an odd experience

my name is Kassie, I’m 15 years old, and this is my one encounter/experience with the paranormal. I live 8 miles out of my hometown, in the country. It’s almost completely silent and there aren’t too many people.

Everybody knows everybody and its a nice neighborhood. I don’t have a bedroom, so I usually sleep in the living room.

I am severely paranoid so sleeping in a living room does not help. I was listening to music when I heard something against the window. Already on edge, I turn around. Nothing. Thinking it’s something of my imagination, I turn back around and sigh. Then again. I heard the tapping on the window.

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The creature with red eyes

So to understand this story you need to know that I stay with my dad over the summer and both behind and in front of his house is woods but to the sides is neighborhood. It was my first night there and I was staying in my sisters room since I dont have one.

She started telling me a story of what happened to her friend and her. They where having a sleepover and saw mysterious red eyes outside the window. They went to go check it out and could only find that the flowers outside her window looked like someone had sat on them.

So this scared me since I was like 10 and had had many supernatural things happen to me. So I stopped sleeping in her room I slept on the couch but this didn’t help at all. So on just about the 5th day there I was going to sleep at 3am I always waited for my dad to get off work.

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Sleeping people

I should say first that this story is completely true and was in the diary of a six year old. You can find the pictures online. Some has been changed for the sake of story telling. (Look up dang matt smith creepiest kids drawings)

Dear diary, today I made a friend her name is Beth my dad says she is not real but she is. She and I always play in the sand box she says that her dad sleeps there.

Dear diary, today I took Beth to school mrs. Fur says she isn’t real and got mad. I hate her. Some times I call fer bye her first name. Luci (see the connection? hehehe). Well see you soon!

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Creepy Shadow Figure Experience

So this either can be used as a graveyard story video, a Halloween story video or a shadow figure story video. I’m leaving that up to you. ❤

Okay I’m 22 year old female now. But this story took place on Halloween 5 years ago when ever I just turned 17.

So my friend Shelby and I were hanging out at my friends Kystals house. We were sitting in Krystals room wondering what we could do that night.

We thought about going to a costume party that night that one of our senior class mates were having. But we all dismissed this idea, because Halloween fell on a weekday that year, and there would be no way our parents would let us go to a party on a school night. That and, we were too cheap to go out and buy a costume to go.

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