My obsescost me my life

I am a lonely and weird individual, who doesn’t have many friends. I was 19 at the time of this story and am still a raging lesbian.

I was on the Internet, doing whatever one day, when I got an ad for tinder. Being the stupidly depressed girl that I was, I thought to myself “Oh well, what could go wrong?” And clicked on the ad. I was bullied for being a bit of a weird anime-art freak. I saw a girl called Angelica, who looked pretty and shared some of my interests. I clicked on the little heart symbol and started messaging eachother. I knew that if I was immediately like “Oh hey we have things in common, let’s go out!” She would get creeped out, but, to my pleasant surprise, she asked where I lived and if we could go out. I said yes and we arranged a time and place.

The next day, we went to a little café down town. We hit it off and started blabbing about whatever. I was having a great time. I found out that she had a good interest in serial killers. It wasn’t just a normal interest though, she would talk about how amazing and cool they were. I was fine with this though, as I myself had some strange quirks. After dinner we both went to my place for coffee, chatting, anime.

This went on for another five weeks, out relationship slowly moving forward, until one night Angelica invited me to a party with a few of her friends. I was slightly uncomfortable with being around people I didn’t know, so I brought a friend with me.

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