Old Quarantine Station

Hi I live in nsw, Australia. I have always had paranormal experiences. But I’ve never submitted a post before. So if I’ve done this wrong forgive me.

Now I love paranormal stuff. My birthday is right next to Halloween and I always have Halloween themed parties and such. One year I booked a group of my close friends and I to go to the old manly quarantine station. The adult ghost tour. This place has a lot of history. Some of my friends are sensitive we’ll call them some are skeptics. But we all went to have fun.

The tour takes you right on dark all around the grounds and gives you a history of what happened back in the 1800’s. Lots of people died of disease and were you could almost say tortured in the name of quarantine. I and one friend in particular found this place very disturbing.

I don’t remember the order that we saw the buildings in but let me tell u what we saw and felt. There is a gas chamber (yes, gas chamber) where people were gassed to make them clean. I can’t remember what with but let’s just say it wasn’t fun. You would live but not well. Medicine was still developing and they thought they were doing the right thing. But people were in pain breathing in these small rooms and would eventually die if they didn’t leave the compound. ┬áThe guide tells us then splits our groups up to go into separate rooms. They shut the door and in holding my friend and boyfriends hands as we stand in that dark room for 5 mins. I feel like in suffocating like the air is thick enough to pour and I started freaking out. My friend is also scared I hear others in my group reacting and a couple just confused. When the door opens I bolt out ripping my friend along behind me.

Outside the guide tells many people react that way in that room and then wants us all to continue. He tells us more about buildings and my friends stay close. Whilst we walk around I noticed a figure,a black silhouette trailing the group. I turn back occasionally to watch it following. It’s never more than a dark shadow. I mention it to my boyfriend but he sees nothing yet felt unease as well.

We go towards the old hospital and my friend asks if I see the little girl. I look and see nothing. I tell her to just keep an eye on her and let me know. She says she’s a blonde girl with pigtails, very young. We continue into the hospital which is well lit. The little girl apparently dives under a bed then goes from spot to spot. At this point the guide has finished talking and let’s us roam about. I drag my friend over to him and ask if a little girl has been seen. He blinks at me surprised but says yes a little girl has been seen in the past . I get my friend to describe her and he nods says that fits past sightings that she’s known as benign. Walking out a spot a women’s figure in a window with an old nurses hat on.

The little girl follows us along the trail when she suddenly stops, my friend says she looks frightened and disappears. We are told the house up here was the gravediggers house. He tells us the layout of the house and to go walk around. Holding onto my friend and boyfriend we walk in. The first two rooms are bedrooms. I walk with them feeling a sense of foreboding growing around me. Then we walk out to the kitchen with attached laundry. I suddenly feel terrified. In the dark of the laundry from the kitchen where I’m standing I see the dark figure and a unbearable sense of terror. I nope out running as fast as I can to the outside where the guide waits. He smiles at me with sympathy. He can tell I just got frightened and expected it. He asks what I saw . I tell him and my friend wasn’t far behind me. She saw nothing but felt terrified. We ask what happened here and he says we must wait for the rest of the group. Once they are all out he tells us most diggers were hired as homeless men given pay food a house but couldn’t leave . Stories say most were alcoholics but some were murderers pedophiles or just plain crazy. Bodies had been found behind the house and elsewhere on the grounds they shouldn’t have.

Last stop was the showerblock. They washed you in acid. Yes acid. Forced you to be in it. Guards weren’t known to be kind. It’s a large building with sunken areas to drain and flimsy white curtains. Probably at least 20 stalls inside. As a group we get to go in and I feel afraid just looking at this place. I walk about 10metres in and haul ass out as soon as I see a figure. Maybe it was a person but they looked to be all already ahead of me. Once we are all out again the guide says he heard ┬áthere were a couple of birthday girls in the tour. Me and another girl put our hands up. As a special for you you two alone get to go in the showerblock for 5mins. I vigorously decline as does she. Then he ends the tour by telling us to try to not take anything with us that he has before and called on the Lord to get rid of a dark presence. Some people just laughed but I admit I called on my gods and did the little cleansing ritual he showed us.

This is one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve had. Goodnight