My expirence with the djinn

Djinns are part of the Islamic religion, they are sentient beings that exist on a different plain but can interact and effect ours. They are the explanation for any paranormal or strange scary encounters in Islam, They are also known to mess around with people just for fun. example: footsteps when your home alone, its probably a Djinn. Today I’m going to go to in depth about my experience with the Djinn.

The are 5 types of Djinns that i will briefly go over, but before i go over them i need to tell you that all djinn have the same abilities but these are the 5 tribes, or nations i guess you could say of djinns.

1st we have the MARID  (pronounced MAA–rid), they are considered to be the strongest of the 5, they are you traditional genie in a bottle type of Arabic folk tales. 2nd we have the

EFFRIT (pronounced eff–FREET), these guy are the smartest of the bunch. They live in complex societies similar to ours. They are known to shape shift and, trick and scam others.

GHOUL (Arabic pronunciation uses a guttural gg sound somewhere between an English G and a French R). This tribe is native to Europe and north America. They are undead like and know to eat human flesh. They are known to be nocturnal and pretty dumb. Ghouls aren’t the most dangerous, but you would want to catch on of them in a dark ally way at 3 am.
SILA,  This is the one in my story. These Djinn’s are the most talented at shape shifted and usually appear in black animals like dogs, sheep, spiders, snakes, and other animals associated with bad omen.

And finally VETALA, these are your traditionally classic vampire like creatures, with psychic powers native to the south indo area of Asia. However, vetala can also change shape at will. They are thought to be natural psychics, able to foretell the future and gain insight into the past, as well as read the thoughts of others.

Here is some common knowledge you should know on Djinns. Djinns usually prefer to be unseen and live in secluded areas, like caves, land fills, lesser populated areas like woods, mountains, dirty or “haunted” neighborhoods, islands, etc. Djinns are capable of possessing others and entering dreams. They can physically change the room temperature either extremely hot or cold. They are capable they are capably to change the mind process of a person.

Disclaimer: i apologize if I’ve hyped up the Djinns because my story isn’t an over the top nearly possessed Hollywood material level story.

when i was visiting family in village in Sudan, it was night and i was trying to sleep and it was fuming out side, and it get up to 120 in the summer. I heard dogs barking far away, i didn’t think much of it, they soon got closer and closer. eventually they got pretty close , like a couple houses down.

Out of the corner of my eye i saw a dog shaped creature. it got a bit closer, and they barking in the distance got closer. It moved silently and every time i look away it inched closer, and the barking got closer. by the time it was 7 feet away i put away i put my glasses on. when i got a good look at it, it looked like a shadow of a dog just stood up, it looked so flat but it had depth to it.

it looked so unnatural and confusing, but as quickly as it came it left, and the barking faded and stopped.



Bachelors Grove Lagoon

To start off with some background I grew up in Midlothian Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. When I was five years old I loved car rides, like any other kid. It started out like any normal day when my dad asked for Gyros for dinner.

My mom mentioned a new Gyro place that opened up so we drove to that. I was a talkative little rugrat and never shut up, but on this specific ride my mom said she noticed I was talking until we hit an overpass.

The overpass was next to the Cook County forest preserve. I saw an odd green body of water and parked next to it was a black car the I’ve never seen before. Standing by the car were what looked like two men; one in black and one in blue. I was quiet the rest of the way to the Gyro place, and on the way back I tried to see that body of water again but never could.

Anytime we drove past that over pass I would try to spot that green water but never could.

I told my mother about this story recently and her response was that I witnessed the Bachelors Grove Ghost Car.

Those trees and swamp was Bachelors Grove. I had goosebumps when my mom confirmed that to me. It made me a little frightened that a five year old saw a body of water that wasn’t in its proper location. The proper name for what I have seen was the Bachelors Grove Ghost Car.

I never told my mom that story until recently and even writing this I have goosebumps on my goosebumps.

High School Possesions

My story wasn’t really a “back to school” scenario but it happened on my early days of senior high school year. Forgive my English for it is not my first language. Anyways, I was 15 when one of my scariest paranormal encounter happened and it happened under three days. I lived in one of the  villages of the town of San Manuel in the Phillipines.

Our town, well, I would say that most people believe in the paranormal and I grew up believing, fearing and respecting the unknowns.

I am not the most religious person in our village ( no one knows but me) but I kept my mind open to these “things”. The school I went to as high school is located at the central village of our town, and is one of the oldest school there. Rumors has it that the land where my school was built on was once either a cemetery or a prison grounds during world war two.

Security guards would tell us stories about hearing chain sounds being dragged during their night patrol in the area ( yes, our school has a night shift security guard, deal with it), sightings of women in white, and there is a one particular area on our school that they refuse to go check in the night for a reason they refuse to tell us kids and guess where my story begins, yup, you guessed that right. It was our early days of senior life and our section was picked to clean an abandoned classroom one day due to increasing numbers of students.

I didn’t mind because that means we wouldn’t have to go for our next two classes.

Now this classroom is not connected to any buildings in our school. it was surrounded by shrubs and 2-3 mini balete trees and this is the area our security guard refuses to check. Things went smoothly. We started at about 1 pm and planning to stop at 3 pm and continue the task the next day.

The girls clean the inside and us boys cleaned the outer area, picking up trash, taking away the trash bags, any heavy chores the girls would not able to do. As we were closing 3 pm, one of the girls, we’ll call her Sherry, collapsed to the ground but only for a brief moment,as our teacher and classmates began to surround her, she got up immediately. Needless to say, we finished earlier than what is planed.

They gave Sherry water and let her cool down for she claims that she’s just exhausted due to the heat. She’s not wrong, the heat that afternoon was fucking insane. As everybody rest and prepared to go to our next class, I noticed one of my classmate, we’ll call her Vally, she looks scared for some reason.

I brushed it off since we were all exhausted and maybe that I just imagined it. Now, Vally was known in our class as the girl with the “third eye” open. Meaning that she can see what the naked eyed can’t, a sixth sense. She’s not creepy though, she’s on of the most cheerful girl in our class and everyone likes her. Moving on, we were now on our last period class, Physics. As our Professor discuss, Professor Ben, I glanced at the clock, “quarter to 4”, I mumbled, “can’t this class get any faster”……..BLAAAM!!!

Sherry collapsed again, we tried to held her up but this time, there is a resistance. She opened her eyes, bloodshot eyes, saliva leaking from her mouth. She glared on each one of us with the most evil look, a look that gives me the chill until today. Filled with hate and anger. She began trashing the table, screaming gibberish words.

Me and my friend,John, two big bodied boys have to restrain her as my teacher try to talk to her and calm her down, but damn, she’s strong as fuck. She’s not skinny but she’s also not athletic so the two of us must not have a hard time dealing with her. She calmed down after what’s like hours, but still growling. Then she collapsed again, after a few minutes, she woke up without any memories of the events. My section started to calm down too now, the crying girls stopped, we were now feeling safe until another one of my classmates , Rem. collapsed too and did the same as Sherry did.

We restrained her but now Prof Ben sent a kid to get the school pastor for he suspects something supernatural. the pastor came and tried to do an exorcism. Fear enveloped my as I held her, and i can see it in my friends eyes too. I fell holding another entity and not my classmate. After a grueling battle of faiths, Rem calmed down and loss consciousness and woke up after a brief moment also no memory on what happened to her. The teachers asked us to go home now and took Sherry and Rem home too.

They also had a discussion with each other but did not shared with the rest of us.

Day 2- In Physics Class

Everyone is edgy, but are trying to forget what happened yesterday. Class went smoothly as expected. Surprisingly everyone is present, even Sherry and Rem. I looked at the time again, quarter to 4 and I glanced at Vally accidentally, I froze.

She was glaring at one of our classmates, Ares, with the most sinister glare i’ve ever seen in a human eye. The fear that enveloped me the last day came back again. Then she lunge, I swear to God! She fucking lunge at him,her hands trying to grab him by the neck. Turns out I’m not the only one who noticed her because one of my classmates grab Ares before she could choke him. Fear filled our room again.

One kid ran out to get the pastor immediately. Prof Ben and my friend was the one holding her now and she’s stronger than the two the last day. She was trashing, screaming, cursing and now trying to threaten us. Her hands kept getting free so I help Prof Ben and my friend to restrain her as we wait for the pastor. The Classroom was evacuated, we were the only ones left inside. Other kids began crowding the classroom. This spirit is more sinister than the last one.

The pastor came, began to exorcise but Vally, spoke… in a deep voice not belonging to her. ” THEY KILLED US!! NOW I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!”  I almost let her go because of those on holy words spoken in an unholy voice. The pastor commanded the kid  who summoned him to get his holy water. After an hour, but felt hours. She calmed down, I let her go part of me still scared and relieved.

I went outside, the crowd was already gone, due to the interference of other teachers. I checked my phone, the video i tried to take while prof Ben and my friend was holding her….and saw something. A black figure the shape of a woman passed behind them slowly, then Vally began to act out again. trashing, and cursing. I deleted the fucking video immediately fearing the spirit would get me next.

The pastor and Prof Ben was forced to take Vally to the town Church for only a priest can only exorcise that spirit according to the Pastor. it was just too powerful for him.

Day 3

The priest was asked to bless the whole classroom. Every one on the class prayed and I prayed too. Vally was there, Sherry and Rem too. Everyone was just silent. When the priest was to give the final blessing and pour some holy water, Vally interrupted him and asked is she can pour it.

She poured the bottle on two different places. And the last place she had to bring her arm up as if she’s pouring it on a much taller entity than her. After the whole thing settled and back to normal. me, my friend Kenji and John asked her what she saw. The day when we were cleaning the abandoned classroom. She just said that there were two Women in there an old lady and a child. And they both touched Sherry before she collapsed to the ground. The old woman is the stronger and angrier one. We asked her if she can still see them.

She did not answer.

I don’t believe that the three girls made it all up. They are  one of the nicest and religious persons i know and were also not the prankster type. I am 22 years old now and i still have goosebumps and kept looking at my back while typing my creepy paranormal encounter.

The Doll House

It was my first year of college and I had decided, last minute, to go to a really small music school in a small town in South West Iowa.  The town consisted of about 7,000 people and it was a huge culture shock for me as I was born and raised Los Angeles.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, Why on earth would you want to go to a school in the middle of nowhere to go to a music college when you could’ve just stayed in LA?! And to be honest I actually liked the idea of going away for college, they had offered me a scholarship and they also gave me a place off campus with four other music students.

My room mates names were Mike, TJ, Tim, and Katie and they had all witnessed some strange happenings in our year at the doll house but this is just my experience.

The doll house was a huge, two story, victorian style house that was built so early in the towns existence, that the town had put an official plaque at the front of the house, next to the front door, recognizing it as a historical landmark. Now you may be wondering why we used to call it the doll house.

Well, everyone in town called it that because it was painted a soft shade of purple that made it look like a giant doll house.

Creepy, I know.  Who paints a house purple?

Let me give you a quick layout of the house as it’ll help you picture the events that transpire throughout my time living at the doll house. I remember the first day I moved in, the landlord had told me to put my stuff in whatever room I wanted as it was a “first come first serve” kind of thing, so I immediately put my stuff in the master bedroom upstairs and two of my room mates, Mike and Tim, had already moved into the rooms next to mine.

All the rooms in the house were painted weird pastel colors like a doll house too. Mine was this mint green color, which I actually kind of liked, and Mike and Tim’s rooms were pink, Katie’s room was yellow and Tj’s room used to be a study or an office so it was just white.  I remember thinking how dirty the house was which I later found out was because the doll house was known as the party house.  I moved in and started to take a little tour.

There were three entrances to the house; the side kitchen entrance which was right next to the two car garage, the front entrance and another side entrance on the opposite side of the house, next to the stairs, that we never used.

There was two bedrooms downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs each with their own entrances but in order to get into Tim’s room you had to either go through Mike’s room or you had to go through a door that was in the dining room that led to secret stairway up to his room.

There were always people at our house even if they didn’t live there because our house was basically a place where all the music kids would just hang out and party, so I was hardly ever alone. And I remember never feeling creeped out by sounds and things because it was always either my room mates or someone else from the school who would just come over to hang out and use our internet or something.

But one day, a few months into living there, I remember being alone for the first time because it was getting close to finals and recital time and everyone was at school practicing.

I had decided to go home and get a quick bite to eat and work on some homework there.  I remember getting a bowl of cereal and going straight to my room to start working on my theory homework.

And something you should know is that the door to my bedroom didn’t actually latch and instead had a door knob and a hole on the side of the door where the latch would’ve been.

I didn’t mind because the door did actually close but that was because it was a little swollen from the humidity there.  It took a bit of force to open and close it, and made a big cracking noise when you tried but like I said it was an old house and I didn’t mind.

Anyway, as I was sitting there doing my homework on the floor I heard a CRACK!  and my door opened.  I looked up and immediately got a little scared but I shook it off and blamed it on a breeze running through the house so I got up and forcefully pushed the door closed.

I went back to doing my home work and about fifteen minutes later, CRACK! and my door had opened again only this time it was a little wider as if someone had pushed it a little harder.  I immediately got so annoyed and thought it was Mike trying to mess with me so I stormed into his room but he wasn’t there.  I checked down stairs and no one was home.

I went back upstairs and shut my door again feeling really creeped out but I didn’t want to leave because I didn’t have a car then, which meant I would have to take all my books and backpack and ride my bike back to school. I wasn’t about to do that so I just decided to suck it up.

I stayed in the room for a good twenty minutes before, CRACK! my door started to open again. I ended up leaving my stuff there and biking back to school without my stuff.  That was the first of many strange occurrences but the creepiest was spring break.

I couldn’t afford to go home or leave town during spring break and neither could Tim so the rest of the room mates left and we stayed behind.  He had told me he was going to stay in town and that he would probably just chill at the house.

Tim was this quiet, keep-to-himeself kind of guy and he and I didn’t really talk too much aside from the normal good mornings and good nights and occasional chores and things that we needed for the house so, I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t really see much of him during the break.

He was a bit of a night owl so I found comfort in seeing his light on every night I would come home from hanging out with my friends or practicing at the school.

I remember always leaving early and coming home late around 2am sometimes during that week and I always looked up to see the light on in his bedroom window and I even found myself purposefully checking if the light was on before entering the house just to feel better about not being in the house alone.

I would usually go straight to my room and go to bed and sometimes I would hear him walk through Mike’s room and go into the bathroom which also had a closet with the washer and dryer in it and I would hear him run the washer and dryer.

So throughout the week this went on. I would leave in the mornings, I’d come home, see his light and I would hear him walking around and washing clothes. And as I said I wasn’t too close to him so I never bothered to even check in on him and it was always late and I was always so tired that I would just fall asleep.

Friday soon came around and I had just woken up around 11am and I went down stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

I pulled out some eggs and then went into the freezer to pull out some frozen waffles when Tim walks through the side door.  He had bags as if he was going somewhere and so I asked him, “Hey Tim! Where are you headed to? Break is almost over.”

Thinking it was strange for him to be going somewhere so late in the week and what he said next sends shivers up my spine even today.

He responded, “What are you talking about?  I just got back from the twin cities with Forrest.”

I dropped the box of frozen waffles and felt the blood drain from my face. I felt cold and he asked me what was wrong. I frantically told him that there was someone in his room and that I saw his light on at night and that the washer and dryer were on and everything.

He looked at me confused and I could tell he was worried and kept asking me if I was ok and he didn’t seem to understand from how fast I was talking. I started to have panic attack and he slowly tried to calm me down by helping me breath slowly and when I finally could, I told him everything that happened.

He got so spooked , he didn’t want to sleep in the room for a few days after that.

We later found out that his room used to be the servants quarters which is why it was connected to Mike’s room and had its own stairway that led straight to the dining and kitchen area.

Mike’s room used to be the nursery room so the servants would have access to the kids whenever they needed them.  The house was probably haunted with the ghosts of the servants that used to live there.

Other strange things would happen at the doll house, like balls bouncing down the stairs and laughter being heard and footsteps upstairs when everyone was downstairs and a bunch more but none as scary as when I was alone at the doll house and didn’t even know it.

I never stayed alone in that house again and I moved out the next year. Last I heard the owner actually sold the house and I’ve since moved back to California but I’ll never forget my year there. It made me believe in things I never thought possible.

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