Grimm Reaper at the Hospital

Three years ago, my mother fell ill and she was taken in at the local hospital that is around 1 mile away from our house. She had to stay one week in the hospital.

One day I had to go and bring her food and clean clothes as she was already staying there for five days. I arrived at the hospital around 6P.M. and i enter the chamber where she was staying. It was your typical Hospital room, 2 beds parallel to each-other. As I was talking with my mother about day to day problems and how I did at school that day, the time passed by  and it was already 10P.M.

The Nurse that was looking after my mother allowed me to sleep in the empty bed as my mum would be sent home next day. I lay in that bed that was facing the door, I could see the contour of the people passing by through the square blurry glass window in the door, nurses were running from room to room and the occasional patient slowly strolling down the corridor.

I fell asleep at around 11P.M. I woke up later and was shocked to notice how cold the room was, I touched the heater next to the bed but it was very warm, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness i could see a big shadow mass at the foot of my mothers bed. It had the shape of a human but it looked like it wore a hooded cloak that covered it’s face.

At that moment the adrenaline kicked in and I jumped out of bed. The shadow noticed me and moved what must have been it’s head in my direction. Before I could say anything it vanished without a trace. I went back to bed and fell asleep

I woke up because of the commotion that could be heard in the room next to our. As I exited the room I could see nurses rushing into that room . As i approached the door-frame I saw a doctor trying to resuscitate a man. After about 15 minutes of continuous labor they gave up and announced that person dead.

At that time I didn’t connect the two events, but now I believe that the shadow I saw that night was the Grimm Reaper as he was going through each room collecting the souls of the dying.