Catfishing gone wrong

I lived in a pretty quiet part of town, not many cars drove by. I was in my bedroom on a call with my best friend, we’ll just call her ‘Emilia’ for privacy; we got bored pretty often so we’d make videos together. We both owned YouTube channels, where we would time-to-time upload gaming videos. Our channel wasn’t bad, but; it wasn’t that good either, we’d get a decent amount of views and just fool around for the longest time, until we were satisfied with what we had done. We trolled a lot, and cat-fished a lot, so we pretty much thought we were professionals and weren’t intimidated. We had harmless fun, and we’d tell the victim about it after and apologise. We catfished a lot of weird people, but no person could compare to this guy, especially because he was the first one to approach us on our channels.

We had just finished editing another troll video and Emilia had come around my house, my parents were out on a business trip for the weekend, So Emilia promised to stay over until my paranoia would go away. After the video was uploaded a user with no profile picture, we’ll just call him ‘the creep’. Commented on our video asking for our Skype names and if he could play with us sometime.  I was kind of self-weary because no-one had ever asked for our social media right away. And I felt like he was older than both me and Emilia by his typing. I told Emilia that it didn’t feel right so we shouldn’t do it, she told me it was fine and that she would handle all of it.

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