Monument 83 Fire Lookout

I went for what was going to be my first solo backpacking trip. I had called ahead to the ranger station to confirm there was a water source near where I planned on camping and they said there was. I arrived at the trailhead around 6:00AM on a sunny Tuesday. I wasn’t the only car at the trailhead but the Monument 83 trailhead is shared by the more popular Monument 78 trailhead (The Canada-end of the Pacific Crest Trail). I hoisted on my 35-pound pack and set out on the 9.6-mile hike.
Around 6.5 miles in I passed a creek but since there would be water at the top, I didn’t refill my bottles. The road-trail ended and the real trail started. The trail was now much steeper and I drank more water. I arrived at the Monument 83 fire lookout with just two cups of water left and no water source. I walked in several directions but found nor heard any water. I changed my plans to stay back at the creek after a break at the lookout.
I noticed the door to the lookout was open and I could hear voices from inside. The lookout is for emergencies only but since this was the year of the Farewell Creek Fire and the entire sky to the Southeast was black with smoke, I assumed someone was staffing it. I called out for permission to climb the tower. There was no response. I realized it wasn’t voices I was hearing but a radio repeater and thought maybe the last people to visit the lookout had failed to close the door.
I climbed the tower but the trap door to the catwalk was closed. It wasn’t locked but it wouldn’t budge. That meant it had to be blocked from above. I realized whoever was in the lookout likely didn’t have permission to be there and obviously wasn’t friendly. I became as quiet as possible as fear raced through me. It dawned on me I was a solo female hiker, unarmed, on a deserted trail and 9.6 miles from a road. I left very soon after that.
I stopped at the water source to fill my bottles. I’d been rationing water for a while and then ran out and guzzled about 4 cups. I drank too quickly and immediately felt sick. I sat on a log while my stomach accepted the water and tried to figure out where to pitch the tent. As the nausea faded the fear came back. I KNEW I had to get out of there! I was only three miles from the lookout and whoever was up there could be at my camp in less than an hour. I imagined being awoken to my tent unzipping and knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to fight off an attacker.
I hiked back to the truck. I ended up hiking 19.2 miles in one day with a full backpack. I stayed at a nearby campground and nursed my silver dollar-sized blisters.
I’m not sure anything would’ve happened to me but everything about that situation felt off and I’m glad I trusted my gut!

Return of the Demon Panther

This  incident has happened more than once. Now you might remember my last story, About the demon Panther well,

Appearantly I’ve been having more experiences with this strange cat, I will  probably tell the other stories at another time, my FOR now this is my second story, I am a Junior in Collage now, and I was on my Christmas break with my girlfriend well call her Jasmine, she’s a Senior in my collage now,

So it’s been about 3-4 years since the incident and life is pretty good, I have a new cat named Jasper, he is the son of my last cat Cheetah who died last year, and is still greatly missed. But anyways let’s get to the story shall we.

It was just before Christmas Eve of 2016, I don’t live that far from my collage so my girlfriend and I usually just drive there. Anyways my girlfriend and I were waking it, it was probably 7:00 in the morning,

Thanks to our cat Jasper, who defenitly takes after his father, after we feed him and ate breakfast we decided to do our  daily morning hike through the woods.

Now I still remember my last scary encounter in the woods, with that Red Eyed and Black furred beast, but again that still didn’t stop my love for hiking in the wilderness at Day time. As we both were getting ready I called my friend to join use, let’s call him Justin.

He answered “Hello” to which I replied “Hey man, Jasmine and I are going for our hike, wanna join use”? He then Answered happily “Hell yeah Man just let me wake up my girlfriend”. “Ok see you two soon” I hang up and my girlfriend and started to walk out, I grabbed my shotgun just for protection,  because you never know if you’re going to need it or not.

But my Cat wouldn’t come with use, I don’t know why it seemed like he was scared.

We thought it was just a bird or something so we just shrugged it off and walked outside the house. The woods outside Yellowstone are breath taking.

As we continued our walk into the forest we Were Lookings for any sigh of animals Jasmine loves looking for deer, she thinks they look cute, I on the other hand was looking for my favorite wild animal in the woods which are Wolves, I love wolves they are such beautiful creatures, however as we countinued, onto the path we could not even find any sigh of any  species of animal not even birds and insects,

it was dead silent normally the forest was never like this, the only and we did manage to see was a Red Fox which was sitting right outside it’s denwe are hunting behind a Bush, to see it.  we were quite a distance from it

but only a few minutes later it’s  ears pricked up and it lifted his nose in the air to smell something that we could not detect, and then it dashed right back into the den in a flash.

My girlfriend and I were really scared, but We continued walking on the path to a meadow, then we smelled something very disgusting, like an animal had died. The as we got closer just behind a few small gorse bushes lied a freshly killed Full grown Elk  carcass, I felt my stomach drop and Jasmine looked horrified. At first we thought some wolves have killed this Elk but  it would’ve been bite marks all over the legs and there were none the only market we could find besides the stomach and hindquarters that had been eaten as well as some of the shoulder and the sides,

Was too deep bite marks and it’s throat as well as a peice of its throat had been  torn off and eaten. It was like as if a cat that killed this elk, then I thought it must have been a mountain lion, but when I looked at the bite marks again they were too big and then I saw some bloody paw prints in the snow

as well as some of the other remains of This creatures last kills, there were the bones of Wolves, Deer, Foxes, Bears, Coyotes, Wild Boars, Mountain Lions, Elk, Moose, Bison, and other animals, And even Human bones too. How ever the paw prints on the snowy ground were in mistakingly for familir, and then I thought back when I First encountered the demon panther. I then Thought ” Oh Shit Could this actually that same creature I meet back then”.

Then my girlfriend gasped and pointed in the direction of a stream running through the meadow and as I looked closely I saw A very large black for familiar object walk out of the grass and start drinking the water from the stream, at first I thought it was a bear until I saw the Very long Tail and Lean body, then I realized it was the exact same beast That attacked me four years ago.

At first it didn’t notice us, and all we could see running down the stream after I kept drinking was the blood from his last meal flowing down the water, only a few minutes later did the cat notice use and the beast started growl and it’s ears lowered flat on its head.

Those Blood red Eyes glared at me  as if it remembered me and wanted to finish what you started.

It’s either creatures pupils this time four years ago I couldn’t see it because I was too busy looking at the cats entire body this time I got a good look at the eyes and they were all the more menacing then when I finish high school. It let out a huge Roar and charged after use as it jumped I grabbed my shotgun and Shot this Leopard like Creature in the head, the Panther Yowled in pain and slumped to the ground.

surprisingly that didn’t kill it but it did slow it down just enough for Jasmine and I to run within 4-5 minutes of  running we could hear Paws hitting down on the path and heavy breathing I turned to look back and although thing was quite a ways back I could see the demon panther was chasing us and it was gaining very fastly covering at least 25 to 30 feet in a single bound.

I thought my life would be over and worse I thought my girlfriend’s life would be over but luckily Justin and his girlfriend arrived just in time and they saw what was chasing us quickly he yelled “GET IN THE FUCKING CAR COME ON”. We both did and we’re very happy to see both of them.

As we got in I yelled “FLOOR IT”!!!!!!!! He did so. When the cat jumped it missed use bu 1 foot and by Got Justin Floored the car out of there faster then anything before.

The Leopard then Jumped into the bushes like the forest had  swallowed the beast up. Justin then broke the silence by saying ” What the hell what that”? I then replied “The Demon Panther”.

A couple weeks later and still this day I am still scared of that beast that haunts the forest. All I can say is unless you wanna end up as a carcass in the woods, It’s probably best if you don’t go deep into the forest no matter what time of day because you never know what just might be lurking in those bushes,  or hiding in the trees, or even watching you in the tall grass, but just so you remember this advice you are never alone when you go into the woods.

Watcher in the Woods

This encounter took place in 2010. My boyfriend and I were in our mid-twenties. It was summertime. We were lucky enough to get time off work at the same time, so we decided to spend a couple nights at my family cabin. The cabin is located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, in a remote area about 40 minutes away from the nearest town. It’s on a medium sized lake surrounded by dense forest. There are only 20 cabins on the lake, spread out quite far from each other. We were there in the middle of the week, so there weren’t many people on the lake. I should mention that the cabin is on an island.

Our plan was to get there Tuesday night and leave Thursday morning. We arrived and spent the first night without incident. On Wednesday, we took the canoe out for a short ride. We parked it on the mainland and went on a hike down an old logging road. The road hasn’t been driven down in years. It’s overgrown and as far as I know people only use it for blueberry picking now, but it goes into the bush for quite a few kilometers. The two of us hiked down the road for 2 hours, sat down for a small lunch, then decided to turn back. On our way back, I couldn’t shake the heavy feeling that we were being watched and followed. It only occurred to me then that if anything bad were to happen to us, no one was coming to help. In hindsight, we should have told someone about our hiking plans, just in case, but it was too late for that. I tried my best to dismiss how I felt and didn’t even mention it to my boyfriend.

We found the canoe where we had left it tied up. We got in and started paddling home. I was in the back of the canoe, steering. I couldn’t help but turn around and look behind us. The first time I did so, I thought I saw a large shadow move in among the trees a short distance from where we had parked the canoe. When I looked back the second time, I saw nothing. I immediately dismissed what I saw. I reminded myself that your eyes can easily play tricks on you when looking into the shadows of a densely packed forest.

We got back to the cabin, had something to eat, played some cards and hung out. At around midnight, we decided to head down to the dock to do some stargazing. We’re lucky enough to see the northern lights all year round. We were sitting on the dock, looking at the stars, when we started kissing. Thirty seconds later, just behind us, there was a loud crash back in the bush. It sounded like there was a big animal moving around, breaking branches and twigs about 60 feet away from us. Whatever it was, it was HUGE. We both instantly turned around. My boyfriend asked, “What is that?!” “I have no idea,” I said, “We don’t get animals that big on the island.” Just then, the creature started grunting and stomping its feet on the ground. My boyfriend muttered, “What the…?” “I… I don’t know,” I replied. It was so dark outside that we couldn’t see anything in the direction of the sounds. Neither of us had bothered to bring a flashlight as it was easy enough for us to walk back up the path by following the kitchen light we’d left on. We both stood up and ran back up to the cabin.

Back inside, we closed everything but the kitchen window and sat there and listened. Nothing. We heard nothing outside. We tried to look out the windows, but it was pitch black. We sat there and discussed what it could have been. We decided the only two animals remotely that big in the area are moose, which are extremely rare and have never been seen on the island, and black bears. I explained to my boyfriend that bears rarely swim out to the island from the mainland. We hadn’t had one on our property in years. “Besides,” I joked, “since when do black bears interrupt people having romantic moments in the moonlight by crashing through the bush and stomping their feet?” My boyfriend didn’t think that was so funny.

We eventually went to bed. There are two single beds in the back bedroom. One of the beds is situated right under the bedroom window. The pillow sits about 2 inches below the window sill. This is the bed I always sleep in. I like to keep the window open to let in the fresh forest air and sounds. That night I kept the window closed tight and pulled the blinds shut. We were laying in our beds talking when all of a sudden this horrible smell enveloped my entire head. It was like nothing I had ever smelled before. It was a putrid combination of wet dog, body odor, and rotting garbage. I will never forget that smell. I must have made a disgusted noise because my boyfriend asked what was wrong. I told him to come over to my bed and smell the horrible stench coming through the window. He smelled it too. Again, we had no idea what it was and neither of us wanted to open the blinds to investigate. The smell disappeared as quickly as it had come. A short time later we went to sleep.

The next morning we thoroughly checked around the cabin and dock for signs of bear. We found nothing. We ate a quick breakfast and left the cabin for home.

It honestly didn’t occur to me until weeks later what the creature could have been… a Sasquatch. Although not as prevalent as on the west coast of North America, there is a long history of Bigfoot sightings in the woods of Northwestern Ontario. I did a bit of research and discovered that Sasquatch have been known to display ape-like behavior such as throwing rocks and stomping feet. People that have close encounters with Bigfoot often report the creature having a very strong odor. In addition, Bigfoot are widely believed to be very strong swimmers, so it would have had no problem following us back to the cabin by swimming and island hopping.

As an avid camper, hiker, and lifelong cottager, who has seen many bears over the years, I don’t believe for a second that that thing was a bear. Over the 50 plus years my family has owned the property, every bear has left obvious evidence behind. Evidence such as piles of excrement, claw marks on window sills and walls of the cabin, ripped patio and window screens, or tipped over garbage cans and barbecue. Bears create a lot of noise and can be very destructive. The creature we encountered was quiet and sneaky when it wanted to be. Too clever for a bear.

The creature must have followed us back from our hike down the logging road. And to think it could have been only inches away from my head, listening and sniffing me through the thin pane of glass. These thoughts give me the chills to this day. My boyfriend never believed my Bigfoot theory, but he did admit he doubted it was a bear. If not a bear, than what was it? I’ll never go down that logging road again and next time I feel like something is following me through the woods, I’ll trust my instincts and run.