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Always Watching

You know the sensation you feel when someone is watching you?  I have.  I always have felt that way.  My name is Julianna, me and my mom have had experiences with the paranormal, many times.

Let me start with my mother, this will end up explaining everything.  My mother lived with her parents and elderly grandmother or better known…  Mama.  (I was always told that she might’ve had affiliation with the Italian mafia.)  My mom lived with my family…mama had died when my mother was my age.  (I’m seventeen.)  It had been a long time until mama made contact with my mother, it happened when she was pregnant with me.  My mother’s body couldn’t handle carrying me…so she was in the hospital at the time when this happen.  First the smell of her favorite lotion when my mother had appeared in the smell that was once rubber and saline now turned into rose, than herself, mama showed herself to my mother.  She had showed herself to her one time before that.

My haunted home and high school

I am a firm believer in the paranormal.

I have only told this story to a couple of people, my friends mostly.

First, here’s some background.


I should like, if I may, to tell you of the happening that first started me off on the road of Sorcery. I will take it as a matter of course that by the end of my first sentence you already know what I am, and what I do in the Dark.  It happened on a thanksgiving night when I was only eight years old. The nights had just started to get the Fall chill and the smoke aroma of chimney fires.

All my fathers immediate family had gathered at my grandmothers house (this was before the passing of my grandfather).  Crammed in the corner of their large backyard was a little shed that held their lawnmower and housed their drying vegetables, which hung from the rafters like rag dolls. It is this homely little building that will be our main point of interest tonight!    Even after all these years my skin is breaking out in gooseflesh as I relate this to you (not in fear mind you, but in excitement).

Weird things

Hello i have been very interested in your youtube channel since ive just recently had some weird experiences happen to me, however they cannot be explained. I swear to god these are true stories that have happened to my boyfriend and i over the last few months in our houses/street.

They have changed me for sure and made me believe in ghosts. So many things have happened but ill focus on the main parts. Basically my boyfriend is very sensitive to energies around him.

What I see

When I was young, and I still do see, a man, kind of elderly, I would talk to him almost everyday coming from school, he was a very kind elderly man, he told me he was from Mexico, as he spoke very little English, he spoke to me in Spanish at times, as I knew Spanish as a young Hispanic girl, he also told me he participated in the Mexican Navy, I was always interested in his stories, he was my childhood hero, when I described him to my mother, she looked sad.

One day when I was 9 or 10, my grandmother showed me a picture of my grandfather, it was the man I talked to as a young girl.

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