Hi, I’m S. Bentley. I’m a 17 year old female, and I’m addicted to video games. MMORPGs, to be more specific. There’s this one game, AQ3D (adventure quest 3D), that I’ve been playing ever since the tech demo was released nearly 2 years ago.

If you know anything about the creators of the game, Artix Entertainment, then you know that they’ve made plenty of other games, such as the original Adventure Quest, Adventure Quest Worlds, Dragon Fable, Over Soul, ect.

Well, before I started playing AQ3D, I started playing AQW (adv. quest worlds), and I joined a guild called Sophos. We didn’t originally start out with that name, but eventually, after name hopping, we decided on that name, and it just sort of stuck.

After I practically tore the whole guild apart because I was going through some emotional problems at the time that made me very angry most of the time, and me and the guild leader’s girlfriend had some beef, I stopped playing the game, and I moved on to the next best thing: AQ3D.

Well, eventually after I mellowed out, I started talking to the guild leader again, and we made up, and became friends again. So, me, him, and my boyfriend at the time, got together and decided to rebuild Sophos for AQ3D and made a discord server to run the guild out of, because a guild system hasn’t been implemented into the game just yet.

So, about a year or 2 has gone by, and the guild has gotten much bigger than us initial creators (I use this term loosely, because, technically, my bf at the time and I didn’t create the guild, but we helped make it stable enough for more members to start to join), there was a major shift in power.

My now ex boyfriend was kicked out of the guild for starting shit with me in the main guild chat, I was demoted to just being a regular guild member, and our leader is no longer our leader anymore. His friend has taken over in his place and became the new face of our guild, while the old leader runs the guild from the shadows through us few in the guild that he trusts most. And yes, I am one of those people.

So, there was a point in time where I just sort of gave up on the guild and the game. The game got boring, and since I’m in a different part of the world than every body else in the guild, I was never on while the others were. But, over the summer, my activity started to pick back up. Mainly because I was threatened that if I don’t get active soon, then I’ll get kicked out of the guild, but also because the game had undergone some major updates and it actually seemed fun to play again.

Little did I know, that playing again and getting involved with other players would get me in some deep shit. I mean, nothing ever really happened, but I learned fast not to fuck around with people that know how to hack your shit and get your information.

During that summer that I was active, I got pretty bad. Not in the misbehaving or getting in fights kind of sense, but a “I’m gonna do some illegal shit that could get somebody thrown in prison for seeing this” kind of sense. And I did this kind of stuff with multiple people. I had my “stuff” floating around through DMs of people in both mine and other people’s guilds, so it was only a matter of time before somebody got a hold of those specific things. If you still haven’t caught onto what I’m talking about, then you’re probably too young to know what it was. But if you have, then you can probably see my concern about this.

But, alas, I kept exchanging my things for other people’s things. But, by then, I was in too deep to stop. My former guild leader had instructed me to do this with other people in our guild so that I could get blackmail material in case anybody in our guild decided to turn around and destroy the guild like I had once did.

But, there was this one person. I had never met him in-game, but my former guild leader knew him from playing AQW with him. For privacy reasons, I’m gonna call this shady kinda guy Iffy.

My former guild leader had put himself, me, Iffy, and 4 other people into a group on discord that was titled “Troll Squad.” The group was initially created before I had anything to do with it, but I was still dumped in it out of the blue, with my former guild leader demanding that I release one of the…things…I had gotten from a former guild member that had pissed off the new guild leader.

So, I posted it in the group chat, then I closed out discord so that I could go back play AQ3D and start trying to reach the level cap again with some friends, because I had been having a hard time lately trying to reach it on my own. But not even 15 minutes later, I opened back up discord to see more messages in the group chat.

I went back to go read some of it, and Iffy said, right before I got on, “I wanna fuck around…should I dm Bloo’s (my ign) things to her parent’s friends?”

At that very second, my heart started to speed up. Before I could reply, my former guild leader replied back and said, “You don’t even know her real name, let alone her parent’s friends’ Facebook.”

And, without even a second after he had sent that message, Iffy starts going off in the chat. He post my ign, my real name, my mother’s name, what country I’m in, what city I’m in, and hell, he even put in my IP address.

At this point, I was freaking out. I was about to have a mental breakdown. I was about ready to delete everything that I had. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Discord, any online games that I played, my Xbox Live account, everything that I could think of. I was ready to erase my whole life online.

But then, suddenly, he deleted everything that he had posted, and said “I wouldn’t do that to you, Bloo. I’m feeling good today, so you’re off the hook.”

I felt like I had dodged a bullet right there. There scariest moment of my entire life (besides the many near-death experiences I’ve had), was over. I was, at least for that moment, safe.

That experience taught me that I’m seriously hanging out with the wrong crowd, and I really need to fix my ways, because next time, if my stuff gets out again and into the wrong hands, I may not get off so easy.

So be careful who you meet in games and talk to online, and be careful about who they get you to talk to as well. They could just end up dragging you into less than ideal situations for information on other people, and putting both you and other people at risk of serious legal problems.

John Doe

This experience happened all through March until ending March 24th. This happened on a game called Roblox, Roblox is a massive multiplayer online platform game that allows users to design their own games and pay a wide variety of different types of games created by the developer or other users.

During the early phases of Roblox in 2005, two accounts were created by the Roblox founders. The accounts were John Doe and Jane Doe.

The name John Doe refers to an anonymous male while Jane Doe refers to an Anonymous female. These accounts had the user ID of #2 and #3.

John and Jane Doe were test accounts that were used by the creators to accompany users playing Roblox, so when somebody entered the game, the creators would stop their work and play with the players in the game so that they wouldn’t feel lonely.

When Roblox fully took off, many people started playing it, John and Jane Doe weren’t needed anymore, and after a while when the Creators tried to permanently delete the account, they couldn’t anymore.

They were hacked via password guessing, but things get weirder from here, the people who supposedly hacked those accounts, we’re sent a friend request by an unknown user. Upon clicking on the profile, they were just greeted by a 404 page not found.

The account John Doe, was no more in their control, even their own accounts were gone, and as of right now no one knows who owned those accounts.

They were either password guessed or something else must have happened.


John Doe appeared on line February 27th 2006 at around 3 p.m. 10 years later he would appear online March 18th 2016, The last known game he played was “prove it”. No one knows who or what would have made these accounts go online on those days. A rumor goes that John Doe plays every March 18th, on this day John Doe has the ability to message any Roblox player that is online, if you get a message from this account, it’s all random numbers and letters, like a code that you can’t read. The players who get this message are John Doe’s targets and they will get hacked. It was feared that John Doe would launch an attack on every Roblox player that was online on March 18th of 2017.


When entering John Doe’s account, he has the default skin. On his about section,  all it says is “I’m John Doe and I’m Anonymous”. During this time John Doe had 9 friends three of which are banned, the reason why their banned is unknown. It is theorized that the accounts on his friends list are the accounts that John Doe has hacked. Some include: TheC0mmunity, with a 0 replacing the o, CryptedData, and CPUvirtualization. Players can also receive badges, which John Doe has a badge from a game called “Prove it”, all the description is are 3 different numbers  3, 18, and 17, meaning March 18th 2017. The image on the badge shows binary code. John Doe’s profile picture also showed a hidden message, when the picture is saved and opened on notepad, there is code that makes up the image, but with closer examination there is a hidden link, when it is text reversed it leads to a website called pastebin, there the message says “Beware the 18th…”


Now going to present 2017, the 3 accounts I mentioned earlier theC0mmunity, CryptedData, and CPUvirtualization went online and started messaging people saying things like:


“I don’t know about them now (John Doe) He is not with us anymore”


“The place where peace you will find, away from the empire of terror that is Roblox. It is where all of us, our kin, the hackers of Roblox stay, and lives in a dark waiting for a new light to come. The destruction of your account will shine enough to bring us new hope. John Doe is not a man, it’s an amalgamation”


“The 18th of this month is a sacred date, you’ll simply have to prepare for the unforeseen consequences, maybe he will come back, maybe nobody will live to ever come back again”


“The past. The only true dignity is Dignity himself. Dignity was taken from me. From us”


John Doe’s messages would go something like this:


“Hi” It’s always what he would start off by saying.


Then the messages got more disturbing:

“It’s everyone’s fault”


“You are not welcome in the Roblox community”


“The name John Doe that you speak of does not exist”


“Get off of Roblox now or get hacked on March 18th, this is your final warning”  “I’ll see you soon” finished finish off by a smiley face.


On March 18th there was no school so I was able to watch live streams of people playing Roblox in the morning before the apocalypse began, I was too scared myself to play. There was even a live stream of a countdown timer, supposedly the time John Doe would arrive. 2 hours left, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 5 minutes, one minute, a few seconds and then the stream was over. I decided to wait, a few hours later I then decided to be brave and get on Roblox, but it nearly turned out to be the worst decision. When I got on I was greeted by a 404 page not found, I froze in shock, all the things that I worked on, gone in the matter of seconds, my account disappeared as if it didn’t even exist at all. “Why didn’t you listen” I told myself, it was all true, John Doe had hacked my account. I couldn’t believe what was happening right now. I warned all my friends not to get on and even showed them a picture of what happened to my account, and by some miracle my account was back after refreshing. I was so relieved nothing happened to my account. I got on to John Doe’s page, but he wasn’t online. Not until the 24th of March he was online again but things were different now, the official Roblox Corporation had claimed that John and Jane Doe weren’t hackers, they have control of their accounts now. His friends are gone now they’ve been banned, every single one of them, it was all over. I don’t know what to think of this experience, I was scared to think that I lost everything, but I know what some of you think: it’s just the game, but sometimes you don’t want to lose something that you’ve worked for. You can interpret this however you want, Roblox never told us who or what was behind this March 18th scare. After this incident there was more questions than answers: Who was Dignity? Why Roblox? Who is the true John Doe? John Doe was not man? As a warning to all those who play Roblox, never add John Doe as a friend. The John Doe incident was only the beginning, a few months later a new group of hackers arose called the Bloxwatch.

Creepy Gaming Experience

So this happened to my friend about a year back. Me and my friend were in a playstation party and we decided to play some rainbow six siege.

It was the start of a new rainbow six season and our ranks reset so we were forced to play with complete idiots. We are low platinum or high gold so we are used to our teammates knowing what to do. after about 2 hours of BS we decided to play a casual game and this is where things started getting kinda creepy.

We got put in a game and the score was 2-0. We knew we would probably lose so we just screwed around for the final round. The next game we got two guys from our old team and thinking this was ironic I said “Hey guys fancy seeing you around here.” receiving the expected “shut up faggot.”

The two guys were doing really bad so me and my friend called this out and started to side roast them. This was probably a mistake but who the hell wouldn’t have done that. The guy started to get really pissed off and threatening us.

Thinking he was all talk I waved it off and continued playing. after the game we decided to get off and just chill out in the party. I payed no attention to the screen so my friend asked me if I knew who had joined. I recognized the guy from the game we had played before and said hey. He didn’t respond. We tried kicking him after a few questions we asked him went unanswered. We could not. We tried leaving but it wouldn’t let us.

My friends phone buzzes so he goes and checks it. In a panicked voice he says “oh shit” he screams into the microphone saying who the hell are you and how do you know where I live. I got shivers throughout my body. The guy then left.

Nothing else happened after this except for the occasional phone call or text message to him, a friend, or a family member consisting of psychopathic laughter or just breathing. This was honestly the creepiest moment in all my life.


Black Desert Spook

This was back in the late summer of 2016. I live in a one bedroom apartment, on the only block widely considered haunted by the locals. The place I used to work had even affectionately named “their” ghost Jorge. I’ve only ever experienced one thing in this apartment. This is that story.

So, I had just recently gotten my hands on the new MMORPG, Black Desert Online. I’ll spare you the details of my game critique to get down to brass tacks. I heard it through my headphones. This buzzing. Almost like a fly caught between the blinds and the window.

And that’s what I originally thought it was at first. The windows are huge in this apartment, so it was likely to be what it was. In short, there was nothing there. Everything from swatting the blinds, to pulling them up completely, I did it. There was nothing there and I figured that it’d flown out.

I sit back down and put my headset back on. The character creation screen couldn’t distract me when I heard the buzzing again. A little weirded out now, I get up and look around. Nothing. At this point, my dog was looking at me, concerned. Or, at least, what I perceived to be concern.

He didn’t seem to be aware of it. See, I can’t really handle nights alone too well, so I have a habit of bugging out and being easily paranoid. When the buzzing happened again, I lost it a little. I grabbed a knife from the block, turned on every light, opened every door, and made sure no one was in my apartment. There wasn’t.

At this point, I’m thoroughly spooked and take my dog on an hour long walk, not wanting to go back home. Eventually, I did go back, and the buzzing never happened again. Just to be sure, I had the TV up loud and slept with a light on. I don’t know what the buzzing was, or if it was actually there, but it freaked me the fuck out.

Ghost or glitch?

I played the Cabela’s games a lot when I was a kid they surprisingly had a few very good hunting ones. I had a Gamecube back when it had been the popular thing to have and I played it often. The title of the game I have long forgotten over time but what happened I have not.

The level started out at a small hunting cabin with an ATV you could use to get around the level. I had played this level a few times already and had nothing happen out of the ordinary. This one time though as I was going to the mountain on the ATV I saw what looked like leaves in the wind and that does happen in the game at times. What is not normal was the fact it was in the shape of a mountain lion coming at me. I would call this a glitch if I was able to see it again and make it happen and I tried multiple times to make sure it was just a glitch. I get chills when I talk about what happened though and I get a feeling it was not a glitch and I could never make the same thing happen again in the game.

This one time though as I was going to the mountain on the ATV I saw what looked like leaves in the wind and that does happen in the game at times. What is not normal was the fact it was in the shape of a mountain lion coming at me. I would call this a glitch if I was able to see it again and make it happen and I tried multiple times to make sure it was just a glitch. I get chills when I talk about what happened though and I get a feeling it was not a glitch and I could never make the same thing happen again in the game.

This happened when I was in grade school and I have since graduated from college.  I played my games in the basement back then and I always had odd feelings down there of being watched and would look over my shoulder at times. I still have few answers for what happened that one time but it’s forever stuck in my mind and I think it always will be.