I have an uncle that used to work as a Ranger in Michigan. He’s gone through nights of Tigers loose in a campsite without a working flashlight, drunk guys drowning in the rapids, and kids found dead from hypothermia cradled peacefully at the bases of tall pines.

But he never seemed disturbed when telling these stories, he saw it as just part of the job.

He took me and my middle brother on a walk through my grandparents’ woods one evening whIle all the adults made dinner. The other two boys were completely occupied with a video game that was only two player, and so our uncle decided that he would give us other two some special attention, especially to me as being the only girl I would get excluded from a lot.

We walked for maybe fifteen minuets before my uncle stopped dead at the swamp area in the woods, a place we went to often to hunt for mushrooms in the summer.

But right in the middle of the soggy forest flook was a ten foot spiral stair case that none of us could ever remember being there. It was like someone had built a house and everything but the stairs had been swallowed up by the swamp.

At the top was a very small landing where a welcome mat or carpet sat, completely clean and untouched from what we could tell.

I looked up at my uncke, and the look on his face struck me like a cold ice pick. He was terrified, shaking like it was winter, and eyes darting around the tree line like he was looking fir something. He grabbed our hands, and walked fast.

I have always been very short, and unable to keep up, found myself being carried all the way back to the house.

He set me down only when we were in direct sight of the house and told us not to say anything about it to anyone, especially the boys, and not to go out of sight of the house without him with us. We were very confused and scared, and as it sounded just insane, we kept our mouths shut.

I recently went back home to visit, and convinced my brother to come with me to see the staircase, though it took a lot to convince him to come along, and he refused to go without a gun and our 200lb mastiff. When we got there, to the right spot, there was nothing. Just a clearing, no bits if metal, no carpet, just an empty clearing and a nice big patch of.myshrooms.

those mushrooms might have been in our dinner if our mastiff hadn’t growled the moment we stepped towards them.

It was probably at a deer, but we left quickly and have never been back since or told anyone of what we saw.

Strange Sightings in the Forest

I don’t know how to start this because I’m still scared and jumpy, so I’ll start from the beginning. It all started two weeks ago at around three-thirty A.M. after I clocked in and got to my forest station. Keep in mind that I’m not going to tell you where this forest is or what its called, but it is almost completely surrounded by mountains. Okay back to the story, so I clocked in and got to my station and was sitting around for about two or three hours. When I got radioed about a strange animal running around one of the trails that winds through the mountains. Now before I tell you about what I saw, so to preface this I have never believed in Skin-Walkers or the Wendigo, but now I do. Now I will tell you about what I saw.

I have dealt with relocating animals in my park before, so I wasn’t scared or worried. Until I started to smell this Dirty burning  smell like if you were to cook rotting meat over an open fire. So at that point I started to get worried because I had smelled this kind of smell once before. When I found the animal I thought it was a mountain goat, but it had horns like a buck and it smelled like absolute death. I got on my radio to call in this animal and call for backup. As soon as I got a response this thing looked up and when it looked up I saw that it wasn’t an animal at all. It looked like a man with an animals skin draped over him.

It really looked like a man except for it’s eyes they were pitch black. Now I have seen animals with EHD or Epizootic Hemorrhagic disease that causes animals especially Deer’s eyes to turn black, but a human with EHD I’ve never seen that. At this point  I ask it if he’s okay all I get back is an inhuman scream. all I can compare it to is a cougars scream amplified times ten. Then it stood up on its back legs I swear to god this thing dwarfed an at least ten foot tree next to it. at this point I hear my backup arriving. I turned tail and ran to them and got on the back of my co-workers four-wheeler and just told him to go he asked me if  I relocated the animal. Then this ten foot monster of a beast came down the trail.

I got a good look at this thing as we were pulling away now this might sound stupid. If you have ever played the game Skyrim then you know what the giants look like right. That’s what it looked like, but it was caked in blood and had a goat like things hide on it’s back. Okay this thing didn’t follow us back to the stations, but now everyday I go to work I fear that it will come back. Before you say ”why don’t you quit” let me tell you that I can’t at least right now I have no money and this is the only job I could get on short notice. Okay this all happened two weeks ago and ever since then I keep getting this feeling of dread very bad.

That was the first week now this week it has gotten worse now at work I have started to see this thing’s, weird goat mask hide over the trees. Every time I see that thing that burning rotten meat smell comes back and it feels like the sun blacks out and it gets darker. Now Finally the reason I am writing this. Let me tell you that I am married and have one kid, that  I live with, okay let me slow down. Yesterday the feeling of dread followed me while I was driving home. When I got home my wife, bless her heart, saw that I was freaked out and asked me if  I was alright, I lied and said “that I was fine.”

Today when I got home I smelled that burning smell at my house. So I ran upstairs and made sure that my daughter and my wife were in the house and told them to stay inside. Then I looked out side and that thing was right at my window staring me in the eyes. Then it ran into the woods behind my house. That was two hours ago and ever since then I have heard knocking on the walls and roof from the outside. The thing that sent me over the edge was my daughter coming down the stairs and saying that the monster was talking to her and not letting her sleep. So now I’m going outside with my twelve-gauge and If you guys don’t here from me again then this thing has killed me and or my family. See you guys soon I hope.