It warned us

So here are some important things to know before i get to the meat of this experience, i, along with a small group of friends, like to call ourselves urban explorers. We watch the YouTube videos where the totally not faked creepy stuff happens in abandoned malls an whatnot and decided it could be fun to do it ourselves. We had already went into a school, and two abandoned restaurants before we decided we wanted to hit the zoo, that was an hour and a half from where we lived. However all three of the locations we had been to before had been in broad daylight, the last one being a restaurant where some random redneck took it upon himself to yell at us for trespassing when he saw us from the main road.

Since we didn’t want to have to deal with anymore vigilante justice, and we were feeling a bit braver, we decided to explore this zoo at night. I’m not going to expose the name of this zoo because i don’t want anymore idiots going out there, it’s not worth it. All you need to know is that it’s abandoned and in North America.

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One last Cigarette

I lived in a small town in the northwest of England, U.K. There I lived with my mother and later on my girlfriend, I always had a soft spot for the horror and paranormal genres, I think that through this I learned how to explain things that would otherwise seem strange maybe to someone else.

This story starts when I was a mere child, upon moving into the house due to my parents divorce, I never really liked the new place, the environment was more or less the same. Typical English town side streets filled with terraced houses as far as the eye could see, always filled with a gray cloudy sky. I never quite got the feeling of comfort in this new house being only 6 years old at the time it actually could have been the stress of everything going on in my life at the time, but as I got older and more used to living in the house, that feeling of comfort and the feeling of being watched never seemed to leave.

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When I was around ten years old, I went with my older sister to a babysitting job she had so I could meet the kids and make some new friends. We played for awhile and had fun, the oldest one and I doing her little brother’s makeup to make him look like a clown.

At some point, we started talking about ghosts. They told me that there was a ghost in one of their closets that, if you stood or sat in there next to a specific jacket, it would grab your arm and pull you down. We talked some more about ghosts and similar things for a bit, then we decided to do something that I regret.

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the girl in the white dress

This story happened to me 3 years ago when I was 12 years old. It’s about how I had my first paranormal experience and hopefully the last as well.

The story goes like this.

It started at school. I was going to the bathroom during my math lesson. The hallways were empty and quiet of course. I’ll note that I go to this school pretty much my whole life and I’ve never experienced anything paranormal of terrifying.

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I will never forget this

Hello. It’s my first time submitting a story here. In advance sorry for my english. So let’s get into it.

I live in Poland. Let me start by saying my parents divorced when I was around 4 or 5 years old so I don’t remember much, but my father was always good to me. I am his only child after all. To this day we have great relations with each other. I have a sister but she’s older than me and she was born from a different father, my dad raised her as his own daughter.

My father worked and still does work in Germany as a construction worker. When I was 10 and my sister was 18 we visited him for the first time. It was amazing trip.

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Still watched….

Hi my name is Peter, this is the first time I’ve ever told someone about what happend two years ago. So please don’t be mad for me not remembering all of the details. I live in small village in Czech Republic, in south Moravia. And this is my story.

Two years ago I’ve woke up at midnight in complete paralize. I’ve heard a few words : Please help me, it’s comming for me.. . I was scared so much that I couldn’t even point my eyes to the way of the words comming from. About 10 minutes later I’ve heard women screaming for help, so I get up from my bed and went into the hallway. In the end of that hallway are door that leads to our backyard that ends with few trees that afterwards becomes a little forrest where me and my friend used to play hide and seek. But this day…..well this night I saw there women dressed in white almost glowing white dress. On our backyard I heard steps so I looked the same direction that the sound of those steps was comming. I saw one lonely man dressed in black coat. He turned his head my way, and I can clearly remember how he slowly and calmly told me not to be bothered that he is not here for me this time. His face was pale almost white with no mouth, nose or eyes. And than he spoke again : Like I said don’t worry I’m not here for you today!!. He said it like it should warn me to go away, like he don’t want me to look. And thats the last thing that I remember from that night next morning my parents woke me up I was laying on the floor of our hallway when they asked me how I’ve got there I heaven’t said anything of that what happend that night…

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A man with no eyes.

When I was about 15 or so my mom, brother and myself moved into this small one bedroom apartment. As the oldest child my mom had giving me the bedroom and she set up the hallway as my brothers bedroom which was the hallway to my room the she took the living room. After we moved into the apartment I had yet to sleep in my room. I had made plans to spend the night with my friend at her place. When I came home the next morning to grab my backpack for school my brother was trying to tell me something about my room. I ignored him and we headed off to school.

When we came home from school my brother is telling me “Sis don’t sleep in your room please sis don’t sleep in your room the scary man lives in your closet”. I had told him the day I went to my friends that he could sleep in my room. When he had told me about some scary man in my closet I just shrugged it off because he tends to try to scare me all the time. That night I was in my room doing my homework it was about maybe 1 or 2 am and it had got so cold in my room that I had to grab a blanket from the closet in the living room. Now it was weird that I had to have a blanket because it was summer.

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The Back Watch

Before I start, you need to know that I’ve been in the military for 12 years. I have seen my fare share of creepy shit. Most of the buildings and ships are down right haunted as fuck.  I have been seeing ghost on and off since I was a kid, well more when I was a kid, not as much now, thank fuck.

This story takes place miles off the coast of South America. We were on deployment, so I’m not going to say what ship I was on, or when this took place. Now the ship that I was on wasn’t a stranger to ghost stories, and most my shipmates would gossip about their own, encounters. I didn’t believe it, at first. Cause even though I saw shit when I was young, it never bother me, and most of the stories were repeats from other ships.

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The Forest of shadows

I want to start this story off by saying, every word in this is 100% true, I am no stranger to things weird or paranormal and this is the story of the beginning of that familiarity and what started my obsession with the study of magic and the spirit world. First off my name is Brad I am 25 years old and I am from North Carolina in a small town sandwiched between Charlotte and the foot hills, we are 30 minutes away from the city and 30 minutes away from the middle of nowhere, it’s the perfect amount of urban to rural ratio,

My parents have lived in the same house since i was 2, it’s at the end of a dead end road surrounded by woods on all sides for a few miles. this story takes place around the age of 9 in 2001,

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It Was Here Before

I’ve been visiting a friend of mine for the past 6 years in Chicago. he moved from White Plains, CT because of what had happened in his old house. He was 18 and living on his own. He had met me in middle school and was one of most special and trusted friends. One night, we had just finished playing a game on his XBox when he said “Did you hear that?” I listened closely and heard a creaking sound upstairs. I told him “It’s just Cleo.” Then, I saw his dog sleeping next to the sofa.

I suggested calling his parents, but he said they wouldn’t believe it. Ditto with the police. We called a friend of mine who lived near his house to come over. An hour later, all 3 of us were listening to the creaking. Cleo must’ve heard it too. She’s a sweet dog mostly, but as soon as the creaking started, she growled and snarled. I was about to say something about it when we heard a pretty loud CRASH! upstairs. We all ran up and saw a picture of his family in West Virginia lying on the ground in a cracked frame next to a broken lamp.

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