Something is haunting my friend’s car

It was the beginning of the summer and I had just turned 18 years old. I called up my friend, let’s call him Mike, because I wanted him to come over so we could go to Walmart and I could by my first knife on my own being 18 and all.

He came over and I bought my knife and decided to buy a couple of cigars too just for the hell of it.

After we bought our cigars we went down to a secluded park that we always call the “chill spot”. I’d like to point out that the chill spot has an extremely old church and graveyard right next to it and we have seen very detailed man-like figures out here before but we weren’t really fazed. It wasn’t our first run-in with the paranormal.

We were parked in the parking lot of the church on this specific instance.

We smoked our cigars and decided to go into his car and roll the windows up, lock the doors, and listen to a few creepy stories. It was extra creepy because it was around midnight with a full moon of course. Typical right?

As we were listening to the stories we had the front seats reclined almost all the way and neither of us were touching the doors. About halfway through the video, my friend and I both heard the *click click* of the doors lock and unlock, and this continued rapidly for the next 10 seconds, although it felt like an eternity.

Lock, unlock, lock, unlock with less than a second interval in between. After the first 10 seconds, the locks continued spazzing out for lack of a better word, but the interior lights of his car began to flash on and off as well, seemingly to the beat of the locks. Now the button for the lights is above us and as me and my friend shot up in a panic we looked at each other. Neither of us were touching the light which was still flashing and my friend had a look of panic on his face that I have never seen before.

We froze in fear for a few seconds looking at each other, then my friend Mike yelled “NOPE!” And slammed the car into reverse. As we floored it out of ┬áthe parking lot I realized I heard wind rushing through something to my right.

As I looked over I realized that my door was starting to open when we were parked there, and I didn’t realize it at the moment.

I grabbed the door and slammed it shut and we rushed back to my house. Mike throughout the whole night mentioned how he was just getting bad gut feelings but luckily nothing has happened since. It’s only been a few days since the incident and we still go back to the chill spot. Here’s to hoping this doesn’t happen again.

The Little Girl In My House

Hello, my name is Carolina and I have been watching your videos on YouTube for some time, and it has reminded me of the time I saw something at my house. I can’t explain what it was, and it was really creepy.

This is a very short story but it has scared me ever since. It is important that you know the layout of my bedroom. The one on the right side has the bedroom door on the right and the bathroom in front of it. The middle bed (mine) was in front of a big window. And the one on the left was beside another large window.

Now for the story: Me and my two sisters where in our own beds, and my nanny was with us at the moment telling us a bedtime story. At this point in time I was facing towards my nanny, whom was sited on the bed at the right. I was listening to the story when from the corner of my eye I saw a young girl, she had long dark hair and a white gown. It seemed like she came out of the bathroom and was headed to the bed on the far left side. I whipped my head to catch a glance at this thing, but it was gone. I initially thought it could have been my little sister who slept at the other bed. But when I looked at her she was already in bed almost half asleep with the blankets tucked in, she couldn’t have done that so quickly. I still think about it, and I want an explanation. I never saw the girl again, but I do feel a presence when I’m alone in the house. Whatever that was, I hope I never see it again.

the ghosts know all of the CCTV blind spots around the building

I am a concierge for a residential building and its basically fancy flats for high earning people. The concierges do a mixture of work on a rota time basis from morning, evenings and nights. We mainly just sit in the reception and being the first main of contact we write down and log any problems the tenant may have and send it to the right department. We also have to monitor the car park, keys/fob cards and check who goes in or out of the building.

Looking at the cctv is also part of the job and those of you who have worked alongside cctv cameras there are always blind spots. I mean the camera can only capture a part of the room and there will always be some angle where the camera cannot quite catch or reach. Some of the concierges who work on the night rota joke that they will sleep anywhere in the building where its a blind spot for the CCTV camera.

On the weekend night shifts you get another concierge to help work along side you and on the weekdays you are alone in the nights. On the morning and evenings shifts you are mainly alone but there is an hour cross over when one concierge has an hour left on his or her shift and when another concierge has just started. These cross overs have been purposely put in at certain points of the day when the building is most busy.

I am the newest one out of all of the concierges and I am on my second month. The managers are actually nice and I don’t feel scared asking for help. On my first night shift alone it did give me the creeps at first because it is a large building and its basically 3 buildings which are all interlinked. It does get cold and we have heaters but even though it was on full blast the temperature seemed to keep on dropping. I could hear things around the building but I kept logically trying to pin point what it was and I don’t know but I felt this great uneasiness around me.

I had never done night shifts before and I was struggling at first and I fell a sleep for about an hour but no one was around to catch me. Then I heard this faint voice telling me to “wake up” and I shot up so fast and as I was looking around I spotted right in the corner of the reception area where an actual floating ghost was visible. It was just smiling at me like it didn’t care about its existence being so terrifying to me.

My tiredness was definitely cured from out right fear and shock and the ghost had a real live baby in its arms. I tried looking at the CCTV camera and it was in the blind spot where I couldn’t see it on cctv or record it and save it for later to show it to my managers. In that corner the ghost made the temperature freeze even more where I could even see ice forming and the baby froze to death. The ghost then disappeared with the baby.

Then when I went home and jumped straight into bed I was awoken by my phone ringing from my manager. She told me that one of the tenants baby had died from hypothermia and she asked me if I saw anything unusual or know anything about this. I told her no and there was obviously nothing they could find on cctv.

Then on another night shift I found another ghost in the club room and it was made so tenants get to socialise with each other and have parties inside. I first heard lots of noises coming from the club but just found another ghost this time with a homeless man. The ghost was once again in a blind spot where the camera couldn’t catch anything and had snapped the homeless mans neck and then disappearing taking the homeless man with him.

Later that week I read on the newspaper about a homeless man dead on the street with a snapped neck. The ghosts clearly know what they are doing and purposely appearing at certain area of the building where the CCTV camera cannot catch them. The ghosts know all of the CCTV cameras blind spots. Common sense told me that I couldn’t tell anyone as I had no proof and it will make me sound like a crazy person.

Now recently I am still struggling getting use to the night shifts and every time I fall a sleep or go into the office room to have some shut eye, I always strangely end up in another part of the building. I end up awakening in areas of the building where its a blind spot for the CCTV cameras. At first I would awake strangely at the blind spot areas with felt tip marks around my body and I knew it was the ghosts and they were playing with me and warning me. Then one day as I started sleeping in the reception around 3AM I found myself in the club room right in the blind spot section with real knife marks around my arms.

Looking at the CCTV screen I observed myself falling a sleep in the reception and then I start to sleep walk and I walk towards the blind spot where I cannot see myself in the CCTV. I have never slept walked in my life and so it was terrifying to see myself doing that. That is also where the ghost was calling me in a dream like state and the way I stepped into the CCTV cameras blind spot was like a prey falling for the predators trap.

I still work there but every night shift I am determined to stay awake and drink so many energy drinks and do anything else possible to stay awake.

The Camera That Pictured More Than A Window

This happened when I was young, I don’t remember my age at the time. It was October and my dad asked my brothers and I what we wanted we want to do for Halloween. I said something scary, maybe a haunted house. He took it in consideration and a week before halloween he took us on a ‘ghost tour’.

We went up to this building where the tour guides would be, and a short lady stood beside a sign. She was obviously our tour guide. We waited for everybody else to get there before we left and started walking along the street. As the lady took us to sights that were supposed to be haunted, I had rolled my eyes in disbelief. I thought the whole thing was  bogus, even when she scared someone in our group for a reaction. I would have gone on believeing that the trip was just a cash scheme, until we reached a black metal fence with a bright White House behind it.

The lady went on to talk about how it was supposedly haunted. How a girl, who was not that old, had died in that house from a disease in the 1900’s.

She also pointed to a window and said people who had taken a picture of it would see her ghost. Reason being, it was the room she died in. I, of course, didn’t believe it. I took out my camera that I had gotten from my birthday and zoomed in on the window. I snapped the picture and waited for it to come up on the screen. When it did, I froze. It was in bright red tint, and someone was standing in the window, but the next second they were gone. What scared me most about this picture was that it was a PICTURE. Not a video. Things don’t just disappear into thin air.

I flipped to to another photo on my camera roll, then switched back to the one I just took. Surely enough, the picture of the girl was there for a second, then it turned back into the window.

I was scared shitless. I didn’t sleep for a good two days. I know some people don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, but I know what I saw. It’s one of the things that made me believe that these things are real.