Wicked Warning

I was trucking down in the states with my ex. We had traveled cost to cost and had many weird experiences. This is just happened to be one of the more paranormal, instead of just freaky experiences.

New Orleans the beginning of August 2005.

After many attempts, we had finally made it to New Orleans, the home of Voodoo and Mardi Gras. Ever since my brother told me about the grave yards, the Voodoo shops and the other strange things I wanted to go see them. Call it a morbid curiosity or just simply fascination with the macabre. Either way I wanted to go. I heard the mausoleums and headstones are beautiful and the local Lore had me interested. I had just gotten a new 35mm camera I had taken a few photography classes in high school so I wanted to capture the area in the best way I knew how. I know, 35mm was old school even back in 2005, but something about not knowing if shot came out and not having instant gratification made me feel like I was some sort of a real artist.

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The snapchat stalker

So to start off im going to say that this all happened about a year ago. Its just an average day at school, im in 10th grade and pretty big for my age, im 6’2 and my weight is about 240 so im not really a person would pick on. After school when im walking home with my homies, we pass this house where there is a old man in the window just staring.. We shrugged it off as just an elderly man daydreaming or something of the sort. After awhile of walking, 3 of our friends got picked up by their coach to go to practice because they skipped the last week. So its just me and one of my friends walking home, lets call him Gavin. As We approach Gavin’s house, we notice this truck coming down the road so we moved onto the sidewalk. The truck passed and it was the Same old man from earlier but he didnt have eyes.

He slowed when he approached us but began to speed up once Gavin screamed in horror. The truck sped off as i tried to calm down gavin trying to make sense of the situation. I call his mom and as im on the phone with her gavin looks up at me and says,”How can you be so calm, Did you not see harold in the back seat?” Harold is one of our friends that died about 2 years ago from committing suicide. I told I didnt see this and that all of it was an Illusion and soon his mom came to pick us up and dropped me off at my house. I told my parents about the thing that happened and they told me that there hasn’t been anyone living in the house we seen the old man in. Apearently the person who did live there before, died from trying to meet up with a girl he met on snapchat but they never found out who was behind the snapchat account.

That night when I was playing xbox with my friends we walked home with, Me and Gavin told them about the story and they didn’t believe us so we just joked around saying stuff like,”That old man finna come get you fools,” and stuff like that. As we are playing I get a notifacation on my phone but I dont answer texts and stuff while I play so i didnt even think about checking it. About 30 minutes pass and as we are waiting for the game to start i check my phone.”Jsteven305 added you,” who could that be i wonder? I accept it and go to message them and ask who they are but then I realize they already sent me a snap so i open it.. Oh did I wish I didnt. The snap loads a video of me in my room playing xbox. My heart sank thinking that someone was watching me, i replay the snap and I listen to hear a man whispering,”I’ve always wanted to meet you in person.” I tell my mom and she tells my dad and we check around the house to see if this man is still here but no trace was found except for a smile face drew on my window.

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The Old Man

This event occurred when I was at the tender age of 12. My Nana had fallen ill and had to be taken out of independent living and placed in assisted living which is basically where you’re in a room, nurses come in and are supposed to check on you, make sure you have your medications, etc.

I HATED it there. It always smelled of bleach that was attempting to mask the scent of bodily fluids. That was just an inconvenience. One day while me and my mom are visiting Nana, who was (she died in February 2017) still with it mentally and a feisty old woman, she was like that for my entire life. I miss her so much.

But on this particular day I was feeling the need to walk around, I couldn’t sit still. I asked my mom if it was okay if I roamed around the ward for a little bit. My mom said ‘sure, just don’t go to far’. Now the nurses there were great! Attentive and kind to patients but obviously tired and stressed.

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The House I Live In

This story has about three parts in it all related to each other over time that lead me to think my house is haunted. So for a back story I live on the coast in the middle of about 13 acres of woods we own and about 27 more acres surround us all around our property as well with few people live close by. Ever since I was a kid, I liked spells and magic so I would play with that type of thing. Nothing happened I think but these stories make me question that.

So this first part is from when I was about 5 or so and I still remember it so well it scares even me. On night I had gotten in trouble with my parents for sassing off to them and sent me to my room. It was dark out when I was tossing a clear, sparkly plastic Cinderella shoe around the room. I accidentally tossed it onto the floor and it toppled to the floor of my closet.

I got up out of bed and picked the shoe up but when I stood back up my eyes locked with a young woman with shoulder length fawn-colored hair and green eyes. As for what she wore, I forgot; but I do know it was shorts and a top with a jacket tossed carelessly across her shoulders and she was pale and had a burn marks on her left arm and right leg. She looked at me and I looked at her.

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my childhood friend

My family is not a normal family, we have every race within us, from white, black, asian, mexican. Everyone has many stories to tell. Even the kids. so heres the backstory to mine and my dads worst experience.

Ill split this into 2 parts of the same story.

Part 1

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Alien encounters

It started last night as I was settling into my bed I felt heat and heard faint whispers, I wasn’t really interested in communicating with them so I told them firmly to leave… several times… but they didn’t… they instead hung around for hours.

Over time I got more and more aggressive but they still would not leave… I was forced to just ignore them and sleep.

I awoke at about 3:00am which is pretty normal for me… don’t know why… don’t really care… anyway I awoke and and started thinking again about the entity from before but I tried to suppress it so I could fall back asleep when I felt something shoot across the room and connect powerfully with my third eye.

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Scrying got wrong

I am a 24 year old German YouTube-User that likes to check on the newest Horror Stories. Just as an Information im not easily scared because I saw a lot of creepy and horrifying shit in my short life so far.
Just as an example: I found at the age of 9 a corpse in the woods, that was half rotten and brutally humilated.

When i was checking out a YouTube Live-Stream at night. It was probably 3am. I picked up a Conversation about Scrying, something i’ve never heard of before. Following this topic I got curious about it. The Conversation went fluent: They told each other what to do and what you need. The items needed were a Mirror, a Candle and a Chair in a dark room. They said that you only need to look into the mirror a while and if you are lucky: your face may morph into something different. Sadly I didnt follow the conversation long enough because i was to hyped to try it at least once (that was a big mistake.. as i realized about one hour later.)

So I went into my living room, searched for some candles and brought the mirror into the room too. Everything was set up as written before. The candle was lit, the roomlight lowered and I sat infront of the mirror looking in it. The first ten Minutes basically nothing happened and felt like half an hour. I wasnt sleeping for over two days at that point – so time went slower in my head.

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Touched by an angelNarrated! 

I was attacked by an angel… well maybe not but it was definitely mimicking one… anyway it was during a ritual one afternoon were I was doing work on my chakra’s and I heard the weirdest thing… chimes… and yet there were none around but they were so incredibly clear as if they were just besides my head, so i continue and it happens again and again I look around to see nothing… then I hear a a high pitch squeal quickly racing up to me and my head explodes as if someone had struck a giant gong in my head… it was…disorienting, it was aimed directly at my 6th chakra… the chimes rang again but the second attack was substantially less powerful and felt more like a dull slap rather then an explosion, I still get this dull slaps every now and again, one of the more recent one’s almost ended in a possession, I heard the dull tone strike my aura and my eyes felt heavy, I started to fall into a deep trance rapidly but I pulled myself out of it and forced the entity out.

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Sleep paralysis

It’s been awhile since I’ve been afraid of what lurks in the dark, I have grown as both a person and a witch but I’ll try to recapture some of the horror I’ve experienced while delving into the world of witchcraft.

One of my first experiences was with what some may call a mare, this entity is comprised of a blue energy, female and haunts the house I live in, when first encountering it I woke up to find I was unable to move, my body frozen by an invisible forced.

Panic instantly consumed me as I desperately tried to move everything and anything… I could not… I could feel a force above me as fingers began to wrap around my neck and squeeze.… the force was unbearable… it’s fingers dig into the back of my neck and into the spine… I couldn’t breath… it felt like I was going to pass out… on the edge… I awoke it was the dead of night and I was out of breath and trembling.

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Whats happens in cemetery stays in the cemetery

So the following story actually happened, and it happened in a small rural church in the Low Country of South Carolina. It was one of my first paranormal experiences and I have not been back since, and this happened 4 years ago.

My friends and I were at a family friend’s farm, it was me, P, A, and my sister T. We were driven their by P’s mom, and to help out the friend we agreed to all go to the church she helped run so P’s mom and her could help set up for the church the next day.

Now, if you’ve never been in old churches, sometimes they’re in the middle of a cemetery, and this cemetery had stones from the civil war era, and some even older so it was a very big and creepy area.

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