Man with a chainsaw – summer break horror story

I had a sleepover with a few of my friends the night before and i was super tired. My last friend had just left and i was getting ready to walk my dog. It was about 7pm so my mum told me to be careful because there had been a stupid story about a man with a chainsaw trying to scare teenagers into his house and it didn’t help as my neighborhood is known to be a rough area. I knew it wasn’t true so i nodded sarcastically to my mum and left. ¬†I was about half way down my road and it was starting to get dark so i turned on my phone flashlight and continued walking.

i was very tired and didnt pay to much attention to my surroundings. as i get further and further down my road i hear a roaring noise but i thought it was just a lawn mower or something so i continued to walk forgetting about the story. As i walked the noise got more intense. i turned the corner to check what it was, and what i saw i will never forget.

There was a quite old man about in his mid 70s  holding a chainsaw smiling at me. i didnt think much of it at first as i wasnt paying much attention. Once he had been standing there for a while staring at me, i finally realise the situation i was in. i had the horriblist feeling in my stomach as i turned around and walked closer to the man. I started walking at a very fast pace trying to go as far away from him as i could.

As i walk further and further away almost passing him, he began to walk slowly closer to me. At this point i was fully freaked out, i ran as fast as i could back to my house, when i looked backed he was still there staring at me. I ran all the way home and didnt tell anyone about what i had experience. To this day i still past that house but ive never saw that man again and hope i never do. This happend over a year ago now and it still haunts me to this day.




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