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Weird things

Hello i have been very interested in your youtube channel since ive just recently had some weird experiences happen to me, however they cannot be explained. I swear to god these are true stories that have happened to my boyfriend and i over the last few months in our houses/street.

They have changed me for sure and made me believe in ghosts. So many things have happened but ill focus on the main parts. Basically my boyfriend is very sensitive to energies around him.

What I see

When I was young, and I still do see, a man, kind of elderly, I would talk to him almost everyday coming from school, he was a very kind elderly man, he told me he was from Mexico, as he spoke very little English, he spoke to me in Spanish at times, as I knew Spanish as a young Hispanic girl, he also told me he participated in the Mexican Navy, I was always interested in his stories, he was my childhood hero, when I described him to my mother, she looked sad.

One day when I was 9 or 10, my grandmother showed me a picture of my grandfather, it was the man I talked to as a young girl.

Great Grandma’s Ghost

This happened a couple years ago when me and my family went to visit our family in Mexico. We thought that this visit was going to be a great way to spend time with our family, but it turns out we also spent time with the deceased as well.

One afternoon, me and of my family went out to visit my aunt. My dad was running a bit late, Leaving him alone in my grandma’s house.

Ghost or glitch?

I played the Cabela’s games a lot when I was a kid they surprisingly had a few very good hunting ones. I had a Gamecube back when it had been the popular thing to have and I played it often. The title of the game I have long forgotten over time but what happened I have not.

The level started out at a small hunting cabin with an ATV you could use to get around the level. I had played this level a few times already and had nothing happen out of the ordinary. This one time though as I was going to the mountain on the ATV I saw what looked like leaves in the wind and that does happen in the game at times. What is not normal was the fact it was in the shape of a mountain lion coming at me. I would call this a glitch if I was able to see it again and make it happen and I tried multiple times to make sure it was just a glitch. I get chills when I talk about what happened though and I get a feeling it was not a glitch and I could never make the same thing happen again in the game.

Weird Stories from Mexico

My mother is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, and she’s shared some creepy stories told by her older relatives with my older brother and me. I kind of wish the only remotely scary thing she had told us was when someone she knew got chased by a cow. But no. That one was funny.

These stories aren’t that “scary”, but they may prevent some from going to Oaxaca, or even Mexico in general.

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