Backwoods Ghost Story

My name is Quintin and look I don’t care what people say, this is a real ghost story. When I was young I used to live in the backwoods of Pulaski, Virginia. I lived in a relatively large house and we lived rather close to my grandparents which being a kid, I thought was nice.

Ever since I was a kid there are days that I stay with my mother and some days I stay with my father, on this one night it was a day when I was with my mother and my grandparents came over who I will address as Paw and Granny.

Paw and Granny had come to the house and we decided to go out for Pizza, when we came back to the house after eating we all decided to go downstairs and watch T.V. so me, my mother, Paw, and Granny went downstairs and sat down to watch T.V.

When we went downstairs we were down there for about 25 minutes and there was one point where my Granny had to use the bathroom. She went up to the bathroom and after she was done she came down stairs milk white an told us all what happened.

She said that after she had used the bathroom she had stopped and look in the mirror to fix her hair and at one point she looked away from the mirror for one moment and she told us that when she looked back up, she said that there was a woman ghost in the mirror that looked my Granny dead in the eyes. My Granny said she wasn’t scared but very nervous and as she looked the ghost in the eyes, the ghost got what my Granny called a “warm smile” on her face and when my Granny turned around to look at her, the ghost was gone.

My Granny had come down stairs and she wasn’t shaking but she looked very uneasy and she was white as the daylight and she told us what she saw and my mother didn’t pull any of the stuff you see in the movies saying stuff like it was her imagination. My mother said she saw the truth in her eyes and that she clearly wasn’t lying.

We watch T.V. for about 20 more minutes and then they went on home. After hearing what my Granny said, being young I slept in my moms room that night andy grandmother hasn’t seen the ghost since we moved out of the house when I was 8.

I may not be living in that house anymore but my dad’s house is haunted so I am still in a haunted house to this day.

One thing weird about that house though is that even though being little I had never wtnessed the ghost but whenever I stayed in that house, I had a lot of nightmares night after night it was nightmares. It had finally stopped when we moved out. Read more “Backwoods Ghost Story”

Guardian Nurse

This is a short, but quite interesting allegedly true story that my friend told me few days ago.

I am 16 years old female from Czech Republic and I’m studying nursing high school and help out the registered nurses when I can. I was fortunate enough to make a friend who was just finishing the last fourth year. Let’s call her Gabrielle.

Gabrielle and I became friends almost instantly and she was kind enough to share her experiences and tips, that’ll help me with my studies.

One night I jokingly asked her if there were any ghosts haunting the school, because it’s one of the oldest in my country. To my surprise, she said yes.

Apperenty, during school sleepover, she and her classmates and even the teacher saw an old lady walking through the dark halls, disappearing in the school chapel. Only the class teacher and the students are supposed to be present during that night.

Gabrielle asked around and her class wasn’t the only one who seen her. At least five other full classes who graduated before them said that the ghost is real.

Now, during the third and fourth year, nursing students have some practical lessons at the faculty hospital near our school. And to Gabrielle’s surprise, she saw the ghost lady walking around the patients. She held their hands and when the students needed help, she appeared to them and adviced them (like, where they are needed or what to do). She always did that without saying a word.

The last time Gabrielle saw her was at the matura testing. For those who don’t know, at the end of the final year, students have to pass (usually) four hard exams, both written and oral. And some high schools, like ours, also have practical matura. My friend and her classmates all had to prepare beds for patient after a surgery.

One of the guys was so nervous, poor soul, that he completly forgot to adjust the pillow in the right position according to the norms.

When the teachers were checking the others, two out of three students saw the ghost nurse grabbing the pillow by it’s corners and carefully positioning is it should be. They saw the pillow actually move.

That guy passed by one point. The right pillow position saved him. While the teachers were cheking the bed and scolding him for badly tied knots, the ghost was smiling and shaking her head, evidently amused.

That’s the last time Gabrielle saw her. Some of her friends say that they saw her during the matura party, watching over them, still smiling.

She has two forms. The first form is an old woman in her late 80s, wearing classical nursing clothes from the Victorian era. The second one is a young girl, around 20, wearing the same, but less worn, dress. We know it’s her, because of a distinct scar on her left cheek.

There are many theories about her. The two most popular one are as follows:

1) She was one of the first teachers at our school and she still wants to help young girls and boys who want to save lifes.

2) She used to be a student and after finishing, she devoted her life to helping people and saving lifes. That duty (a “mission”) is what’s binding her to our mortal world, still determined to save patiens and students alike.

Either way, me and my friends hope to see her one day. As scary as meeting a ghost sounds like, we’ll need all the help and support we can get…

In the woods

So for context reasons you should probably know that I live in the woods of the southeast United States, (Alabama). Im also 17 and still in highschool living with my parents. I love it out here but i can’t lie, some things happen that i can’t really explain.

My brother and I each have a large Great Dane, (mine being a bit larger) and every few nights i feel like i hear them going crazy barking deep in the woods, i obviously get worried and always go out to try to call them back to the house but usually they are already just outside the door on the back porch staring tensely and completely rigid into the woods. At first i just blamed it on the sound of their barking bouncing off objects and sounding further away than they really are.

After the hunting incident I’m not so sure about that anymore.

The single most intense moment i have experienced on the property happened a couple of months ago during the whitetail deer season. I am usually an avid hunter but i hadn’t been yet that season due to my consentrating on wrestling season which goes on at the same time. However, one day my dad called me and said my little cousin wanted to go hunting, he proceeded to ask me if i could take him and i immediately agreed,(love that little dude and he is obsessed with hunting). An hour later we are walking down the trail and i can stop smiling because my cousin looked so happy in his camo outfit.

We walk down a very large hill, cross a creek, and walk back up another hill. Now we are at the small house (shooting house) that we hunt out of.

It over looks a large green field that we started planting two years back. Off to the right of me there is a small creek that leads into the creek we had crossed earlier, and some really thick underbrush. To the left and in front there is green grass that goes out for hundreds of yards.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a deer that day but i did see something white flash through the brush behind the back of the field.

It was small, probably 4 feet off the ground, so i assumes it was the tail of a white tailed deer since they tend to run with their tails straight up. But even if it was just a deer, what the hell was it running from? We had taken down all the coyotes the year before because they had been stealing chickens and it was to far away to have notice my little cousin and I.

Anyways that didn’t really affect me much during the hunt because i had no reason to believe there was something dark in those woods, i was just frustrated at the lost opportunity at the deer, soon after that though i started hearing walking through the woods to my right on the other side of the small creek and brush. I shushed my cousin and told him that i think something is walking towards the field.

He got a little excited because he though it was a deer that i was hearing. But notice i said something was walking, i knew instantly it wasn’t a deer.

When you hunt long enough you can identify most animals by the sounds they make when walking though the woods. A deer ,for instance, will often take about three steps then pause and look around for danger before walking again. This unknown creature i was hearing had a similar walking pattern to a squirrel. It would walk kinda fast then crash like it was coming to a stop very quickly.

But it was no squirrel, squirrels aren’t heavy enough to break twigs and branches.

The entity moved around outside of my sight for close to 45 mins before suddenly stopping for good. I was unsettled but still operating like nothing was wrong at this point. Another hour passed and it got dark so me and my slightly disappointed cousin walked back to the house without any issues. We got to the house and my cousin suddenly chirped, “ oh no, i left my camo bag”.

After the disappointing hunt i couldn’t let him go home without his favorite bag so i offered to go down and get it for him even though it was a dark moonless night, and that was the choice that lead me to the single most terrifying moment of my entire life.

Since i didn’t have to worry about scaring off deer i decided to take our new four wheeler. It is a Yamaha grizzly 750cc and any four wheeler enthusiasts will agree that it is a monster in and of itself. I quickly made it to the shooting house and grabbed to bag and a toboggan that my cousin had also left.

As i hopped back on the four wheeler i looked up just in time to see a small white figure dash out of the corner of the headlight beam at an impossible pace. The memory of those footsteps in the brush came rushing back and i decided I’m about to use 750ccs to get back to the house.

I whip around at a speed that wouldn’t be approved of by many sane people and headed down into the creek.

Then suddenly I heard foot steps splashing though the water behind me at what sounded like mock 7. I can hear these steps over the roar of i massive atv engine which shouldn’t be possible. And i CANNOT STRESS HOW FAST IT SOUNDED.

It was comparable to the speed of a jackhammer breaking concrete, but it was on water.

I look back and see a small white humanoid this black hair half the length of its body.

And the only reason i could see it was because ITV was close enough to me that my red tail light was illuminating it. This was enough, i pushed in the gas as hard as i could and sent dirt and debris flying behind me, i wasn’t flying out of the creek and ripping a completely new trail back up the giant hill that leads to my house. I hit a bump at this insane speed and the four wheeler went airborne.

This didn’t phase me at this point and as i landed 15 feet from when i left the ground i wasn’t already full throttle again.

I whipped into the gravel driveway at enough speed to but deep ruts in it, and hopped off drawing my buck knife as landed on the ground and scanning the area. First thing i noticed, the creature wasn’t anywhere that i could see. Second thing i noticed, neither was my cousin.

I was past terror and getting furious at this point. Chase me, i run, mess with my 6 year old cousin, you run. I was about to take off into the woods yelling his name when i glanced over and saw him looking out of one of the windows of my house looking pretty shaken up. I ran inside and asked if he was allright and he said that he got scared when he heard me flying through to woods, he asked if i wasn’t running away from something and i just said “nah big dude i was doing it for fun” which calmed him down pretty quick.

As he left that night my dad asked me why i wasn’t really driving like a madman but i gave him a look that said “I’m not going to talk about it” and he said, just don’t mess up that four wheeler and left me alone.

Since then not much has happened, i still hear my dogs barking out in the woods when i know they are on the porch but other than that the thing hasn’t made another in person appearance. I ok with that. But that thing better believe inflation either of my dogs, or family members are hurt or taken in those woods. I will blast the little white thing back to the gates of hell that it came out of.


My aunt was living in México with her two young children. They had moved into my old childhood home. A two story house that had an outdoor open kitchen, and it was a really nice house when compared to the other houses in that small rural town.

One night, her teenage niece was staying over because she wanted to use my aunt’s computer for a school project. So, my aunt and her children slept in together in her room, and her niece was supposed to sleep in the room next to theirs when she was finished using the computer that was in my aunt’s room.

My aunt was asleep when she woke up because she heard someone going down the stairs. She thought it was her niece that was going to sneak out of the house to be with her boyfriend or some rebellious teenage thing. My aunt waited and then she heard footsteps coming back up. She decided to not bust her niece since she came back up and didn’t end up sneaking out.

A little while later, she heard the footsteps go down again. She was pissed and yelled to her niece, “Anna! Go to bed!”

She heard her niece reply in a meek voice, “Auntie, I’m right here.” My aunt turned around to see that her niece was sitting at the computer, trembling with fear. “I heard the footsteps, too.”

My aunt told told her niece to get in the bed with her and her children. They laid there together, waiting for the footsteps to approach the door or go downstairs.


Somewhere down stairs, glass broke. The sound was loud and clear. Somehow, my aunt knew that this was a paranormal experience and not someone breaking into her home. Too afraid to get up and check, my aunt and her niece stayed awake the entire night. They didn’t hear anything else for the rest of the night.

In the morning, they went down to check what was broken, but they couldn’t find broken glass anywhere. Nothing was broken.

For the next couple of months that my aunt and her children lived there, they kept hearing noises at night that they couldn’t explain.

My grandpa and his ghost

When I was 15, I moved in with my grandpa.

I had lived at that house with my mom before when I was really young, and I always hated the upstairs floor because I had an encounter with a ghost there when I was 5 or 6. What had happened was I had been looking for my mom all over the house, and calling out for her.

“Mommy? Mommy? Where are you?” I already looked upstairs for her, but since I had just looked in the basement I figured she had time to go back up to her room.

When I got back up to her bedroom door and opened it, I again asked, “Mommy?”, only to find the shadowy figure of a man sitting on her bed across from me. He was watching me, and tilted his head. I heard him imitate me by asking, “Mommy?” as if he didn’t understand what it meant.

I screamed my head off and bolted downstairs, almost wanting to run backwards because I felt a presence behind me, but I just kept going, only to find my mom at the bottom of the stairs.

That has always haunted me. My grandpa talked to his neighbors who had lived there longer than him, and they told him that there was an older man with a beard named Frank who lived in the house two owners before him, and that he had died in the backyard while shoveling or raking, of a heart attack. Every time something unexplained happened to my grandpa, he had an ongoing joke about blaming Frank.

For example, my grandpa had gotten a new camera to snap photos of our vacation in Mexico that he set down on the desk.

He would go to the bathroom for a few minutes, and when he came back it would be gone. He searched throughout the house, and eventually gave up and bought a new one. A few days later, low and behold, the old camera was sitting on the desk where he had left it. He’d laugh it off, saying things like, “Damn you, Frank! You just outed me fifty bucks!”

It was almost like they were buddies, in their own weird way.

Fast forwarding back to moving in as a teen, I was still weary of the second floor.

Throughout living there until I was 20, my room had to, of course, be upstairs. I’d experienced footsteps stomping up and down the stairs which were just about three feet away from my bedroom door, my door closing by itself even though it wasn’t weighted and would stay where you left it, my cat growling and glaring into thin air, etc.

When I was about 18 and out to a movie with friends, my grandpa called me asking if I was home.

I said no and that I was on my way.

He said that was odd, because he swore he heard me crying right outside his window, and when he went out to look, nobody was there. A few days later, I was on the phone in bed and my cat kept jumping up on and bugging me so I temporarily locked her out by shutting the door until I was done with my conversation.

About a minute later, she jumped back on the bed, which made me immediately look up at my door, which had been opened again. Suddenly, I could hear a woman faintly crying on the other side.

It lasted for what seemed like forever, but was probably only around 15 seconds, until I got up to investigate.

Only then did it stop.

A few years later when I was 21, I moved out because my grandpa’s health had been deteriorating due to his alcoholism, and despite my help, he just wouldn’t help himself and I was getting sick of it, plus it seemed like the activity wasn’t going to cease.

Six months later, my grandpa died. It came as a huge shock, and for a while I blamed myself because I thought, maybe if I had stayed with him he would have somehow lived longer. Maybe I could have done something. But I kept my feelings to myself, because my mom was completely devastated, as she was pretty much his favorite kid and everyone in the family knew it. It was always kind of like that. My grandpa, my mom, my siblings and I.

The house was sold to the bank because he just honestly didn’t take very good care of it, and luckily the locks hadn’t been changed right away because I needed to grab a few personal items for my apartment that I’d left there.

When my husband and I walked through the house, it was eerily dark and cold, like a ghost of the house I knew growing up. I soaked it all in, all the memories that I’d never be able to visit again, because he was gone.

I still struggle with his death to be honest.

But I felt like I was being watched the whole time, which I didn’t mention to my husband because it was just the vibe that you felt at that house and nothing new.

But the weirdest part of all of this, is months later, my mom and aunt spoke to an alleged psychic, who said my grandpa hasn’t moved on yet. She said he’s staying with “The boy”, who we assume is my little brother who has down syndrome.

My grandpa watched my brother at least every other weekend for his entire life. Before he was cremated, my mom tried to gently tug my brother into looking at GP (which is what all of us called him), but he shook his head and refused.

We think GP stays with David to keep him at peace. But the psychic said GP also hangs out with someone in the after life.

An older man, who has a beard.

They spent weeks trying to decipher who the psychic was talking about, until they told me about what she said and I immediately gasped and said “Frank!” Their eyes lit up. “Oh my God, I think you’re right!” My aunt was stunned.

To this day, I firmly believe that when my grandpa isn’t with my brother, he’s hanging out in the afterlife with Frank, haunting the house with the ghost that haunted him. To the next person who ends up living there, good luck