an odd experience

my name is Kassie, I’m 15 years old, and this is my one encounter/experience with the paranormal. I live 8 miles out of my hometown, in the country. It’s almost completely silent and there aren’t too many people.

Everybody knows everybody and its a nice neighborhood. I don’t have a bedroom, so I usually sleep in the living room.

I am severely paranoid so sleeping in a living room does not help. I was listening to music when I heard something against the window. Already on edge, I turn around. Nothing. Thinking it’s something of my imagination, I turn back around and sigh. Then again. I heard the tapping on the window.

Quickly turning back, I saw the outline of an old woman at the window. I know exactly who this was.

We had this creepy neighbor that had died earlier that year due to falling and being outside in the rain all night. She hated me. The apparition was dark black with red eyes, glowing red eyes. Terrified, I hid in the blankets and watched the window. The silhouette walked from window to window, those chilling eyes not peeling away from me.

It was raining and thunder was booming. I watched this thing for what seemed to be hours, until after a clap of thunder it was gone. I couldn’t sleep that night. I still have chills and I’m still terrified of looking at windows. I’ll never forget those and not blinking.

I hope to never see whatever that thing was again.

The creature with red eyes

So to understand this story you need to know that I stay with my dad over the summer and both behind and in front of his house is woods but to the sides is neighborhood. It was my first night there and I was staying in my sisters room since I dont have one.

She started telling me a story of what happened to her friend and her. They where having a sleepover and saw mysterious red eyes outside the window. They went to go check it out and could only find that the flowers outside her window looked like someone had sat on them.

So this scared me since I was like 10 and had had many supernatural things happen to me. So I stopped sleeping in her room I slept on the couch but this didn’t help at all. So on just about the 5th day there I was going to sleep at 3am I always waited for my dad to get off work.

I hear a faint noise at the glass door in my house just inches from me. So being a curious, ditzy kid I go to check it out and I see nothing, I spent a solid 5 minutes looking before I did see the faint glow in the woods. The red eyes where piercing. I couldnt move I didnt want to move I felt paralyzed. It left though after such a long time of staring.

It didn’t end there though I used to escape the house and walk around all day so I was doing that in the early evening and it was just getting dark. I was almost home then I heard a rustling of bushs and turned to look at the woods right next to me. I almost cried when I saw those red eyes staring at me.

What was worse was the creature that owned the eyes it looked almost human and was very tall but slim. It stared at me and I stared at it. I would have stayed there forever if it hadent started walking towards me it was already so close I ran.

I ran the short distance to my house but said nothing about what had happened. I found this to be a mistake. It stalks me every time I go to my dads it scratches the windows and every night I hear a raspy voice that sounds like the wind is blowing it away say “let me in” I learned to live with it when I’m there I leave food out it eats everything from bread to raw meat.

I dont know what it is but as long as it doesn’t come inside or to close I think I’m fine just living with it for now.

Sleeping people

I should say first that this story is completely true and was in the diary of a six year old. You can find the pictures online. Some has been changed for the sake of story telling. (Look up dang matt smith creepiest kids drawings)

Dear diary, today I made a friend her name is Beth my dad says she is not real but she is. She and I always play in the sand box she says that her dad sleeps there.

Dear diary, today I took Beth to school mrs. Fur says she isn’t real and got mad. I hate her. Some times I call fer bye her first name. Luci (see the connection? hehehe). Well see you soon!

Dear diary, today we had a substitute she was very nice to us I hope she comes again. She says that mrs. Fur is sleeping in a long black bed. I hope the substitute stays forever.

Dear diary, me and Beth stayed outside the whole day and watch the stars daddy was very mad and yelled at us.

Dear diary, daddy is at work and is never home. Mommy is mad. He was also at work over the weekends I hope he comes soon Beth says that he is asleep with mrs. Fur and her dad I hope they wake up soon.

This is all that was left of the story again, this is all from a mind of a child. The pictures of this are of a child next to a floating girl with blood on her hands, neck, mouth and clothes, keep in mind it is all drawn and may just be a bad drawing, bye for now, scary.

Creepy Shadow Figure Experience

So this either can be used as a graveyard story video, a Halloween story video or a shadow figure story video. I’m leaving that up to you. ❤

Okay I’m 22 year old female now. But this story took place on Halloween 5 years ago when ever I just turned 17.

So my friend Shelby and I were hanging out at my friends Kystals house. We were sitting in Krystals room wondering what we could do that night.

We thought about going to a costume party that night that one of our senior class mates were having. But we all dismissed this idea, because Halloween fell on a weekday that year, and there would be no way our parents would let us go to a party on a school night. That and, we were too cheap to go out and buy a costume to go.

I suggested the idea to carve pumpkins. Lame I know, Shelby and Kystal let me know real quick how lame it was too.

Kystal suggested the idea we go find some haunted places in town to explore. Which we all thought was a great idea. Now I’ve had a few run ins in my life with the paranormal, I do believe in spirits, and demons, but I was still skeptical at times.

So a night out ghost hunting with some of my friends sounded awesome. So we all started looking up on our phones place in town that were rumored to be haunted.

And then I pulled up an artical about a haunted cemetery just outside our town talking about the haunted grave of Sadie Baker.

Now the legend in my town was, that a woman named Sadie Baker that lived in that area, in the mid to late 19th century. Sadie was known to be a witch by the town’s people, and because of that, she was buried alive. The people that buried her placed two Stone slabs on top of her grave. So because of her being a witch, She wouldn’t be able to rise from the dead.

But people say that, her ghost haunts the graveyard where she was buried. And if you go there, and place an offering of dollar bills her tombstone, she won’t bother you, but if you sit or leave pennies on her tomb stone, her ghost will push you, or the pennies off.

So telling my friends this, we all decided we had to go check it out, because it sounded so cool to do on Halloween. So we all pile in my friends Krystal’s old yellow Volkswagen bug, and we make our way to the graveyard.

Once we got there, we realised that the graveyard was way bigger then what we originally thought. So we all split up and started looking for Sadie Baker’s grave. After an hour of failing to locate the grave, we meet back up together.

Shelby: Are you sure this is the right grave yard??

Me: Yes I’m positive. I just can’t believe we couldn’t find the grave through.

Shelby: Maybe it’s just a hoaks, and there’s no such grave of Sadie Baker.

Me: But why would there be pages and pages about her grave on the webb if it didn’t exist.

Krystal: I don’t know, but yall need to figure something out soon, it’s getting dark and we didn’t bring flashlights. And I am not spending the night in a grave yard on Halloween.

I looked up at the sky, and realised how dark it was getting, and she was right. We didn’t think to bring flashlights, and I wasn’t gonna be lost in the dark in this cemetery either. So we all talked for a minute, and decided that we would just go, and look up another haunted place, since we couldn’t find the grave.

But as we were leaving, I noticed this section of the grave yard that was fenced off from the rest. And all of the graves in there looked older than the other graves we looked at. I stop my friends, and turned their attentions to the fenced off part of the grave yard.

Me: Did y’all look here for her grave??

Krystal: No? I just noticed this part, now that you mentioned it.

Shelby: Yeah, how did we not noticed this before. We had to of past this part to get to the other graves.

Me: that’s weird, but guys I’m certain her graves in there.

Shelby: How do you know that for sure?

Me: Just look how old the graves are y’all, I’m telling you, her grave is in there.

Krystal: Megan. I don’t know about going in there. It looks. Really creepy.

Shelby: Yeah, and it’s gonna be fenced off for a reason; I’m not going in there.

I looked back at the fenced off area of the graveyard, and I noticed that it was a lot darker then the rest of the graveyard. It kinda creeped me out, and I noticed it was visibly creeping my friends out too. But I was not ready to give up finding this girl’s grave.

Me: Come on y’all, if we all go in there together, I’m sure nothing bad will happen, let’s just go in and check it out. And then we’ll leave, I promise.

Kystal and Shelby looked at each other with worried looks and then looked at me.

Me: If we lock our arms together, and walk in at the same time, will that make you guys feel better?

My friends chucked at this suggested but agreed. So that’s what we did, we locked arms, Krystals on the right side, myself in the middle, and Shelby on the left. We all looked at each other and laughed.

I’m sure if someone saw 3 teenage girls locking arms walking around a graveyard, they’d think we’d look ridiculous. After we laughed at ourselves for how dumb we looked, we walked maybe 3 steps into the fenced in section of the grave yard, and we all froze at the same time and locked out eyes on something in the distance.

All 3 of us noticed a dark figure in the center of the fenced in graveyard. We all though it was a person at first, but then It turned it’s body torse our direction, we all noticed we could see through it. The figure before us, looked like it was looking at us.

Me: guys do you see that?

Krystal: What the actual fuck.

We all just froze for a good minute, and didn’t say anything else. We just stared at the dark translucid figure about 8 yards away from us. The figure it’s self like I said, was dark and translucid, but not all the way. It was blurry, like dark static on a broken tv. And then the figure started to move its head from side to side, like pondering about what to do. And then suddenly, it started to slowly move torse our direction.

At this point, I hear Krystal and Shelby yell,” fuck no!! “Hell the fuck no!!” And I feel them let go. But I for some ungodly reason, could not move or look away from this figure moving slowly closer torse me. It was like I was in a weird trans kinda state. But I suddenly hear Kystal and Shelby screaming my name out in the distance and for me to run.

And that did it, hearing them screaming for me snapped me back into reality, and I ran like I never did before away from this figure and torse my friends bug. I look at her car, and Krystal is in the driver seat, and Shelby in the back with passenger side door open, and their both still screaming with their arms stretched out the door for me to get my ass in the car.

I literally super man dove into her tiny car, and Krystal stomped her foot on the gas, and we peeled out of there like bats out of hell. I sit up and close the door, and for a good few minutes, we are all silent. Until I broke it.

Me: guys. What the fuck was that?

Shelby: I have no idea, please tell me you saw it too Kystal.

Krystal: of course I did you dumbass! How could you not miss that damn thing!! What I don’t get is how Megan just stood there staring at it like an idiot.

I didnt answer her because, I myself still dont know to this day why I, quote on quote “stood there and stared at it like an idiot.” I don’t know why I asked what it was in the first place, because I know exactly what I saw. Like I said previously, I’ve had a few run ins with paranormal before, and I know what we experience and saw was, a shadow figure.

After Krystal and Shelby realised they weren’t gonna get an answer out of me. We just drove the rest of the way back to Kystals house, in silence. We were still just too spooked and dumb founded to discuss what we just experience.

When we got back, we said we’d never go back to that cemetary, or tell our other friends about our exspeience, because we were afraid they wouldn’t believe us, and they would go find out for themselves. We still to this day haven’t gone back to that cemetery, and I know I never will.