My step dad now but at the time this happened he was my dad. Anyway he was a firefighter and I was only 9 years old when this had happened so I didn’t really understand until I was older on why my dad left my mum but I will explain that in the end. But when I did figured out what had happened it disturbed me and still does to this very day.

So my dad was at home and we live in a succoured area but our house is surrounded by woods that goes on forever. Nothing bad usually happened accept a couple break in’s. My dad was at home one night and my family was watching a movie together until my dads working phone went off. You need to remember that the sound of it means that there’s a fire or emergency and even if he had the day off he would still have to go in. He grabbed the phone and as usual he had to come into work because there was an emergency that a cat was stuck on someone’s roof. My dad found this as an odd call for how a cat would even be able to get onto a roof. He got into his old  truck and drove down to the station.