The Kid in my Closet

I have had many moments within my childhood home that sent shivers down my back.

Many times I’ve awoken in bed only to find myself trapped, paralyzed and hallucinating terrifying things. Almost all of these experiences felt like just that; Hallucinations.

But this was different.

In order for you to understand this, I’ll explain the general layout of my bedroom. My bedroom consists of a large square room, a large bed in the general center pressed up against the wall across from the glass doors that lead to the backyard-balcony. To the left of the queen sized bed, is a walk-in closet. The closet has a relatively heavy, polished, hard-wood door.

This closet is not near any opening to the outside at all, so any sort of draft or anything like that is absolutely impossible.

Anyways, back to the story. I had been drawing in my sketchbook while sitting under the warm quilts on my bed. I had been leaning against the wall, the lamp beside my bed shone a fluorescent light on my room.

As my phone’s alarm went off, reminding me to go to bed, I hit the snooze button. I remember the time had been 10:30 at night.

As the alarm goes off for the second time, I finally decided to try to get to sleep. I had had an apprehensive feeing since around 9:00, so I decided to keep the bright lamp on. I payed down and tried to curl under my thick blanket, my back towards my closet.

In the midst of drifting into sleep, I heard something. My ears registered four, soft knocks. Like knuckles on wood.


I tensed up, that apprehensive feeling growing and gnawing at my  stomach as I slowly woke up and somewhat comprehensible thought made its way back into my head.

I could hear blood rushing in my ears as the adrenaline kicked in.

“Hhell- oh? Yyo-u there?”

I felt so scared, the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.  I didn’t want to turn around for fear of seeing somthing.

The voice sounded like a child’s, it’s words were softly spoken and the syllables of the words spoken seemed to break up and go silent for a few seconds before resuming the word.

I reasoned with myself, thinking that it had to be one of my siblings.  Two or three of the six kids that make up my siblings had a cough and/or sore throats, so that might have been why the voice was somewhat unfamiliar. Maybe one of them had had a nightmare and wanted to sleep in my bed.

I remember thinking to myself,

‘Hell, I’m fifteen now! I shouldn’t be scared of my sister. The lights are on for gods’ sake!’


I took a breath through my nose and sat up. When I turned to the door, (which was parallel to the closet,) I found that it was closed.

My closet, however, was slightly open.

My brave-big-sister act dropped completely when it started slowly opening further.

Two more soft knocks sounded as it opened.

I could hear quiet breathing.

That was it for me. I shouted loudly for my mother, practically screaming. My mother and father rushed downstairs and into the room. I could hear the house wake up, and the apprehension faded.

Ever since then, I get the feeling there is someone or something else living with me in my room. I just hope to whatever got there might be that it doesn’t have melevolant intentions.

Whether or not it is the spirit of a child, or trying to deceive me with the empty promises of feigned innocence, I always feel a muted version of that apprehension, as if somthing is just about to happen.

Good or bad?

I can’t tell anymore.

Abandoned Children’s Asylum

This incident happened about two months ago. Me, and a couple friends of mine decided to make our first visit to our local horror hot spot, Dejarnette Sanitarium. In it’s prime, the place was basically a children’s mental asylum. Some crazy stuff went down there, from lobotomies to suicides. The sanitarium has long been abandoned, and just sits there, inviting horror junkies in.

There were five of us in total, and only one of my friends had been there before. We went around 8:30 pm so it was nice and dark. We parked at the Lowes across the street from it, ran across the road, and sprinted about 100 yards through a field of overgrown, neglected grass and all met up at the back fence. Once we were all assembled, we squeezed through a gap in the fence, and walked up a massive set of stairs and up to the back doors. The doors were boarded up to try to ward people like us off, all except for one frame someone had knocked out. I have a reputation of being semi not afraid of anything, so I played my roll and went in first.

Immediately I was hit with the stench of what it smells like in an attic. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just like a neglected industrial smell. Once everyone piled in, we looked around us. The place was a giant maze of spray painted walls with all sorts of things written, from funny things to satanic symbols. The grounds were covered in broken glass, heroin needles, broken tiles, and god knows what else. This made it impossible to walk silently. Every step you took made a crunch. We walked around, my friends wielding small pocket knives and myself, a crowbar. Nobody was really intimidated yet, as nothing had happened, so we were all joking and laughing. We were looking in every room, and at one point I threw my crowbar into the ceiling at a light and shattered it everywhere. We were so relaxed. We kept going down the hallway, and one of my friends, we’ll call him Leo, said something along the lines of “hey guys, check this out.” we all walked over to him, and he was looking into a doorway with stairs going up.

I blurted out something along the lines of “hell yeah” and walked on up the stairs without hesitating. Leo, being the one of us who had been there before, told me to wait at the top for the rest of them so we could all do a sound check. I didn’t really listen, and I kept going and went through the doorway at the top, looking around. Leo and the rest of my friends came through a couple seconds later, and Leo looked at me angrily and told me to stop and listen. I sighed, and stood still and we all listened. Nothing happened.

“See?” I said. Leo kind of sighed and we kept walking. We were about halfway to the end of the hallway when I saw an elevator. I walked over to it, and so did one of my other friends. We’ll call her Sam. The button on the elevator that controlled if it went up or down had something written above it, “Press Me” I looked at Sam, and reached out and pressed the button. Nothing happened, and we turned around and saw the rest of our friends in a small room across the hall. As we were walking towards them, I heard the elevator clunk a bit as if it was trying to move. Sam later told me she heard it too but didn’t say anything. Once Sam and I joined our friends, we heard what sounded like metal hitting metal. We all froze and everyone looked over in the direction that it came. The elevator.

There were three light taps, a pause, and three light taps again. This kept happening at an even pace, and was progressively getting louder. We all panicked, saying how we needed to get out of here, and everyone ran to the steps, past the elevator. We were all scared, and adrenaline was flowing. We ran down the stairs, following Leo, hoping he knew how to get out. Eventually we made it to the back doors again, and I was the last to go out as well. We all sprinted back through the field, over the road, and up the hill to the car. I wish I could say our story ended there. Sam was having a panic attack, and Leo and I were trying to comfort her as another one of our friends yelled “There’s a light!” We all kind of ignored him has he makes jokes like that all the time, and when we were all in the car, getting ready to leave, he yelled again. This time, we all looked, and at the front doors of the sanitarium, there was a bright orange flashing light. Everyone freaked, and we were laughing and screaming at Leo to drive as the light faded to a small flashing yellow light and then faded. After it went out, it flashed yellow orange extremely bright for only a second, and then went off for good.

We don’t know what we saw. We went to a McDonald’s and talked about it for hours. Our only two theories are a ghost, or an extremely coordinated, insane homeless person. Thank you for reading/Listening!

My True Lake District Story

Before I start talking about the event that happened, there might be many sceptics that do not believe me and I do not care, this is a warning and a story. Another disclaimer before I begin is that I am not very good at storytelling but I’ll try my best here. And the other thing is that I am a Muslim in the UK, this means that I believe in another creation by Allah (God), so this is my thought on what happened to me:

My wife and I were going to Lake District with 8 other friends. This was not the first time that I have gone and it is the last time that I will ever go to Lake District- for those of you who do not know what Lake District is, it is a beautiful area in Scotland that is all mountains, caves and lake. My group consisting of my wife and I and my 8 companions have successfully arrived at Lake District with no difficulty.

As we all settled we were fine and two of my friends (I will be calling them Raj and Ahmad for privacy reasons, and these two people have a huge part in what happen) and I went to the kitchen, as we were the designated cooks for the trip. In the kitchen, everything was fine and neat except there was one of those stereotypical knives that butchers are shown with left on the counter top. We did not say much as we just thought someone went to the kitchen before us and misplaced the knife, so we left the knife as we saw it. After an hour of settling in, we decided to go out on a 2-hour hike.

As we left the villa we saw a herd of white goats, which was not abnormal to see, however in the herd of white goats we saw one black goat. This black goat we had never seen before in all the times we have been to Lake District before- so this was the thing we found as out of the ordinary.

However knowing our group we were all chilled and we all had faith in Allah to protect us and we just ignored it. We came back from our hike just before a sunset prayer Muslims need to perform. And on our way back, just over a hundred yards or so, we all see the black goat roaming free again but this time it was by itself and we were sure it was the same goat as before as in this area there are only a handful of goats.

To understand the next part you need to know that everyone in our group is all-religious, from the wives to the husband. After praying our prayers that we all prayed together, some of the group decided to read the Quran, and one of the people were Ahmad, while the rest of the group were just sitting and relaxing peacefully on our phones. Following dinner, we decided to play pool, as there was a pool board that we saw earlier in the lounge room, which no one entered ever since we settled in.

The main problems that started worrying us as a group was from this moment onwards. The pool table came with a full set of balls, 1 to 8, but when we went to play pool we did not see a single ball for playing. Everyone believed that Raj was playing a prank on everyone as he was the joker of our group, so we all accused him of hiding it and after a couple minutes went by and Raj continually denied the claims, we started to believe him and we searched the whole room. The table of the pool board was made so that pieces can be pulled apart and broken down with a screwdriver, so I decided to check the table and we eventually found the ball inside the table somehow. This is what we found most weird about our trip at the time.

Later on, at around 1 am we decided to call it a night and go to sleep, the villa only had two bedrooms so we split the rooms to be four in one room and 6 in the other room. The room that I stayed in was with my wife and both Raj and his wife and Ahmad and his wife. Ahmad is usually a fast and heavy sleeper, as soon as he gets tired he falls asleep. But that night was different as Ahmad could not fall asleep and he kept everyone awake that night. Everyone thought this was strange as he would never do that and for this reason, we didn’t say anything to him in case he got offended.

The next day was our last, so we only stayed there for two days. On the last day, everyone was tired due to Ahmad the night before so we did not do anything and we just packed and chilled in the main room till around 6 pm.

The trip from where we come from in London from Lake District is about five hours long and we had two drivers, who did not get any sleep due to Ahmad so it was a risky journey this way anyway.

On the way out from leaving from the villa, the group for the last time saw the black goat, which just looked directly at us this time. We again thought nothing of it and just left in our cars. I was in a car with my wife, Ahmad and his wife and Raj, who were the driver.

The rest of the group were in the other car. The last odd occurrence we had been on the journey back, where Ahmad started to act all weird and it seemed as if he was having a seizure. On the journey to Lake District, this had never happened it was only on the way back. Ahmad after having a couple of fits commanded Raj to stop the car on the side of the motorway about half way from Lake District to home, this would have been around Liverpool.

The other car following us also came to a halt to see what the matter was and everyone was spooked out (to say the least) about Ahmad’s behaviour throughout the trip since he is usually quite and not as active as the rest of us. Once we got back everyone went back to his or her own homes, while Ahmad went to his mother’s house and his wife went to her mother’s house.

This was as we agreed that Ahmad had obtained Jinn that followed him and this possessed him. I know this seems far-fetched but in Islam, this is totally possible. While dropping Ahmad off we were all worried and anxious that his parent would shout at us as they are extremely religious and they already dislike the idea of him going to stay at places like Lake District.

A couple of days later, we all met up again we decided to go see Ahmad as we have not seen him for quite some time now and he had not talked to us since the trip. Once we went to his house we saw that he was completely fine, and we didn’t how to approach him to ask what happened to him, so I unhesitatingly asked upfront how he was now and what happened to him before hand in Lake District.

He explained to us that his mother knew exactly what has happened and took him to a Ruqya (a Jinn capturer), and this Ruqya found that a strong Jinn had attached to him and the Ruqya eventually managed to convert the Jinn to Islam (this is part of Jinn capturing). Ahmad then told us that he was acting all weird at Lake District, as the Jinn had come to him from the black goat. And without agreeing with what the Jinn were telling him to do, the jinn caused pain within his body, which were the reasons for his seizures.

He also told us that the Jinn and the Jinn told him to kill everyone with it while they were sleeping, so this was why he kept everyone awake during the night at Lake District put out the knife that we first saw in the kitchen.

Not only that but the jinn told Ahmad to cause a car accident to kill our group, but Ahmad was resisting the will of the Jinn and the jinn caused, even more, pain in Ahmad’s body which was the cause of Ahmad fitting in the car. Ahmad told us that the time when the jinn contacted him and told him to do this was always when we saw the black goat. As a group conclusion, we all decided to never visit Lake District ever again. I write this for real encounters with the paranormal and also to inform travellers and seasonal holiday visitors to never go to Lake District. When I booked the villa online I never actually noticed or considered who I was renting it from, and the owner never shows himself, and those wondering where I got the keys from, was from under the flower pots as I always do, this is the usual method of renting in Lake District.

As a Muslim I believe in the only rational belief to me, and that is that a jinn has done and caused all of this. I am sure I am talking for the whole of my group when I say we are glad to have gotten out from there alive and well and that Ahmad is all fine. Please take this warning seriously and do not dismiss this warning if you ever do end up going to Lake District.

P.S the uploaded photo is the house/cottage that I stayed in

The Landlady

The story I’m about to tell you might sound like a campfire tale…some twist on an urban legend or something…at least, that’s how it seems whenever I think about it, or tell the story to someone. I can assure you, however, that it is NOT. It happened to me around 16 or 17 years ago, when I was about 18 or 19 (I can’t remember exactly).

I was staying with a friend of mine at his apartment, which is in a small, old building in the downtown area of the small town where I grew up. Next door was a slightly larger, but even older apartment building, and both were owned and operated by the same people.

So one day my friend had to take his rent money to his landlady, who lived in the building next door, and he asked me to join him (I can’t remember why…perhaps he just wanted to introduce me to her??)…so I did.

The building she lived in was three stories, with small businesses on the ground level, and apartments on the upper levels. Her apartment was easy to find, because it was the first door on the right as you enter the second floor (in other words, the first apartment you see when entering the residential portion of the building), and there was I sign on the door that read “Manager”.

My friend knocked on the door, and we were greeted by an older man…probably in his 60’s. He was thin, maybe 5’9”, balding gray hair, and somewhat gaunt-looking…like he’d worked hard for too many years, and it had taken its toll. Apparently, he was a close friend of the landlady, and also worked as a maintenance man in the building.

Anyway…we were invited in and shown to the living room, where the landlady greeted us, and asked us to sit. She was a fairly large woman, with short, whitish-blonde hair, pale skin, and dark circles under her eyes. She seemed quite healthy…but there was something “sickly” about her face. I remember thinking it rather strange that she looked so ill, but spoke and moved like someone in perfect health.

The apartment itself was clean, though somewhat cluttered…the furnishings were clearly old, but still in good condition…and the place was decorated with lots of antiques and knick-knacks…all of which appeared a little dusty…as if the place hadn’t been cleaned or even lived in for awhile. Though I couldn’t determine exactly WHY, something about the atmosphere there just felt “off”.

Despite all of this, the landlady was a friendly woman, and we all chatted for about 20 minutes after my friend gave her his rent money…though I can’t recall what we talked about…then we left, and the whole thing began to fade from my memory…for awhile.

Approximately 1 year later…after my friend had moved away, and we’d lost touch…I was looking for an apartment, and remembered those buildings and the pleasant conversation I’d had with the landlady, and I decided to go there and find out if she had any apartments for rent.

I remembered which apartment she lived in, because, like I said before, it was the first one on the right when you enter the second floor…pretty easy to remember. When I got there, however, there was no “Manager” sign on the door. I knocked anyway, and got no answer. I waited a moment, then knocked again…still, nothing. I thought perhaps she was out, or had moved, so I decided to walk around and see if there was a “Manager” sign on any of the other doors.

As I made my way down the hall, I noticed an open door to an apartment that appeared empty, and there was a woman inside vacuuming. I figured she might know where the landlady was, so I knocked on the open door and waved as the woman looked up at me. She turned off the vacuum, walked to the door and pleasantly asked, “can I help you with something?”

I remember thinking immediately that this woman looked like a much younger, much smaller version of the landlady. She, too, had short, blonde hair, cut in much the same style as the landlady’s had been. She looked healthier, though…and not just because she was thin, where the landlady had been quite large…but her complexion was simply healthier-looking.

I explained to her that I was looking for the landlady, because I was interested in possibly renting an apartment. She then informed me that SHE is the landlady, and that the apartment we were currently standing in the doorway of, was the only apartment available. This didn’t really phase me…I mean, it had been about a year, and I figured the building was simply under new management.

She showed me around the apartment, and we spoke for a minute about what I needed to do to apply…and though I could’ve just ended the conversation there…I for some reason felt compelled to ask about the previous landlady…the one I’d met a year ago.

At this, the woman looked confused. “I’ve managed this building for over four years”, she said. Now was confused. Though there was a resemblance, there was NO WAY this was the woman I’d met before. She was too young. So I told her that I’d visited the landlady a year ago, and pointed-out her apartment. She assured me that wasn’t possible. She then informed me that had once been her mothers’ apartment…and her mother had indeed been the landlady…but she’d passed away nearly 5 years ago.

At this point, I think we BOTH felt a chill run up our spines. So I described the woman I’d met a year before, AND the old man who had been at her apartment. She told me I was describing her mother perfectly, and the man who had been her friend, too…but BOTH had been dead for quite some time. Ok…now we were both freaking out a little. So I went on to describe the apartment…and again, she told me I was describing her mothers’ apartment in perfect detail.

I spent a lot of time going over the whole thing in my head after that…but all these years later, I STILL can’t think of any logical explanation. There’s no way I misjudged the amount of time that had passed. It had only been 1 year…not 5. Hell, had it been 5 years, I would’ve been like 14 or 15 when I met the landlady, and I certainly had no friends who lived on their own at that age. I also don’t believe the woman was lying or just messing with me. Her reactions were genuine, and she even became visibly emotional once she realized that I’d likely encountered her mother’s spirit. I’ve come to learn that nothing in this world is certain…and it’s possible that reality itself is just an illusion…so I can’t say with any certainty that I encountered any “lost souls”, “spirits”, or some other paranormal phenomena…but I DO KNOW that I can’t explain this experience. Eerie as it was, though, it never frightened me. I mean…I probably won’t ever rent an apartment in that building…but I wouldn’t be opposed to visiting it again…if only to see what strange or unbelievable things may occur.



Thrift store Trickster

I’ve worked at this thrift store for 9 months now and there’s always little things happening here and there.

My supervisor, let’s call him Jim, ghost hunts on his free time. He has a whole paranormal crew and a bunch of equipment he sometimes brings to work. Jim tells me about a lot of little things that happen in the store but i’m not surprised since it is a thrift store and people donate a ton of shit to us. Who knows what could be attached to them. Last halloween he told me about this mannequin we used to show some costumes ideas. He was closing that night with a few others and decided to hang the mannequin on the wall so they would know where to get it for the next day.

The morning after he was opening and noticed the mannequin wasn’t on the wall but in the women’s bathroom doorway facing him. Creeps me out when I use the bathroom and I’m alone.

A few days ago an incident happened when my co worker was in front of her locker putting her stuff away.

She put her lock on the table behind her and not even 15 seconds the lock is just missing. No one was in that breakroom with her and if there was you wouldn’t miss them the breakroom is pretty small. She told Jim about it and luckily he had his EVP recorder. When we listened to the recording you hear Jim telling what ever it was to use his energy and asking it where the lock was.

A  whispered but clear voice says,”Gone” a good 3 times. I get chills when I’m alone in that breakroom.