My ex from gaming

So.. This may not be as creepy as direct encounters.. But it left me scarred and to this day I have trouble opening up to people and suffer from anxiety, which makes it difficult for me to be in a relationship because I’m scared that this will happen again.
When I were a kid, I didn’t have much luck socially.

I didn’t have that many friends and ended up playing games to entertain myself and improve my social skills, even if it was online. I started playing World of Warcraft, and I play to this day and I love the game and have had many great experiences and actually met a lot of my friends in the game. I would never blame the game for my experience. This can happen to anyone on the internet, game or no game.

I wasn’t more than 10 years old when I started talking to a guy on World of Warcraft. He was 14 and eventually we “fell in love”.

You know, the childish version where you crush on a person and 2 weeks later you fall in love with another guy you meet in school or something like that. So not something serious.

Though, this guy took it way too seriously.. When I was spending time with my friend who also played World of Warcraft, he would pay my friend in gold in the game to let my friend lend me his phone so he could talk to me. He would hurt himself or at least pretend to hurt himself if we couldn’t talk. Making painful sounds in the phone, telling me he was pressing a fishing hook into his arm or something like that.

He was obsessed, and as a 10 year old I believed he was just truly in love with me, yet I was 10 and I wasn’t interested anymore, since he wasn’t “fun” and just depressing.

He threatened with suicide and send pictures of a bad try of an internet cable as a noose in his room, when I wanted to break up. I got scared and told my parents who then called his parents.

I always told my parents when I met someone new so they could talk to the parents of this person, which is why they had his parents number. They told us nothing was wrong and they got angry at my parents for calling them and blaming their son for doing something so horrible.

And so did he. He harassed me for 5 months afterwards. He send me texts even though I told him to leave me alone. He either begged me to come back or cursed me for leaving him and telling me I was a slut.

After 5 months he left me alone, but only for about a year, and then he contacted me again. I had changed my number, but somehow he got the new one. I mean, he told me he was 14?! How can a 14 year-old do that?! I mean, I was 12 at this point, so he would have been 15 or 16, but it’s still strange that he would be able to find my new number, even at the age of 15 or 16..

He wrote something crazy about aliens and that he hoped that they would get me when they came, forgive me for not being very specific, but this was 7 years ago.. I ignored the text and left it at that. He kept contacting me on World of Warcraft. He called me a slut and told me I shouldn’t have left him.

I told him to just leave me alone and that he couldn’t be that mad about something that happened so long ago.

He kept insulting me, calling me a slut, whore and told me that all the men in my family and my area probably took turns on me. I cried and cried.. I then reported him to Blizzard with help from my dad. Then I changed my number again. Not much happened after that..

Though.. 4 years ago he contacted me on Facebook on an obviously fake profile with some silly name.

He asked for my ex boyfriend and that I would probably know him as <Name>, the name of his World of Warcraft character. I have no idea how he found me, since he shouldn’t have known my last name. I never answered.. I hope he thinks he contacted the wrong person, but..

I also know that he has been watching my profile.. Because the ex he asked for, was one I broke up with 1 year previous to the message he sent me.

He wrote the full name of my ex, so he could easily have contacted him himself, but he didn’t.. I think he wanted me to know he was still there.. To this day I’m still scared that he will contact me again..

Or that I will actually encounter him in real life, I was even scared to post this in case he would find me.

We never met in real life. We lived far away from each other, and were actually only just “internet boyfriend and girlfriend”. It scares me that a relationship that lasted 3 weeks made this guy so obsessed that even years after he would contact me. I was 15 years old 4 years ago, so he would be 19.

The age gap should have been a red flag, but.. I was a child.. I’m careful with everything I do now..

I keep everything personal to myself and I haven’t opened up to someone the same way I did back then. But back then I didn’t think that anyone could be bad or do anything bad to me or anyone else. My parents did what they could back then..

They always wanted to talk to the parents of the other kids I met online to make sure it wasn’t just a pedophile or anything like that. After this they wanted to meet the parents and the people I met on the internet, and it may not seem as much precaution, but it was what most people did at this time.

I love the internet, I love World of Warcraft. I just happened to be unlucky.. At a very young age..

I met a lot of my best friends on World of Warcraft and have met them in real life as well and I will never regret that. Gaming is an extremely good way to meet friends with common interests, but as well as any other place, you can meet someone who will change you forever. For better or for worse.

So.. If you’re the guy who made my anxiety an obstacle in my life and you’re listening..

I hope you have moved on and I hope you got the help you need.. I don’t wish anything bad on you, even though you’ve scarred me and changed the person I am..
I hope we’ll never meet again and that we both can live a happy life far, far away from each other.