Screaming hills

I am a marine stationed in the United States. Me and several friends decided to go camping at a local Indian reservation camp ground for a three days to get away from the base and relax. We drove about 2 hours to this place and were greeted by very friendly native Americans.

One of them walked up to us and right away we noticed the man had an eye patch on his left eye. He asked if we were military and we said yes. He told us that he was in the army during Vietnam. After short conversation with him we proceeded and found a camping spot a little off the side of the road.

Only way to get up the step hill was with 4 wheel drive which we had.

The spot was like most, trees and an open area for a fire and all. It had a row of bushes on the side that went up a mountain and it had an opening to go through to the side.

The first night was like any normal camping trip. The next day we were all hanging around and I decided to go look for some branches for the fire that night. I went through the bushes with the opening in it and I found an open area with small bushes here and there all the way up this this small mountain. Almost immediately I felt something was off but I couldn’t figure it out. It almost felt like I went through a portal or something.

Nothing looked off it was just a gut feeling.

Like I was being watched from one of the bushes. So I kept front towards them just in case and had my hunting knife in hand. As I stood there I heard…. something.

I’ve been face to face with bears and mountain lions and all but I’ve never heard this? It was similar to a mountain lion but it was much lower tone. My blood ran cold like I just heard something demonic in nature. I looked around but saw nothing.

Then I heard it again louder and for what seemed like several seconds when i realized. It wasn’t coming from in front of me, behind me, to the left or right.

It was coming from all directions at one time.

I kept looking around desperate to find what direction it was coming from. As I looked up the mountain I saw something move. I didn’t get a good look but I remember it was larger then a bear yet it walked like a human. It was covered in dark fur. I stood there completely confused and then all of a sudden I hear one of my friends call for me.

I turn around and see him standing near the opening I came through.

He asked me where the hell I was and I told him I’ve been right here. Then asked why. He said dude you’ve been gone for an hour. We tried calling out for u. I looked at him puzzled. It couldn’t have been more then 2 minutes.

He assured me and showed his watch. Sure enough a whole hour passed.

He then asked me if I was sure I’ve been over here the whole time. I said yeah man.

I’ve been standing right here the whole time. He gave me a confused look and said he checked up here three times and I was not here.

I looked back up the mountain and noticed that the area was darker then I remember from the setting sun.

We walked back to the others and when I told them what happens they all thought I was joking around. Later that night the guy with eye patch stopped by with his son and we talked for a bit. One of my friends told me to tell him about what happened as a joke. The man looked at me with curiosity and asked what happened.

So I told him.

He looked at his son and they both looked back at me asked me if I saw it. I told him I only saw a glimpse. Did u see the eyes? He asked. No just the body. He sighed and told me I was lucky. He said he couldn’t tell me what it was but just told me I was lucky I didn’t see it’s eyes. That night I didn’t sleep and I was glad when we left.

I plan on going back there again just on the other side of the camp. Just thinking about this story makes me tear up from fear.

I don’t know what that was and DON’T want to know.

The Man in the Harlequin Mask

This happened maybe two years ago.

I live in Massachusetts and I enjoy an activity called Live Action Roleplaying. If you’re not familiar with it, imagine spending a weekend immersed in a made-up universe, playing a character you invented. It’s like long term improv or theater if you think about it. It’s really just amazing.

The place I go to is a medieval fantasy themed universe. That being said, we were in the forest with no electronics and the only lights came from candles or the two large campfires which were on opposite sides of the grounds. At that time, I played a noble who had a lot of functions in game.

Generally, I wore a fancy dark green dress laced with a trace of gold around the sleeves and the large hood it bore.

There was one evening that was actually very confusing and thinking about it gives me chills.

So, one night, the people who animated the event had decided to make a masked ball. I had brought with me a beautiful dark green lace mask ornated with gold that matched my dress. I had bought it in venice when I had the chance to have a student exchange in Italy. I had never worn it until that night.

It was a very cloudy night, so we couldn’t see the moon or the stars. Needless to say it was very dark.

Everyone gathered around the campfire and the animators started the music (since they orhcestrated the whole event, sometimes, they would use soundboxes and such to make events more immersive) and it was a three-stroke waltz.

At that time, I had absolutely no idea how to dance to a three-stroke waltz, even if it is the easiest dance in the world.

One of my friends had given me a bit of prior training as we were putting our costumes on; everyone had brought a fancier outfit for that night, because usually, since there were many battles and such, people dressed very much like medieval peasants, depending on what style they went for. Since I was a noble woman, I always dressed a little fancier. I didn’t change for that evening, because it wasn’t necessary.

Everyone paired up and I watched, sitting by the fire, mesmerized at how amazing it looked to see people dancing.

Soon enough, a man approached me.

He was wearing a full mask and I didn’t recognize his build. He was neither a player nor was he one of the animators. I know these people; most of them, I went to college with. Him, though, I didn’t know at all.

I brushed it off and figured it was a new player that could only make it to the event that evening.

“Would you care to dance with me?” He asked me in a deep voice. He was holding a hand out to me, waiting for me to grab it.

“I’m not really good at dancing.” I say, a little intimidated.

I was a bit creeped out by his mask, although it was very nice looking.

A full-face harlequin mask; it was black and burgundy with a diamond shaped pattern layered all over it, separated by lines of gold.

Now, usually, in La Commedia Dell’arte, Harlequin’s mask is brown and his clothes have red, green and gold triangular or diamond shaped patterns all over, but I still recognized the character’s mask from the mischevious expression plastered onto it.

“Just follow my lead. After all, in a waltz, the man leads the dance.”

I finally agree on sharing one dance with him. It was rather enjoyable, since he took his time to show me where to put my hands and how to move my feet. He even encouraged me to relax.

Throughout the whole thing, I had no idea who’s voice it was. It really bugged me. Everything about him seemed bizarre. Unusual.

He kept suggesting we should go take a walk in the forest, further away from the crowd, but every time, I refused. It was dark in the forest and I didn’t know him and my character was known to be scared of the dark, even if I, as a person, don’t mind it at all. Still, since I didn’t know him, even I, Melody, the real person behind the character, wouldn’t have followed him. Something didn’t feel right.

When the waltz ended, I thanked him, he bowed at me and walked into the crowd of people who had started chatting.

I figured I’d try and find him later in the evening. I always like roleplaying with all sorts of people. It’s fun.

But I never found him.

The evening went on and there was no trace of him anywhere. I asked around and none of the other players said it.

I even described his mask exactly and no one recalled having seen such a mask.

For the sake of the evening, I brushed it off, joking that I had danced with a ghost.

Fast-forward to the end of the weekend. Everyone was packing up what was on the grounds and we were all chatting, so I asked.

“Who did I dance with, saturday night?”

No one spoke up.

Everyone looked at one another, rather dumbfounded.

“Was there a late arrival?” I asked the animators.

They all told me there couldn’t have been a player who would have arrived that evening because all the animators were in game; they weren’t at their spot where they put their costumes on and such; all of them were with the players, in character. Absolutely no one was out-game.

That suddenly chilled me even more than it did earlier.

My mind suddenly traced back to that night. How he had kept suggesting to go for a walk in the forest where there wasn’t anybody so we could talk…

I kept getting these bizarre vibes from him, but at the time, I just figured it was the excitement. I loved the idea of a masked ball.

But what if he was a man with intentions I don’t want to think about?

I’m so grateful for the fact I refused to follow him. I can’t begin to imagine what could have happened.

Maybe he was a good guy, but there was a chance he wasn’t. And I’d rather not find out which it is.