That creeping….thing out there…

My name is Alex…I saw something out there…I-it was horrifying. I never wanted to remember this living nightmare. I was 14. I went into a forest for deer hunting with my friends. I never should have gone into those dang woods. we had been walking, and I had only caught a rabbit.

I was armed with my shotgun, a bowie knife, which was a gift from my dad, a flare gun, normal flares, my ASP pistol, and extra ammo. My friend carried a .22 rifle, a army knife, one flare, a Ballester-Molina pistol, a bow, and extra ammo. We kept on walking through the woods, going deeper and deeper into the greenery. Then, we saw something horrifying.

There was blood splattered everywhere. Now, when coyotes or wolves go hunting, they make the kill right. They take the sick, or one of the wounded or young, separate them from the group, and lead them to the alpha. The critter doesn’t even know it’s own throat has been ripped out till it’s too late. It never sees the alpha coming. It may hear it, but never see’s it coming. Sure there may be some blood, and it’s even worse when they breed with coydogs, but this…this was different.

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Scary School Experience

So when I was in Middle School we had this weird experience. So this story involves my 2 bestfriends we’ll call Gracie and Penelope. My boyfriend we’ll call Xavier and my Brother we’ll call Jayden. So Gracie and Jayden were in the same homeroom and Penelope, Jayden and I were in the other homeroom across the hall.

Ealier one morning a couple days before the incident when our bus arrived there was this commotion going on. A kid started screaming at a teacher to give his phone back. But those things can’t be used till after school at our school. The kid screamed that he will kill himself or someone else if he doesn’t give it back. The teacher never gave it back.

I started feeling uneasy because that sounded very threatening. But my brother Jayden just said I was being paranoid. And he reassures me that the kid says that stuff all the time. The day went by fine with no complication with the kid.

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Disturbing stalker

Im 15 and this happened 4 years ago.

I was out with my brother and we went to the school to play basketball. We took a short cut so it took five minutes to get to the cort and on the way we saw a mini van and we looked and the driver and this man gave us a dirty look we brushed it off as a guy who doesn’t like kids and five minutes later we arrived at the cort and we saw the same van but we didn’t see the driver.

There was no one else there and there was no one on the feild. About twent five minutes later we went home and we saw the same van license plate and everything but diffrent driver I told my 13 year old brother and he brushed it off. We went to the intersection and I saw the same van and I figured the van was following us.

So I told my brother to take a diffrent route so the van didn’t follow us I didn’t tell my parents and I wish I did because I never saw it again and I’m glad I haven’t.

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Stalked by a Werewolf while on drugs: Update

(This is not part of the story, this is for whatever website moderator is reading this submission, so please remove this paragraph if you decide to use this story. I used a throwaway email to submit the original story with and i dont remember what it was. I cannot prove that i am the author of that story, but hopefully by stating that the story was submitted at some point in late January / early February, that might be enough proof that i submitted the story [as it was not uploaded until March]. Also i hope that you can see certain similarities in my writing style as further proof that it was i who submitted the original story. I will submit this update anyway, with the hopes that it will at least be uploaded to the website as i completely understand that this might not be suitable for the channel as it is not actually a story. Oh, and thanks for uploading my original story.)

This is an update to a story i submitted earlier on in the year, titled “Stalked by a Werewolf while on drugs”.

So a few months ago i submitted my story to This update is just to respond to a few comments from some people who are skeptical about my story.

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Doppleganger in my House

This happened to me a little less than a year ago now, but first let me set the stage:

My name is Amber. I am a 29 year old single mother, currently residing in Tennessee. living with me are my now 7 year old son, my elderly disabled mother, and at the time of this occurrence my cousin was sleeping on our couch. Here’s the fun thing about my family: we ALL know that the paranormal is real. My mother was trained as a Shaman, my dad used to do energy work, and my cousin and I are Pagan and were raised, or rather trained, to deal with things that most people refuse to believe exist. Have you seen the show “Supernatural”? Well, one reason we love it in my family is because they tend to get the lore, and the “how to fight this beastie” stuff, pretty close to accurate, and my cousin and I especially love it because it is about as close as mainstream media is likely to ever come to showing how we were raised.

Now, he and I actually didn’t meet until high-school, and didn’t know we were related for a long time. He just became friends with my older brother, and became a part of our family, and THEN we realized we have common blood. small world, right? anyway, we grew up separately, but our families both raised us in much the same way. We each grew up in a relatively stable home, not a massive amount of moving around like the boys on the show, but were taught to study as much lore, on as many creatures and spirits, as we could find. As a result, although we don’t usually drive far to investigate paranormal happenings, when something DOES happen near us, or near our friends, we can usually figure out what it is, if it’s dangerous, and if so how to get it gone, without much trouble.

now, on to the actual story.

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Wheelchair Lady

A couple months ago my dad used to work in construction in some Los Angeles apartments. This isn’t my story, its my dad’s. My dad might seem like a total badass and tough guy with a tough mind but in reality, my dad gets scared real easily.

One night my dad is done with his work and it’s his job to check and lock all the doors before he goes home.  As my dad finishes locking all the doors, he was recording on his phone. He didn’t know he was recording because the screen was all black as if the phone was in his pocket. It was over 15 minutes of him walking and locking the doors. Until he goes to the elevator. The elevator doors open and you can hear him make a loud gasp. There was a creepy old woman in a wheelchair in the elevator, which is weird because no one was supposed to be in the building at this time. My dad hesitated in getting in. He asks the lady “what floor?”

She answers with ” the lower floor.”

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Cancun Creeper

One week, me and about ten of my friends took a trip down to Cancun for a spring break trip. The weather was very nice down there, but to me, it seemed too peaceful. We had rented a condominium for a night, as we wanted to tour the Southern U.S. and Mexico.

Our next destination was New Orleans and then to Blue Mountain Florida. Back to the story. The night we stayed there will haunt me forever. Our condominium was on the second floor, and as we were watching an NBA game, we heard a loud crash, and loud yelling. We thought there was a fight taking place in the condo directly below us. We just disregarded it, as the final seconds of the game were going on. There was a loud sound as a player from one of the teams hit a shot at the buzzer to win the game.

Immediately, I was scared shitless. I looked out our front window, and I saw a shadow outside, in the hallway, possibly looking in our window. I just saw someone walking to their room. But were they, I asked myself. I didn’t want to waste the night, but I still thought about it.

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A Weird Visitor

When I was young I lived with both my grandparents, my mom and my aunt in this one apartment. I hated sleeping in my room so bad. It just had a weird and very bad energy around it. I guess I was around 6 or 7 at the time this started happening, but my family was telling me I was too big to sleep with my mom, so they’d make me sleep in my room.

The door was always left open just a few inches, and the lights on the corridor would be turned on. When I say that I couldn’t sleep, I meant it. The only way I managed to sleep was by passing out of exhaustion, and so that happened often. It was odd, though because it seemed to happen right after a recurring nightmare I’d have, even if I don’t remember sleeping at all.

I’d see slender, white fingers curl around the door and push it open to reveal this… disgusting creature behind it. He was tall, anorexic looking and had a toothless mouth with beady black eyes that simply leaked malice from them. The thing would breathe heavily as if something was blocking their nose, and as they walked inside my room they’d drop to their hands and feet like a spider, and crawl under my bed. Afterwards, I’d feel my arm being pulled by their skeletal, thin and cold fingers and my hand would hang off the bed. I always hated this part. I’d squeeze my eyes shut and muffle a cry as I felt their slimy lips wrap around my index and middle finger, hot tongue lapping at my pudgy digits.

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The Creepy Camping Trip

So my sister and I always go on a camping trip with a really nice family but this years camping trip was the worst.

We had a camping spot with a big field and then a bathroom across from it. The weird thing was that nobody in my campsite was awake when this happened. Me and my friend, we’ll call Jessie in this story, were up late at night. It was just the typical talk about what were gonna do. Jessie wanted to tell scary stories and we did so.

Two hours went by of telling made up stories until we heard footsteps outside our tent. Jessie said “its probably one of the boys or the parents, calm down”. So I just went along with it. Soon after that I whispered  to Jessie that I could hear them again.

We got out the tent to check it out when we saw a person crouching in the fields when they noticed us they ran into the woods. Jessie thought it was just a bunny or some type of animal but I thought it was a person. We got back into the tent and Jessie told me she was gonna watch videos using her hot spot, so we went for about an hour of watching videos.

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SnapChat Follower

My Name is Rylee. For a while, when I was about 16, I was always on snapchat. It is normal for me to get random and strange follows from odd people but never like this.

It was June 18, 2015. I was on snapchat doing what I always do nothing abnormal for me. Like always i was scrolling through all my followers and i came across a user name that said “look outside your window.” It sent chills down my spine. It was also kinda alarming mainly because seconds later I heard knocks and rocks hitting my window.

See being the weirdo I am I thought it was my imagination but I was wrong!

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