Scary hospital sotry

My mom has been a nurse in a hospital for more than 40 years now. Back in the day, when she just started working in the 70’s, Someting scary happend at her work. A colleague of hers had a dead old lady on her late night shift. back then, it was a normal thing to just bring the dead to the hospital mortuary without any confirmation of death from a doctor. Back then, nurses could also confirm whether or not a person was actualy dead. It was regular for multiple patients to die on a shift, so most nurses wheren’t shocked about it anymore. So they did what they had to do, and brought the lady to the mortuary, sliding her into one of the drawers they put the dead into. A few hours later, after dawn, as they brought a new body to slide into the drawers in the mortuary, the nurse thought she could hear a slight humming coming from one of the drawers.Not expecting it to be anything, and opening the drawer, the nurse was shocked to find The lady still alive in there. Instead of a shocked reaction, the old lady in the drawer calmly asked if she was there to get her out of there. She wasn’t dead, but had been mistaken to have been, she was severely demented . She had no idea where she even was. Maybe for the best, so that she never had to fully realise what had happened. Turns out that they tought she was dead and put her in the mortuary way to soon!

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Exploring abandoned hospital

Me and my best friend were always into horror movies and creepy stuff so it was naturally for us to explore such places to get the goosebumps. Most of our tries were disappointing beecause nothing rlly interesting happened.

Once i went to visit her in the city she studied back then and while going to buy some groceries we spotted a big abandoned building next to a hospital so we decided to get close to see what is it supposed to be. We felt rlly drawn to that building, it was like the moment we saw it, we started immediately walking towards it. When we went to the fence that was surrounding it we saw sign saying that the place is abandoned psychiatric wing of the hospital that was right next to it. It said the building was in ruins so its dangerous to go inside. Right next to the sign there was a hole big enough for a person to go through with crouching. We decided to leave the shopping for later and went in.

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Grimm Reaper at the Hospital

Three years ago, my mother fell ill and she was taken in at the local hospital that is around 1 mile away from our house. She had to stay one week in the hospital.

One day I had to go and bring her food and clean clothes as she was already staying there for five days. I arrived at the hospital around 6P.M. and i enter the chamber where she was staying. It was your typical Hospital room, 2 beds parallel to each-other. As I was talking with my mother about day to day problems and how I did at school that day, the time passed by  and it was already 10P.M.

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