I saw him on the bus

I saw my ex boyfriend on the bus today. That isn’t necessarily scary, so much as stress-inducing. But let me give you some backstory so you’ll understand why it upset me so much.

I’m an eighteen-year-old female on the west coast of Canada, and when I was dating this guy – we’ll call him Cam – I was sixteen. We had a really strong relationship, as we were best friends before we were romantically involved. We dated for almost a year, until I went out of province to Quebec on a summer exchange to learn French. At the same time, Cam went to a cadet camp in Alberta with his squadron. When we came home, I received a message on facebook from a girl in Alberta who claimed that Cam had cheated on me with her. When I confronted Cam about this, he confessed that she was one of five girls that he had cheated on me with. Needless to say, I dumped him.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and after the break up I became incredibly depressed. I hadn’t wanted to break up, and I was still really attached to him. I attempted suicide, and ended up in a coma in the hospital after overdosing. I woke up after a day, and when I was fully recovered I was moved to the Psychiatric ward. I actually have a few other stories about people in the psych ward that I can write later, if requested.

While I was in the psych ward, they informed me that I was pregnant. I had no idea, considering how it had only been a few weeks along. I contacted Cam, as he was the father, and he proceeded to tell all of my friends and peers at school that I had cheated on him and had attacked him. That that was why I was in the psych ward. When I was released and returned to school, everyone seemed afraid of me. Cam was more popular than me to begin with, so many people believed the rumors he spread about me. Luckily, there were a few really nice people at the school who supported me, and who believed my side of the story. I’m still friends with those people today.

By the time graduation rolled around the corner, almost no one believed Cam anymore, and people were starting to resent him for being such a douchebag and lying. I hadn’t spoken to him since I told him about the pregnancy, and I ended up loosing it because of the trauma from the suicide attempt. So I had no reason to talk to him.

About a week before grad, and the night before prom, I had stayed late afterschool to volunteer to set up the gym for the dance. It was dark when I walked out the front doors, and stepped out onto the veranda that bordered the parking lot. I checked my phone because my mom texted me, saying she was almost there. I was looking around the parking lot for her car when the high beams of another car flicked on and blinded me. I remember hearing the engine revving, and using my binder to shield my eyes from the light. The next thing I knew, I was knocked onto my back, and I was staring at the front grill and license plate of a vehicle. I couldnt breath, and my legs felt numb. They were tucked under the front of the car, and the fender hovered over my pelvis. The engine revved a couple more times, before it reveresed, scraping the undercarriage on the rim of the curb, and peeled out of the parking lot. A couple of exchange students who were also volunteering ran over to me, and called an ambulance. I was alright, my knees were hyperextended from being hit by the front fender, and I had a concussion from falling backwards, but miraculously none of my bones were broken.

The police told me that the car lost speed when it went over the curb, and because the car had low clearance, the back tires couldn’t get over the curb. Think of the car like a see-saw, where the front end was lifted into the air with my legs underneath of it. The back end was on the road, while the car used the curb like an axel. That curb is the only reason I wasn’t completely run over.

My ex boyfriend was arrested for assault, as it was caught on the survellience cameras of the school. His car had dents where it had sat on the curb, and the fender had blood from my scraped knees spattered on it. I went to prom with my friends and two leg braces. That was the last time I had seen Cam.

A few weeks after graduation – I had received four different scholarships for graduating with honors – my mom broke the news to me that Cam had commited suicide. I had always felt a strong attachment to Cam, and it broke my heart to hear that he had passed away. I guess even though he had cheated on me, abandoned me while pregnant, lied about me, and attacked me, I still loved him. I know, it’s stupid. I went to his memorial, and I wrote in the guest book about the great times we had before we broke up. I wanted to remember him as the Cam I love, the one that was care-free and full of adventure. He might not have been a star citizen, but nobody is worthless, and I hurt everyday thinking how lucky I was to survive a suicide attempt, when so many others don’t.

Since I nearly died in the hospital over a year ago, I have had numerous experiences that I might classify as paranormal. Perhaps I crossed to the other side and came back, and the connection was never lost. I have seen what I believe to be shadow people multiple times. As well, I have encountered people who look completely ordinary, but who have disappeared or teleported before my eyes, and who other people don’t seem to see, leading me to believe they were ghosts or entities of some kind. Again, those are other stories and if you want to hear those too let me know.

On my way home from school, on the last bus out of downtown, I sat in the upper story of the double-decker bus. I was the only one on the second floor. I put my ear buds in and leaned my head against the window, preparing for the long ride home. I remember watching the rain hitting the window, and how it made the city lights blur as they passed by. I suddenly got that feeling like someone was watching me, causing all the hair on my arms and neck to stand up. Focusing on my reflection in the window, I saw a familiar silhouette a few rows behind me. Startled, I sat up, ripped my ear buds out of my ears, and turned in my chair. As I thought, Cam was sitting two rows behind me, and he held eye contact with me. His eyes were the same sky blue I remembered, and they had laughter behind them, like they used to when we were together. I was still surprised, and I stood up into the aisle.

We continued to stare at one another, and I couldn’t help feeling a little relieved to see him. Confused, yes, a little creeped out, sure. But happy that he was as handsome as I remembered him to be. He had that little coy smile that complimented his dimples, like when he was plotting to tickle me or prank me in some way. I could see the hair at the back of his head standing up, like he forgot to use hair gel to fix his cowlick. Slowly, I started to step towards him. His hands were in his lap, and I could see he had the dark band of the friendship bracelet I made him on his wrist. He was nervously playing with it. Seeing him so perfect and happy made my eyes tear up.

A sudden jolt from the bus rocked me off balance and my eyes dropped to the floor as I steadied myself. When my gaze returned to Cam’s chair, it was empty. I stood their in disbelief for a few more seconds. The plastic chair was ice-cold when I ran my hand over it. I could smell the faintest whisp of his cologne in the air. I returned to my chair, and continuously glanced over my shoulder the entire ride home, hoping to see Cam again. He didn’t reappear, and I went back downstairs disappointed and wiping tears from my eyes with my sleeve.

As creepy as it was seeing a ghost, or maybe even a hallucination, I miss Cam a lot. It took seeing his ghost and feeling the rush of emotions that followed for me to realize how bad I missed him. I never really got over our break up, and I hope I see him again. I haven’t told anyone about the apparitions I have been seeing, and I don’t know if anyone would believe me. But I know what I saw. I hope he is proud of me.

Remember, suicide is never the answer. Believe me, I know that sometimes when you’re in so deep it feels easier to just swim down, but if you died you would just pass the pain on to other people. There are always people out there who care about you, and life will always go on. It might not seem like this, but all things pass. You are worth getting help. And you deserve to live.

Thank you for reading my story.

To Darkness Prevails,

I have been a viewer on your YouTube channel for awhile now, but I only recently subscribed and I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to be honest. Your channel is incredibly entertaining, and I encourage you to keep up your excellent work! As I mentioned, I’ve been listening to your story-telling for some time, and I figured it’s about time I contributed to your story supply.

Some themes of this story would be ghosts, paranormal, Canada, exs, school, city buses.Thank you for reading and thank you for your videos!

Sincerely, Meduse


The Party Pooper

This happened to me and a group of friends back in the summer of 2015. I have changed the names just in case any of them hear this recollection of a truly traumatic event.

My best friend Shaun, his twin sister Cassidy and I were celebrating our recent graduation with a large backyard barbecue. The majority of the graduating class shows up and all was going swimmingly. The party was completely cool with my parents under two conditions: no alcohol and an adult had to be on hand by the door to make sure nothing was snuck in.

I ran this past my friends and we all agreed the terms were cool with us. So back to the party. We ended up having it on the fourth of July. Just good friends, good times, and a nice fireworks display from the park down the block at the end of the night. 60+ people were in the large field on the back of my property, enjoying cheap pop and hot dogs or playing flag football. The ones hanging around in the yard or the house were treated to a random Youtube playlist being blared through my speakers. Rock and Hip-Hop with a few cringeworthy selections thrown in for laughs made for a great time. So when “The Ding Dong Song” by Gunter came through the speakers nobody was phased. The next thing I knew Shaun came outside and got me with a grin on his face. “Dude you’ve gotta see this.” He said as he pulled me into my living room.

I get in there to find a man in roughly his early 40’s dancing to the music on the coffee table. He was thrusting his hips and doing the worst Magic Mike impersonation I’ve ever seen.  I laughed a little at first: but something about this man made me- well – uneasy.

I couldn’t help but wonder who’s parent this was. My dad was hauling freight somewhere in Utah while my mom covered a shift at the local E.R. I texted her and asked her to call me when she had a free moment. Armed with the knowledge that today was full of the bad combination of beer and fireworks, I knew it could be a while until she called. I decided to act on my instinct and follow the guy around.

Within minutes of my “recon work” I saw something that sent up a few red flags. I have an above ground pool in my yard as well as two bathrooms in my house. One of these bathrooms was being used as a girls changing room. My mom’s master bathroom. It had a large dresser with an even larger mirror facing the bathroom door. He appeared to be fondling himself while looking at the mirror.

“Hey buddy, what the HELL are you doing?” I asked. He stumbled over his words like a kid being caught peeking at his birthday presents before answering “I thought I saw one of the girls walk in there with a bottle of Jose’ Cuervo.” I took a breath before answering back to him. “You are supposed to be checking people at the door. I’ll send someone in to check, but you need to stop dancing around to the playlist and looking like a peeping Tom. Go back to the door.”

I went outside and found my friend Tracy sitting in a lawn chair on the pool deck. Asking her to go inside and check on the girls, I informed her of our chaperone’s actions. She got red in the face and said she’d stand guard until the master bathroom was empty. About a half an hour went by and Tracy found me. “There’s no liquor anywhere near those girls and they’re a sober a sober can be.” I got mad as hell and I went to go find this guy when I hear my mom’s ringtone. “Hey honey, what’s up?” She asked me with a tone to her voice that said she was having a long day. “Yeah mom, who did you get to chaperone our party? Who ever this is has been sending up some majorly pervvy red flags.” My mom paused for a second before responding. “Your uncle Terry should have been there hours ago! Who’s there?” I went on to explain what I’d caught the guy doing and my mom told me to get him out of the house. She was calling my uncle to find out what was going on with him.

I let her go and began my search for Pervis McPervert. A minute or so went by when I heard a familiar shriek come from our walk in kitchen pantry. It was Cassidy. The last time I heard her scream like that she’d been attacked by a neighbor’s dog. I knew it was bad. I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could and grabbed a big fucking cleaver from the knife drawer. I run over to the pantry door and try to open it. It’s jammed shut, like someone heavy is leaning against it. I can hear Cassidy crying and that dick’s voice telling her “I wanted seven minutes in heaven. I’m still gonna get it no matter what you say.”

I went ballistic and began chopping at the door with the cleaver. A few swings in and the door fell open. I could see Cassidy on the ground attempting to cover her exposed breasts through a freshly ripped Gorillaz t-shirt. The man I had been looking for was the one cornering her in the closet attempting to assault her.

He pushed past me and made a beeline for the front door. I gave chase and tackled him as he hit my driveway. I begin to rain down punches on him while screaming like a madman. It was like an out of body experience. I could see myself beating the holy hell out of this bastard, I could hear the things I said, I couldn’t stop myself.

Lucky for me, Shaun and a few others heard the commotion and pulled me off of him. Cassidy came to the door looking for me and her brother saw the running mascara and torn shirt. Soon the crowd was holding both of us back.

A mutual friend Donte’ walked over to the guy and literally sat on him while he called 911. I watched as this guy spit out a couple of teeth before accepting his fate. It didn’t take long for the police to show. My mom soon followed. She told me my uncle had pipe break in the basement and he’d been fixing it all morning long. He’d honestly forgotten about his duty at the party.

We later found out who the guy was. He was a sex offender who’d failed to register in our area. There was already a warrant out for his arrest. Until he decided to crash a party full of teens fresh out of high school and attempt rape,ultimately leading to a hospital stay fot him, he was evading the police rather well. A bus ticket was found among his personal effects. He’d confessed he was trying to “get some action” before skipping town.

Cassidy, Shaun, and myself are still the closest of friends. We look back on this less and less throughout the years. Cassidy saw what lengths I would go to in order to protect her and we ended up rooming together while we attend college. We’ve been dating for 6 months.

The creeper got 11 years in jail. For his sake, when he’s released, he’d better pray we never meet again.

Drama Club Creep

This happened in my junior year of high school.

I was taking Drama as my elective for the spring semester and we were all getting ready for the spring play. There was one boy in my class, we’ll call him Aaron. Aaron was new to the school and rumor had it that he had come from a place for troubled kids. As a victim of rumors myself throughout high school, I don’t pay much attention to them. So I tried to get to know him better.

For the first few weeks,  he seemed pretty cool. He always told me how pretty I was and that he was glad he’d taken drama since it gave him a chance to meet me.

Fast forward to a few months before summer break. We’re rehearsing for the play. I was one of the female leads and Aaron was helping paint the backdrops.

One afternoon while we were taking a break I wanted to ask if he wanted to go get some snacks and soda with me. I see him standing by the backdrop with paint all over his hand and he’s licking it. I asked what the hell was he thinking and, I kid you not, he looks right at me with a dazed look in his eyes and says “I wanted to see if brown paint tasted as much like chocolate if it looks. Want to try some?”

I said no.

From there, things got weirder.

Whenever I was on the stage with the others, Aaron would sit and watch. Whenever I spoke my lines, he would yell in a loud, obnoxious voice “What did she say?! Speak up! They won’t hear your mumbling in the nosebleed seats!”

It was annoying, but I just thought he was trying to get attention and ignored it.

Then he started throwing props at me.

I reported him to our drama teacher, but she told me it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Then one day, a week or two after the play (which I ended up missing due to catching the flu) something happened that still haunts me to this day.

Aaron and I were the only juniors in our class. All of the others were seniors and had gone on their senior trip. Our teacher, we’ll call her Ms. J, told us since it was just the three of us, she would buy us some sandwiches from subway since our school allowed students and faculty to order lunch. She then left for the office.

Aaron apologized for his behavior over the last few weeks and to make amends hr said he had a costume he wanted to show me backstage.

There was one final play for the year that I hoped to be in and he said he thought it would be the perfect costume to audition in.

Keep in mind, I was a tad sheltered as a child so even at the age of sixteen I was innocent to the ways of boys.

So I followed him backstage to the costume room.

The second I entered the room, Aaron shoved me against the wall, pinned my arms, and pressed himself against me. I tried to push him off but he was about 5’9 and possibly 170 lbs whereas I was 5’4 and 130 lbs at the time.

“We’re going to do something together,” he whispered to me. “And you’re going to like it.”

I could see him release my wrist and unzipping his pants. He pushed himself further against me.

“You won’t make a sound,” he said, grinning. He sounded so sure of himself.

At that moment, I can’t explain it, but I lost it.

“NO!” I screamed, slamming my knee into his crotch. Aaron cried out and fell to his knees as I squirmed free.

“I SAID NO!” I shouted over and over and over as I raced from the room and through the halls, not caring who heard me.

As I ran for the office, I saw Ms. J.

“Where are you going?” She demanded.

“I’m not going back there!” I screamed at her.

After I told the principal everything that had happened, he told me he believed Aaron was trying to rape me. I had always had such little understanding of the word rape.

To this day I wonder how I could have been so stupid. Everyone has repeatedly assured me it was not my fault and I was lucky that I knew to fight.

After that incident, I never saw Aaron again. And I hope I never do.

Facing my Mortality in Stygian Darkness

During the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I had the opportunity to participate in a really incredible summer programme. It was about a month long and would give us art, PE, and science credit in return for jaunting all over the American West to camp, bike, hike, spelunk, white-water raft, conduct field experiments in geology and biology, draw wildlife, make pottery out of raw clay we gathered ourselves — you get the picture. It was a blast, and I remember most of it with great fondness.

There were a couple of experiences, though, that still give me a chill when I think about them — and this one is the worst.

It was one bright morning in June when me and my group (three teachers and about 20 students) turned up at the lip of the short vertical well that marked the entrance to the Nutty Putty cave. Nutty Putty cave was discovered in the 1960’s, and is located just west and north of central Utah. It is a hydrothermal feature located in a very fossiliferous area (home to cherty limestone, dolomite, Deseret limestone, and all sorts of other exciting things). Despite this, the formations in the cave are not the calcite stalactites and stalagmites some people expect — instead it’s just sort of muddy and damp and brown, and the natural formations of Silicon Dioxide go mostly unnoticed by any but the real geology enthusiasts.

Getting into the cave itself was already a test of my nerves — first you had to clamber down the short vertical drop, and then crawl through what looks almost like a rabbit hole at the bottom. It quickly became clear that it was a little wider than it seems, but there was no way to move forward besides sliding in on your stomach across the rocky detritus of the cave floor for about 6-10 feet. Once you managed that, the cave opened up into something much more spacious.

Now — I have never been super excited about tight, enclosed spaces, but I don’t think that my discomfort at that time was any more than a lot of people have. As it was, I had to really give myself a pep-talk to get past that first crawl, but I managed to persuade myself to do it.  There are a few different routes which could be taken once inside, but my group pretty much all wanted to head down to the bottom reaches and the “Birth Canal” feature. This was a tight, absurdly small corkscrew tunnel of rock, and I still have no idea why they wanted to shove themselves through it like human toothpaste in a tube. I had no intentions of doing so, and there were a couple others who agreed with me.

The crowd who wanted to have their skeletons compressed stopped at the Birth Canal, and the handful remaining continued on towards the feature at the lowest reach of that arm of the cave. This was another loop of rock, but much wider and oriented vertically. You’d drop or climb down one side, move through the bottom “curve” of the loop, and then clamber up the other side. I was last in our line of intrepid spelunkers, and so I was the last into the loop. It wasn’t an impressively large feature, and the drop down into it was innocuous enough. The problem came, however, when I tried to get back up the other side.

I am not a tall dude. In fact, I’m really short — five feet tall, and despite being a pretty physically fit 14-year-old, arm strength wasn’t my strong suit.  I could brace myself with my feet on the rock and reach the handholds I would need to pull myself up, but I couldn’t get any leverage to push or jump with my legs thanks to a combination of the distance I had to span, and the angle.  The only option was to pull myself up by my arms, and it became dreadfully apparent to me right away that I wasn’t able to do this. If I had been fully rested and not suddenly suffused with joint-melting levels of mortal terror, I might have been able to manage it with a little luck, but I was already fatigued from the hour or so that we’d already been descending into the cave.  

For the first time in my young life, I became truly aware of my own mortality. As the moments passed and I literally could not pull myself up, I suddenly understood how people can just end up dead — and dead in the worst possible ways. I had never before really been in a situation where I had no way out, and I was utterly dependent upon the ability of another person to fish me out of the jaws of a really miserable death. I know this sounds dramatic and hyperbolic, but stay with me — I promise you it is not.

“Alex!” I said, my voice coming out as a dusty, terrified squeak. “Alex, I can’t get up!”

Luckily, my friend who had been next to last in line was still within earshot. He was about a foot taller than I was, and probably about 30% scrawnier. He came back to the edge of the drop and reached down for me — and luckily we managed between the two of us to scramble me up and out of the loop. I was pretty spooked, but I had to stick with my class, so we were in the cave for at least another hour or so. When we finally ascended the main gallery and emerged into the blazing desert sun — I tell you, I have never been more grateful to see the sky in my entire life.


Over the years Nutty Putty caves has turned up in the news from time to time — stories of groups of careless hobby cavers or Boy Scouts who end up needing to be rescued from one area of the cave or other, and every time there has been some talk of measures to make the caves safer, or regulate who is allowed to enter.  The last time, though, the talk was all too late. A man who was caving with his brother and some others was exploring the cave, and he accidentally crawled along a tiny passage and then into a vertical crevice, only to find himself compressed on all sides, suspended upside-down, and unable to move anywhere. 28 hours of rescue attempts later (with rescuers able to get close enough to see and pull on him, but unable to unstick him), he died. They couldn’t even recover his body.

Nutty Putty is sealed now, a tortuous crypt for one unfortunate person who made a small error in movement and judgement. Had I been alone, it could just have easily have been me — and this thought still haunts my nightmares.

Small Town Chaos

Myself (Jason)> (Millie) my girlfriend >< (Lt. Alexander) {Jason’s father} <> (Dylan) Millie’s Brother.

*I changed the names to protect the identity of those involved*

Background  I am 19 years old and I have been A Volunteer Firefighter For our small town’s Fire district on Mt. Hood in Oregon since I was 16.

It was a Monday morning. I drove to my girlfriend’s house which is about 20 miles away from town,  located deep in the woods, to pick her up and give a ride to school to drive her to school like I do every morning.

(Millie Has a brother that Suffers from Asperger’s.)

I pulled down the driveway in my Ford Expedition/ response vehicle. And Millie Wasn’t  there and this never has happend with out a message, I check my phone to see if she was running late. She didn’t text me so I called her,

Bring…. Bring…

…Apple IPhone Ringtone…

Millie’s phone was in the front yard! I got out of my Car with my Radio. “Millie” I shouted.

I walked up to her phone and I picked it up and unlocked it to find the numbers “91” dialed on her phone!

I turned my radio to Dispatch requesting for police to My location for an Unknown Disturbance. I ran into the house. I yelled “MILLIE!”

In the Distance, I heard “help” I ran out throw the back door to find her half-dressed, Crying in shock and bleeding from her head.    I radioed for EMS. and For the Police to Step it up!

I asked her “Millie, what happened?”

Millie> “Its Dylan, He has a knife! “

me> “ok, where did he go?”

Millie> “I don’t know, He won’t take his medicine”

me> “Ok, let’s go”.

I turned to take her out to the front to put her in my car. I looked to my right to see My Cousin that is a Rookie at the local Police Department said “Jason!, what’s going on?”

me> “She been attacked and he is armed with a knife!”

Officer>” Ok get her to safety”

I took Millie to my car and she started crying harder. My EMS mode kicked in and i started working on her

Millie> “He tried to…”

me> “I know Hun, You’re safe now! He can’t hurt you now!”

More police and Sheriff deputies showed up to look for Dylan.

When EMS showed up in our EMS Engine, Lt. Alexander, My father. Ran up to us and told the Ambulance to Step it up. They Started treating her wounds while I was told to go to the Engine  to get cleaned up.

I turned to where the Engine was parked and started walking to it, when I heard the bushes 20 yards to the left of me move, I looked over and saw Dylan in the bushes with a Creepy horrific smile on his face.


The police ran to the street guns drawn and I pointed at Dylan,

Me> “There in the bushes across the street”

He Jumped out of the bushes.

My father saw what was about to happen and blocked Millie’s view

The Police saw Dylan as he jumped out with a knife…

Dylan Died instantly.

Millie was taken to hospital by Ambulance, I hopped in the ambulance with her because it is a 120min drive by ambulance to the nearest Emergency room.
I held her hand, she said “Dylan tried to…”

Me> “I know Hun, It’s ok you’re safe now.”

Millie> “no, he said that he was talking about to himself, saying that They’ll never know. I asked him if he was ok then he tried to Attacked me as I ran down stairs, He chased me out the front door ripping my shirt off and hit me in the head with something.

I fell dropping my phone as I tried dialing 911 in the front yard then crawled to the back yard, I had a hard time staying awake so I grabbed a rock and threw it at his face. That was when he ran off.  I was looking for a place to hide. And a couple minutes later You showed up.”

I held her hand while until we got to the hospital In Portland, That’s where I called her grandma and told her what hospital we are at an that she is in the ER being worked on, and that she was going to be ok, and not to go to the house.

~Today Millie has made a full recovery and is Now my wife to be with a little one of ours on the way.