KFC Horror

This Story takes place at a KFC that I’m not familiar with it all started when me and family were coming back from the beach and I was straving and so after having an argument with my siblings we finally decided to go to KFC once their there were only 2 more people there since it was pretty late so first we ordered our food then sat down but before that I had to wash my hands so I got up and went to bathroom ,I was the only one
there after being done I jumped when I heard the toliet seat go down violently but there was no one there and I had never went in there first I checked for feet but no feet were found I got out of there once out there I sat back down but while I was eating the creepiest thing happened just about a minute I got the bathroom someone else came out but I had just checked for someone the person looked so pale but with grayish look on his face and ripped pants,all he did was stared at me and didn’t stop,I was too scared to tell anybody the person walked out and walked back into the bathroom but without giving me a simile before he left I was scared who was that or what was that after that I had greasy hands but refused to use the bathroom, good thing this KFC is 3 hours away from where I and will never go there now a year has passed and I still won’t forget the simile of the person.

First Date Gone Wrong

I’m one of those people that doesn’t really get in any long lasting relationships, they usually end pretty quickly for some reason or another. I didn’t consider myself attractive either, so when I do get hit on or get a chance to go out with someone, I usually take the chance. This takes place in 9th grade. Most kids were starting to date, and I wanted to fit in, so I started looking for girls I might have a chance with.

There was this one girl I had my eyes on, we’ll just call her Alyssa. I was close friends with one of her friends, and was told that she liked me.

I took up this chance to ask her out, and she happily said yes. We agreed to meet up at the local cinema on a Saturday, but she worked late on weekends at a gas station until 11PM, so we picked out a movie at 11:30 to watch. When Saturday came around, I had my mom take me and her to the cinema, since both of us were still too young to drive.

We picked up Alyssa and drove over to the cinema.

The first thing I noticed when we got into the theater was that the room was empty. The movie started and things went from one to another and before I knew it we were kissing. That’s when we both jumped up to a rustling sound coming from behind us. I looked everywhere and saw nothing. We agreed that it was coming from the projector room, and shrugged it off. Twenty minutes later and we heard the same sound again. That’s when I took out my phone and turned on my flashlight.

I aimed it everywhere until I finally saw something move. It was in the way back seating row where you couldn’t see if anyone was sitting there unless you had a light. The second I shined my flashlight on the figure, that’s when I could make out two eyes starting directly at me.

The second the figure noticed me looking at it, it looked away. I told Alyssa to ignore it, and if anything else happened we would leave. Everything was normal for the next 5 or so minutes, until there were more rustling sounds coming from behind us.

The person was again starting directly at me, and then looked away when the person noticed I saw them. I was a bit shaken up, and didn’t really know what to do. I texted my mom to come pick us up. She replied almost instantly, and asked why. I told her about the person and how they were acting very strange.

Our house is 25 or so minutes away, so I had to figure out what to do until then. That’s when the glow from the movie dissipated. I looked back and saw the man had his hand over the projector. I told Alyssa that we need to go NOW. I grabbed her hand and we started running. I could hear loud footsteps that sounded like boots running across the ground.

I knew that none of us were wearing boots, so I never even bothered to turn around. We ran up to the front desk and told the only person still there what had happened. The women at the front desk called the police, and they were here within 10 minutes. Once the policemen had come out of the theater, they told us that they didn’t find anyone.

By the time my mother arrived the police were questioning us about what had happened. We never got a clear look at the mans face because of the darkness. When we were pulling out of the theater parking lot, I saw a dark figure behind a bush about 100 feet from the car. I didn’t think of telling anyone because I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Alyssa invited me back to her house, and my mom dropped us both at her house. Her parents of course had questions, and we told them what happened. We were all pretty tired, and none of us wanted to be alone for the night. I texted my mom telling her that I would be spending the night at Alyssa’s house. She spread out a sleeping bag and a pillow for me on the ground next to my bed.

She proceeded to takeoff her pants so she was only wearing her t-shirt and panties. She noticed me looking at her and said, “I don’t sleep in pants.” I then told her to not worry about it, and that I don’t either. We then both went to sleep, it was 2AM. I woke up to the sound of scratching on the window. The blinds on the window showed a dark outline of a figure in the center of the blinds. I screamed as loud as I possibly could. The dark shape through the window dissapeared.

Alyssa’s parents rushed into the room, Alyssa was rubbing her eyes, and then asked what happened. I told them what I saw. Her dad rushed outside, and her mother called the police. The police never found anything, and neither did Alyssa’s dad. It’s been 3 years now without anything like that happening, and Alyssa and I are still together.

I really hope that nothing like this ever happens again, and it sure is the scariest moment in my entire life.

High School Hell

Now before this story starts, I’d like to tell you that this only happened a week ago, so it still gives me chills..

My name is Jason and I live in Philadelphia, I had recently moved so I had trouble making friends at the High School I go to. Eventually, I met this guy who was the same age as me and goes to my class.His name was Mike, we sat together in Science class and would always pass notes when the teacher isn’t looking.

One day, he invited me over to his house. I thought not much of it as I expected to play some Video Games.. When I got there, all the lights in the house were turned off, I assumed it was the wrong house and I texted him what the address was. He said “I see you, come around the back” I looked at the blinds and they quickly shut, I had nervousness in my stomach, but I went to the back anyways.

When I got to the back I saw him sitting at a table at the backyard, I sat down across from him and he began to speak “Do you know why I invited you over?” He asked, “To hang and play some Video Games?” I responded. He smiled at me and said “No…” My stomach dropped and I asked “Then why am I here?” Then he said “To kill you…” I got up and ran.

I got to my bike, but as I looked back he was there with 3 other figures behind him, waving bye with knives in their hands.. What happen next was so horrifying that I wanted to throw up rethinking this moment, Mike ran after me and I got on my back and rode off but he still ran and he jumped onto a car that was behind him in motion.

This was a chase scene that felt like forever until I reached my house and hid in the bushes. They drove past my house and I showed a sign of relief, I ran inside but didn’t tell anyone what happened. After that I blocked Mike’s number and changed mines, before I did that, the last thing he texted me was “Come out and play”, “Fuck off” I respond, I never did see Mike again, apparently he moved, and boy was I so relieved.
Don’t risk it when going to guy’s house when you only know him for just a week, I hope no one has to experience this in their lives, EVER.

Paramedic Creepypasta Story | My WORST Experience as a Paramedic

A 911 Creepypasta.

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