Late Night Ghost Trucker


Back in 1975 in Portland Oregon, I was in 2nd grade, My mom, brother and I were on the freeway going home. Must have been around 6 pm or so, and it was dark. We were cruising along just fine nothing out of the ordinary until a semi-truck had come up behind us and started flashing his lights at us. I remember my mom just using a few curse words and mumbled under her breath to move along, we are in the slow lane damn it. But the trucker just kept right on our ass and flashing his lights at us.

Now, just to let you know, my parents had recently broken up and my dad is/was a truck driver he has since passed on as well as my mom. But, anyway, my mom got to thinking that maybe this could be my dad in town and saw us and was trying to get our attention, since this was before cell phones.

So, after this had gone on for a few miles with no stopping in sight my mom decided to pull over to see if it was in fact my dad, I mean they were still friends and not on bad terms in the least.

We pulled over to a safe area on the side of the freeway and my mom left the car running, locked the doors and told me and my brother to stay in our seats and don’t get out, she would be right back. I remember turning around in my chair to see what she was doing, I mean all this had been a little scary to me.

I watched my mom go to the trucks drivers side door, climb up to the window to see who it was once and for all and to tell them off if it wasn’t my dad. My mom was a tough cookie. In what seemed like only a few seconds, my mom had jumped down, run back to the car, and was knocking on the window for me to open it up. I did of course and she jumped in, threw it into drive and sped off. She was shaking and muttering under her breath, I couldn’t hear what she was saying, so I asked her. “Was it daddy, mommy?” She just looked at me with a really scared, worried face and said, “Nnnooo, hunny, it wasn’t.”

Now jump forward a few years, and my mom and I were talking about this story and I had asked her what on earth happened that nite? She had said that now that I am older and could understand she would tell me.

So after we had stopped, she had of course gotten out and walked up to the truck, climbed up to the window to see who it was and when she did, there was no one there, the cab was empty. I mean there wasn’t enough time from when we stopped, she got out and walked up there for whoever was driving the truck to get out or hide. It had barely come to a stop when she got to the drivers side door. I mean she said she had never been so scared in her life.

The truck didn’t follow us that nite when we raced off and never saw it again. Well thank you for listening and have a great nite.