed. The front is completely glass, like in the movie “The Mist”. My duties as an Overnight Employee are basic, just serve whomever comes to buy something and check inventory for the next day. Since there are no managers around during this hours and I’m the only employee, I gave myself the privilege of bringing my headphones for when I get bored at least I can listen to some music.

One night, around 11:45PM, I got out of my apartment and started walking towards the Gas Station. Since my apartment complex is on a bad side of the city, I always carry an extendable baton with me just in case. I put on my headphones and noticed something wrong with them, they wouldn’t play any music, only distorted static like an old radio without signal. Weirded out, I unplugged the jack and tried to see if it was my phone but no, the speaker was working just fine. I tried to plug the headphones one more time and they start working but as soon as they went on, I felt something on my back, like that feeling when you are alone in the dark and feel someone is behind you. I looked back and saw nothing, just an empty street. I kept walking and got the same sensation, I turned around again just to see a figure trying to hide behind some bushes and trees on an empty property next to the Station. The property was completely abandoned, tall grass, bushes and dense trees were the usual hideouts for weed smokers and other drug addicts. So I assumed it was just a guy smoking some weed and left it alone.

Once I got to work, I let my boss know with a text message, and the night shift employee left for the night after handing me the keys. I locked the doors and checked inventory, so far everything was calm. From under the counter I took out a graphic novel to read while listening music.

Usually we get around three to five costumers during the Overnight Shift and the night was barely starting so I had no worries, plus it was a week day so I highly doubted anyone would come.

Around 2AM, I noticed a person standing by the gas pumps. It was not unusual, sometimes homeless people would go and sleep. But something was odd about this person. They were wearing a long trenchoat and I couldn’t see their face, even with the lights illuminating. The person raised their right arm and waved at me. At first it weirded me out, then I thought ‘Ah, what the hell.’ And waved back. That was a mistake. As soon as I raised my arm, the person lowered theirs and just stood there. Slightly annoyed by that, I went back to my novel trying to ignore them.

After a good half an hour, the lights starting to flicker. I sighed and put down the novel and took off my headphones going to the back to check on the power, maybe a fuse was going bad. Once in the back, the lights went completely off. I got to admit, I got scared for a second but then I remembered my phone has a flashlight. Bless Technology. I found the switch and turned on the emergency power. We have those in case stuff like this happens and a big vehicle, like a truck is fueling up. I decided to text my boss and let him know about the power before writing a report but my phone had no signal. I cursed under my breath, this was a regular issue with my phone carrier so I just decided to write the report; once on the front again I saw something that sent a chill down my spine.

The person standing by the pumps was right outside of the front door staring at me. Now I had a good look at their face. It was horrifying. Their skin was blue-ish, like a blueberry, bald, and their eyes were black with a blue iris that stood out from a distance. The worst… was their smile. It was a huge ear-to-ear smile.

I did not know how to react, it was so sudden. They were easily seven feet tall, I don’t get easily intimidated but this… thing… made my knees weak of fear. I gathered all the courage I had inside me and spoke. “What do you want?” I asked in the most serious tone I could use. It pointed at the beef jerky section. “Ok, this is weird.” I muttered walking to the jerky without taking my eyes off of It. “This?” I pointed at the food. “You want food?” The thing nodded still with that grin. “Alright. I’ll give you food.” I grabbed a handful of beef jerky and went to the hatch. Still slightly nervous. The thing moved to the window,  keeping a two feet distance from it. Once it was right in front of me, I almost let a whimper. It was taller up close, and scarier. I could hear it breathe heavily, like it had run a marathon. I looked down and this time I couldn’t hold it, I let a little scream out when I saw its feet. They were like a reptile’s, like those of a chameleon: Split in two with four large toes ending in claws.

I took a step back. “What the f…?” I couldn’t finish my sentence, the thing put its hand on the glass and leaned towards its. Its hand was big, and also ending in claws. Its face was touching the window and its eyes were fixated on me. I was praying this thing didn’t try to break the glass. That would be bad. It slided its hand to the little rear on the hatch we use to give costumers their change. The claws made their way inside trying to reach me. I took a step back. “Go away…!” I yelled angry and scared. “I will hurt you!” Those were empty threats, I had no idea how to take on this thing, I reached for my baton and extended it trying to look intimidating but the creature… chuckled and took out its hand from the rear. “I’m not afraid, y’know!” I was VERY afraid. “What are you?!” I kept yelling at it, trying to be intimidating but the thing wouldn’t move a muscle, it just kept smiling at me.

At this point it was just a staring contest, me with my baton in hand and the creature just looking down at me. It felt like an eternity. After a couple of minutes, it walked towards the front door and started to push it violently, trying to get it. “No, you won’t!” I ran to the door, dropped the beef jerky, and pushed towards its direction so this thing wouldn’t break in, the only thing keeping the door closed was a chain and padlock, and two small bolt locks on top and bottom of the doors. If that thing was as strong as I thought it was, the door was not going to hold. “GO AWAY!” I yelled again trying to keep my composture but wanted to cry deep inside. The bolts gave up and the doors almost opened but thanks to the chains they held on just making a half foot opening… big enough for the creature to slip its hand. Adrenaline, or bravery, or sheer stupidity made me react, and the reaction was to hit it as hard as I could with my weapon. After I did, the creature stopped smiling and went completely serious. “I will hit you again! Stay back, you freak!” It retreated its hand once more and stood there, staring again.

There was complete silence, just me and that thing. Staring at each other once more.

Taking me by surprise, my phone started ringing. I forgot to turn off my alarm. It normally goes off at 4AM so I can get ready for the morning shift. The ringtone caught me off guard causing me to look away from the creature giving it enough reaction time for it to violently push the doors almost ripping the handles with the chains from it. This time its heavy breathing became straight up heavy pantings “Fuck!” My first thought was to kick the doors trying to push it away. It worked. It backed away and smiled again. It walked backwards four steps and then raised its hand again but only with three fingers up before walking away and dissappearing into the night.

The day after my replacement for the next shift arrived along with my manager. They both noticed the door handles almost broken and demanded answers from me.

I knew they wouldn’t believe me, so I lied and said two big guys tried to rob the store with baseball bats but I managed to fend them off. We filed a police report and left it at that.

That was two days ago. I do not know if the three fingers up meant three days… but whatever happens. I’m bringing my books about paranormal creatures, maybe I’ll know what this thing is, and hopefully… I will survive the night.


I live in a little town in New Mexico. This town is surrounded by dirt roads, dairies, and fields. There is this state park about 10-15 minutes outside of town.

My boyfriend and I were at this park and around 3 a.m. We didn’t have anywhere to make-out so we would often go there. We were about to leave and came up to this little intersection where the entrances was and we see a vehicle turning in. So we sat and waited for the vehicle to pass but the closer it came the slower it got. I was getting a little nervous because we do have gangs out here. As the car approached our headlights we noticed it was an old lady. She was tiny, very old and she had a short curly white hair.

This is where it got weird. She turned her head to face us. Her eyes were black. Not like empty sockets but as if she had black eyeballs. We both froze as she slowly drove past. I’m not sure what we saw but there was so many unanswered questions. Why would a little old lady be at a park 15 minutes outside of town at 3 in the morning?

We were weirded-out but we started questioning what we saw and making excuses that we were just tired. Even though we had both seen it.

A few months later we drove out to the dirt roads to get away for a little bit. The sun was just setting. I knew we should have went home as soon as it got dark but we decided to park and chill. We seen something humanoid. It was dirty, had very long legs, and it ran on all fours. It ran into the field next to us which I think was an alfalfa field. It only took a split second before it was gone.

I know New Mexico has many stories about skinwalkers but I never really paid attention or believe them. I thought it was just native superstition.  We mentioned it a couple times to friends and they too have stories about seeing weird things out by the dirt roads. We haven’t been out driving like that in a while it just seems dangerous

We don’t know if it was a skinwalker, or some humanoid creature. Being from New Mexico there are so many stories of aliens so who knows. We definitely haven’t taken any more chances out there. If anybody has any idea what it could have been and if the two sightings were related I would like to hear about it?