Don’t go jogging alone

I am seventeen years old. This story took place in my hometown, Arizona, last year around Christmas time. I live practically in the middle of nowhere; our house is surrounded my woods and great running trails. It was around 8 o-clock, and I decided to go out for my daily run. I’m on the track team at my high school and I usually run a couple miles a day to keep in shape. I usually run by myself or with my friend. However, this time it was alone. It was about a mile into my jog, and everything seemed perfectly normal. I decided to turn around because it was starting to get too dark. I had only jogged for about five minutes after turning around when I saw a short, dark figure in the distance. It wasn’t in the middle of the path, but more off into the side of the road. From what I could see, it looked a child. I walked up cautiously, and took out my can of pepper spray that I take with me for safety. When I got close enough to see the little girl, I noticed that her eyes were bloodshot. Her hair was an absolute mess, and her clothes were all ripped and torn. She had twigs and dirt all over her body. I asked if she was okay, but she just began mumbling under her breath. I couldn’t make out a single thing she said, but she repeated the same “phrase” over and over again. I backed away slowly and she reached out her hand and touched me. It gave me chills. I sprinted back home as fast as I could – too afraid to look back. When I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking if she was possessed or insane or just needed help. I never told anyone about my experience because I knew they wouldn’t believe me. My family are skeptics. All I know is I will never go jogging alone ever again.

Stranger at the Truck Stop

Before getting into this story, currently where I live, there have been posts on Facebook with people who have claimed to have been approached by people about “bibles” and “the word of god” and if they’re interested.

One women said she was approached by a female and asked about a bible, she declined and then was followed through 4 neighboring towns until she finally pulled into a police station where the car, full of guys, slowly drove past her, glaring. This was taking place about 15 minutes from where I live.

Turns out, its human trafficking, sex trafficking, the whole 9 yards.

With that being said, I’m a 20 year old female who has been doing late night shifts for the gas station I work at. Normally, I’d work mornings and never alone but we’re pretty short staffed and I am “one of the bosses” so I picked up these shifts until we hire some new bodies.

I get a lot of characters in there, drunk girls coming in asking if they can smoke my juul, teenagers yelling at me for not selling them games or swisher sweets with an ID present, you know, typical things you’d see at a gas station.

One night, my coworker came in and I was finishing up counting my drawer and about to take out trash so I could clock out and leave for the night. I forgot to mention, I’m 5’3, blonde and curvy and I do get hit on a lot. This guy came in the day before, I don’t think I’ve noticed him ever come in before but he neeeee help with the ATM we have inside (I believes he’s from Brazil or Cuba) he’s about 5’8, thick accent and covered in tattoos.

Back to my story, he comes in and comes up to the counter which yes, my store is 24 hours, and asks my coworker about a ridiculous about of weed, 42 grams or something. My coworker was confused and didn’t know what to say, so the guy looks at me and asks if I smoke.

I was like “hahaha what?”

My coworker “He’s probably going to ask you where he can get weed”

He’s staring at both of us and I was like “yeah haha I do” first red flag.

He walks out the front door and I finally finish putting coins into those coin dispenser and go over to all of the trashes and start bagging them up. As I am tying one of the trashes, he comes over to me.

Him “What time are you out?”

Me “Whenever I’m finished taking out trash”

Him “Meet me outside when you’re done, we can smoke and talk” second red flag

I stared at him and responded “Thank you but I need to get going home after work”

Him “You can spare me ten minutes, I’ll be outside”

This guy I’ve only ever seen once is telling me I can make time for him? I take out a round of trash and go back inside to clock out. I was thinking running out the emergency exit (my gas station only have one way in and one way out) but I was acting irrational.

I called my then boyfriend and told him what was happening and he started freaking out too. Neither of us had any idea what to do. I was walking towards the door and figured since I park my car directly in front of the doors, I could make a run for it. Take me all of 5 seconds to get from the door to the car.

I’m walking towards the door and he’s standing, outside, smoking a cigarette right next to my car.

My first thought “how did he even know what car is mine?” Now I’m in full panic mood. I tell my coworker and he’s sketched out too, so I waited inside longer and bagged up the little trashes we keep at the register so it would look like I was still busy.

I go outside and he starts walking the opposite direction towards his car and I RUN to mine, unlock it and lock it as soon as the door opens.

I look over and he’s motioning for me to get out, walking towards me with his hood popped and 3 other guys in the car. I’m terrified and I peeled out of there (I live 5 minutes from my work) and he started his car and pulled out behind me.

This moment I’m crying, I already lasted the police station so I took him down backroads I know (i outrun cops because of a bad headlight and my car smells like pot all the time) and finally lost him, I haven’t seen him since and I hope I do not. I’m trying to get back on a different shift or a shift that has more than one person working.

I wonder though, what if I got out and went towards his car, what if he caught me? What if…

Traveling Nurses and Mountain Man

This is my mother’s story. Back then, before she had me and my brother, she was a traveling nurse, going from state to state, Sometimes alone, sometimes with company.

I enjoy hearing her stories, they made me laugh and made me want to go out.

One story she had really stuck out.

My mom, Deb, is her name, along with her friend Theresa, were near the mountains, far from the city, and Theresa and her really needed to pee.

My mom said next place we stop at, we’ll use the restroom. They came up to this odd place in the middle of nowhere, both my mom and Theresa got out and out of the building came this goofball hillbilly like guy, with glasses, overall, and straw hat. Like someone from Hee Haw, Theresa asked can we use your restroom? The guy replied, the restroom is only for people visit my museum. Both my mom and Theresa were surprised. A museum? My mom asked. Might as well.

The guy took them to such odd pictures and sculptures you will definitely never see in a regular museum. Tree carvings, a big wall with windows, and little figurines posing for a historical moment, every time he showed my mom and Theresa a piece of his collection, he would always end the sentence with “ain’t that something?” Theresa was cracking up, Deb! He’s a nut! My mom chuckled in agreement.

Things got really weird when they entered the wax sculpture part.

I’ll be back, the man said, leaving my mother and Theresa alone. Theresa was getting nervous, and my mom, saw this, and decided to tease her. Theresa, she said. Remember that movie, the Wax Museum? Theresa shuddered. Oh my God! She said quietly. My mom said, look closely. See if they’re real.

Theresa creeped close trying to observe the sculpture. Ahhh! Screamed my mom, nearly making Theresa wet herself in fear. Damn it Deb! She screamed! My mother was laughing, until they heard, can you ladies come back here?

It was the man. Suddenly, my mom looked at Theresa, both gave a , Hell No look to each other, ran back to the car, and drove like a bat out of hell. After a few minutes, both were laughing at the situation, You don’t think he was dangerous, do ya Deb? Theresa asked.

My mom replied, I don’t know, but still, Ain’t that Something?

My uncle’s story

Hi, my name is bobby I’m from India. My uncle was an army officer but now his retired well every time he come to our house me and my brother exactly sit down and listen to his stories every time but this one particular story my uncle said always scared him till now whenever he tells the story The colour from his face drain. This happened to him when is was a training officer a boyscout he was the best one in camps

he even catch snakes with bare hands everyone felt safe when he was around. So he was in the camp with very few people him and other 5, they were in a forest where people said it was haunted. They being they make fun of it and laughed about it and said some story’s that they heard from people.

Well night went on it was time for them to sleep so they weren’t juniors so they know.

They did not put off the fire as this sir told there are wild Animals don’t put off the Fire they went into there camps two in one 3 camps as my uncle with drifting off to sleep they Heard laughing from out side everyone came out of there camps seeing each other asking who the is that it wasn’t one laughing too many people laughing they looked around saw no one then a voice said “Run before it’s too late” in hindi our language that to deep they ran leaving all there things out of the Forest where there sir were in a van and they said everything this sir believed them because he heard it too here’s a picture of the Forest.

Creepy Bedroom

I’ve been convinced for the longest time that my bedroom is haunted. It sounds very cliché, and the reasons why do too, which is why I don’t speak of it often. When I was 9, I had woken up to see, for a moment, a demon-like girl, and what seemed to be a puddle of blood at the foot of my bed. I closed my eyes, sure I was just hallucinating, I had after all just woke up.

Once I reopened my eyes, it was gone. I rolled over onto my side, and tried to go back to sleep. That’s when I felt a breath right on my ear. I’d never jumped out of bed so quickly.

That experience is the foundation for the belief my room is haunted. It wasn’t hard to move on and forget that moment, I’d convinced myself it was just my 9 year old mind. I’m now 15, and not so sure it was just my mind.

Last summer, 2016 summer to be exact, I was in my room; sitting at my desk, and my dog curled up on my bed. It was almost midnight, so I was the only one still awake. I was watching Friends, but then my TV started to pause and then fast forward.

Annoyed, I shut the TV off. Then, my dog starts whimpering and pacing around the room. It was like he was trying to hide from something. He’d occasionally stop and growl. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my desk chair about to have a panic attack; because I was remembering how dogs supposedly are able to see ghosts.

I grabbed my dog and ran out of the room, going to wake my mom. She groggily and annoyedly told me it was fine, but as I was walking back to my room, I heard my rocking chair creak.

A few months later I’d gotten over the situation. November 2016 rolls around, and I’m lying in bed. I was trying to fall asleep, Spongebob was on, and the TV remote was sitting atop my desk.

I say this because, the TV paused by itself again. Thinking nothing of it, I get up and unpause it. Lying back down, I get comfortable. That’s when the TV changes channels. Now, this wouldn’t be too bad, just a normal TV error, except on the channel it turned to, The Exorcist was on.

I laid there, heart pounding, waiting for the movie to play. But, the screen remained black. I finally had enough, got up, turned the TV off completely, grabbed my dog, and ran out of the room.

Its now March, and nothing has happened since. I don’t have my TV on much anymore, just because there’s nothing interesting on. I just still wonder if something else is going to happen, or if it was all nothing but TV mishaps and my imagination?