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My Game Stalker

It’s always easy to trust people easily on the internet, as was the case with me.  As such, sometimes you give out too much, even accidentally.  Even people who know the dangers of the internet, such as myself are pulled in, and events like this happens. I mainly write this as a warning to others. Please, don’t be like me.

Anyway, a little backstory before I tell the story. I live in the Portland-Metro area of Oregon, and am a transgender sixteen year old, having gone under HRT and some surgeries. I’m expensive, I know. Back on track, however, I play a game called osu!. All you really do is just click circles to music (mainly Japanese), but it’s quite addicting. In this game, there is a chat feature to let you talk to other people.

It Won’t Stop

Okay…. this story if from my perspective and it’s a bit hard to retell because it scared me so much.

Here it is… So, I was up at about 2:30 a.m. having a late night gaming session with my friends over Xbox live while playing Overwatch… (for context I’m 22 and I live alone in my own house) so my friends and I all just finished a game and we all said our good nights and we all went off to bed. which was normal.

Clash Royale Creeper

At first let me introduce myself, in English my name is just Jude, I’m 15 years old and I live in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This story took place one time when the new mobile game Clash Royale was coming out and I was really excited to play it. The goal in the game is to destroy enemies towers with your troops. So let’s get in into a story.

Strange Happenings

This is only a quick story however it is a bit strange.

Me and my friend (Wallace) were playing online and talking over Skype like every other night however, this night was different.

When I went online my friend wasn’t on, I knew that he would be shortly but in that short time period, which was only about 5 minutes, I felt like I was being watched but I couldn’t discern where from. This got more and more creepy when my mom left and I was alone in my house which we only moved into 6 months before this event.