Goatman’s Bridge

In June of 2016, a couple of friends and I were trying to think of something exciting to do. We’re all 19 year old college students, and being back in our boring town away from all the parties wasn’t exactly exciting.

So one of my friends, we’ll call him James, pitched the idea of going to the Goatman’s bridge later that night. I instantly agreed. Our other friend who I’ll call Dave, was hesitant at first but eventually agreed.

If you grew up in the Dallas area you’ve probably heard of or been to Old Alton Bridge, otherwise known as the “Goatman’s” bridge. It’s a relatively small and old bridge in Corinth Texas. You can Google or even look up the bridge on YouTube and find some pretty creepy stuff about it. And the story on how it got the name “Goatman’s” bridge is creepy in of it self. Back in the early 20th century there was a local goat farmer named Oscar, and he was actually a really successful at that. The only problem is that he was African American. And the local chapter of the KKK, didn’t like that at all. So one day they kidnapped and took him to Old Alton Bridge, tied him in a noose and threw him off the side of the bridge. The only thing was, when they peered over to look at the body. Instead it was just an empty rope. They got spooked and went to his house and killed the rest of his family. Now people say the bridge is haunted by Oscar, or some sort of demon.

We drove from Coppell to Corinth which wasn’t a long drive, only about 20 minutes. The entire way there I was excited and a bit reminiscent. I used to live in Corinth when I was a child and my house was only a minute or two away from Goatman’s bridge.

When we arrived it was already dark. The only light came from the moon, and it wasn’t much. We hopped out of the car and headed towards the bridge. The bridge has been retired for years now and is surrounded by woods. We finally got to the bridge and we stopped and sat for a little bit. But we eventually got bored and decided to walk the trail in the surrounding forest which was also said to be haunted.

We were about 15 minutes in to walking when James stops and says, “do you hear that”? Dave and I paused our conversation and listened with him. But I didn’t hear anything. I told him “bro I don’t here anything, you must be imagining it”. He replied “that’s just it, there’s not a single sound”. As soon as he said that I realized he was right. It was almost as if someone pressed the mute button on the forest. I had this gut feeling that we needed to get the fuck out of there. I told them that I thought we should turn around. But James and Dave whined and said that we’ll just go a little further. I didn’t really have a choice, my phone was low on battery and James had the only flashlight. I wasn’t about to walk back through these woods alone in the dark.

After taking maybe only 3 or 4 steps I felt a cold breeze on my neck. I turned around but saw nothing. I brushed it off as the wind and my spiked paranoia. After walking for a few more minutes we came to this partial clearing in the woods. There was a structure of some sorts a little ways out. It looked to be about the size of shed or a small portable. We all stopped and looked out at it, trying to focus and see just what it was. And then in the trees behind us we heard what can only be described as footsteps. I almost had a heart attack when I heard this. We spun around as quick as possible, I was frantically scanning the woods to see what made the noise. But now they had stopped, and the only sound we heard was our own breathing. We all collectively agreed none of us were having fun and we needed to leave.

But literally right as we turned around to walk back down the trail. We heard knocking coming from the building. And I mean it sounded exactly like someone was knocking on a door. This building was a good 5o meters away from us. The noise seemed almost a little too loud for how far away it was, if that makes sense. That was all it took, we booked it back all the way through the trail.

We were out of breath when we finally made it back to the bridge. It took a few minutes but we all were talking and trying to make light of the creepy situation. Dave and I had a cigarette to calm our nerves, as we just sat there on the bridge about ready to go home. Then James says in a loud voice “Oscar if you’re here, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to make you mad or anything. But c’mon ma..” Before he could even finish, we heard a giant branch snap and splash into the river below the bridge. We all almost simultaneously screamed “Fuck!”, then Reggie Bushed it back to our car. We got out of there as fast as possible.

Home For The Holidays

When I was younger, I had an uncle, he was my mother’s half-brother, and he was this incredibly kind young man. I wasn’t around him much, only on the weekends, which is when I would visit my mother and grandmother.

He helped build the house that they lived in, it was a big house, and in the concrete on the back porch, my mother, my uncle Jacob, and my uncle Jason all three had put their hand prints and their names in the still-wet-cement (I wasn’t there that day). I was there for a lot of the construction, a tiny child playing on sand and dirt mounds, talking excitedly to them, asking questions, enthusiastically going on about how amazing it would be to walk up a spiral staircase.

When he wasn’t busy, he and I would play video games together, or we would watch cartoons. Sometimes he would even let me stay up late at night on the top bunk in the trailer watching cartoons, playing on my game-boy, the sort.

A few months after the house was finished, however, my Uncle Jason and his passenger were in a horrible car wreck. The car was totaled, and he was injured–but he managed to pull his passenger out of the car while the ambulance was on the way. He managed to make sure she was alright before he passed away. This happened close to Christmas, so you can imagine how it felt. Losing someone we all loved so much so close to a “happy” time of the year.

I always spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s. This is where things started to get weird, in the new house, too.

Christmas was spent quietly, with all of us smiling and remembering him. Well, it was spent quietly until about four in the morning. The TV in the room,  across from my grandmother and I,turned on by itself. The remote was nowhere to be found, nobody had touched it, the usual.

I ended up staying awake after that, how could I sleep when I would be getting something cool in a few hours, anyway? I did the usual, got some water, got cereal, played games, etc.

It got weirder when I went back to the kitchen to get another glass of water, though. For some odd reason, the freezer door had been left open, and I was the only one awake. It freaked me out, tiny-child-me was so used to the threat of stalkers and the sort (which was a legit problem for me a few years later–literal stalkers, fun!), that I panicked and ran back to the bedroom, waking my grandmother up instantly with my paranoia and hysteria.

She didn’t understand and told me to go back to sleep, which, you know, I didn’t. Too scared? Yeah. So I tried to focus on games again. Sticking close to her and playing on the Game Boy Advance that had been a hand-me down.

Which is when the television switched channels and well, I guess I left Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. I hadn’t remembered starting a level, though.

This didn’t really freak me out, but. I did kind of quietly ask: “Uncle Jason? Is that you?”

Which is when his photo frame fell off the wall.

Every year, weird things happen around Christmas now. Even with newer pieces of tech, just this last Christmas, the Wii Fit mat kept on finding someone when nobody was on it while I was taking a break, my computer turned itself on several times, one of my friends asked me if there was a guy in my house (she doesn’t know about any of this; the only two in the house would be me and my great grandmother)–she said she “thought [she] heard some guy’s voice say ‘hey’.” The dog’s and cat were riled up about a corner all day on Christmas–especially the cat, she just kept meowing at it, the attention-wanting meow.

I’m chalking those up to just weird technical difficulties or coincidences, but it’s so weird that they would all stop right after Christmas. I’m not saying that my Uncle Jason comes around for Christmas, but it’s still a comforting thought, in all honesty.

TV Ghost

I want to start off saying that I’ve had many experiences in my life but this one is by far one of my top three strangest things ever. Some background into my story. I was 13 years old at the time and home alone. My grandmother was a Tupperware lady and had a demonstration she was going to do.

Around this time is when computers became more of a household thing and the internet was really becoming popular. It was good old dial up, which was always fun. Anyways a friend of mine was supposed to come over but for some reason that I can’t remember she couldn’t. I was used to being alone for a few hours at night so it was no big deal at first.

I was minding my own business playing on the computer, talking on AIM when suddenly I heard the TV in the living turn on. I was in my bedroom at the time and found this to be very odd since I was home alone. I walked out of my room and into the living room. Sure enough the TV was on. I simply shrugged my shoulders and turned it off. Then I heard another TV go on, in my bedroom.

I quickly made my way to my room and turned my TV off. Then the living room TV went on again. At this point I was freaking out. I ran and turned off the living room TV when once again the one in my room went on. I was crying because I was so freaked out. I ran into my room and turned off the TV. Then a third and final time the living room TV turned on.

I went back in there and as I turned it off I begged whoever it was to please stop messing with me. I was crying terribly. The turning on of the TVs finally stopped. I somehow was able to call my friend and begged her to try to come over. I was hysterical crying and I couldn’t explain why. She was able to convince her mom to let her come over and she stayed with me till my grandmother finally got home.

After that night every time I was left alone I always tried to have a friend over, or tried to be on the phone with a friend, or even went to a friend’s house. I was purely terrified to ever be left alone. And to this day I still feel uneasy being left alone and I’m almost 30. And in today’s day and age with all these electronics that everyone has it truly makes me feel uneasy to be home alone.

College Ghost Sightings

At the time, I was 21 years old. I was 3 months away from getting my bachelors degree From Penn State University. I was the average male type at the age of 21. Drinking, partying, all that stuff.

So, it was March 4th. I excused myself from class to use the restroom. Having my uncle as one of my teachers makes it easier to study and have access to other parts. I got an uneasy feeling going down the hallway. I started accelerating my speed at high rates swiftly. When I got to the door, I realized someone was in there laughing and tearing something up.

Growing up in Cincinnati, this was normal even in 8th and 9th grade. I walked in the restroom. There was nothing in there and the noise kept going on. I did my business, looking behind myself nearly the whole time. I felt my brain tangling and my nerves were racking up.

That’s when I saw a younger woman , about 14 years of age I would guess on top of a stall. I screamed and ran out of the bathroom. I informed a teacher across the hall. She walked into the restroom. She didn’t see or hear anything. I heard the screaming loudly when I felt like my ears were going to bleed. That’s when the girl vanished.

I have heard many stories from the school and my Uncle about that bathroom. I even heard that someone shot themselves 13 times before they died. My Uncle even said they had the same encounters with that girl in the teachers lounge. I will never go back to that creepy place of fuckery, but it scared the shit out of me. I am now married with 3 kids. I am a Pharmacist for UPMC, so if I ever got hurt, I should be fine.

Darkness in my Bedroom

My story isn’t long. It’s one that is creepy and although I was very young it sticks out to me clear as day and I know that it really happened. I am getting anxiety just writing this.

Now as I recall I was about two years old when this happened and before you think no one remembers things before they are like 4 this memory was so traumatizing that it stuck with me. It was a typical night my mom got me ready for bed and my dad tucked me in. My room was right next to my parents bedroom. I was still sleeping in a crib at this time. I remember laying there in the dark because I never would go to sleep when my parents put me to bed. Then I look at the end of my crib and I see this darkness form.

This thing was so dark that it made my already dark room look like shade on a sunny day. Then it spoke to me in a deep voice saying, “If I don’t get you now, I’ll get you someday”. I stared screaming for my parents and as soon as my dad came in a flipped the light on the dark figure was gone just like that. After this I never slept in the dark again I absolutely had to have a night light. Until this day I am not ashamed to say that at 26 years old I rarely will sleep alone in the dark. I have to have my dog with me at least. At the time of this incident I was not baptized or anything like that because my mom believed that I should make my own religious choices as I got older.

I do not know what this thing was whether it was a demon or just a dark entity of some kind in the house trying to scare me.

As I got older I did become a Christian and get baptized. I am not a super religious person or anything though. I haven’t really had anymore paranormal experiences like that since then other than my dad visiting me and talking to me after he passed when I was 15. But that’s a story for another time. I don’t know why I felt compelled to share this story but I think as children we are more sensitive to the paranormal than as adults so if your child is saying there was something in their room you might want to believe them.