Fast Food Isn’t Fun Food

This story happened on my little brother’s birthday. My mother was going through a rough patch of a divorce, so we had to rely on fast food a lot. We were actually going after his party, to Chick Fil A whenever this happened, and we had just got in when it got creepy.

The first major creepy thing that happened, was this man coming up behind my mom and I. We thought at first that he would just get in line, so my mom and I kept looking forward.

Then the man began to speak to us, nothing really creepy at first, just a casual hello.

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Kfc creepers

First some background I work at a kfc in Colorado, I have worked for my company for three years now I started at an older store and recently moved to a newer store. The older store I worked at was in a smaller town, not quite small enough to say that the closest neighbors were so far away but it didn’t have any big businesses. The closest Walmart was about five miles from the edge of town the kfc I worked at was about the only franchise in town aside from a Dairy Queen and Sonic. So we were at the edge of town mainly out of the way, we always closed early because we got maybe six customers from 8-9 we were however supposed to close at 10 so we still got a few cars from time to time because none of the big bosses in the company knew we closed early. The old store had a broken door and kinda stuck open so people were still able to open it if we didn’t push after it closed most of the time people were understanding about it but there were a few that weren’t that normal. There was one group who came in when we only had the drive thu still open, there were three men all drunk one apparently had trouble with his pants because his thing was hanging out, there was currently only three women still there none of us strong or armed and one man (our cook, our cooks left sooner than us because they didn’t cook anything in the last hour and a half we were open but they still needed to clean their area) now the cook was in the back when they came in he was just finishing up and noticed us having trouble with these guys so he stood next to my cousin taking the order as I made it to quickly get them out, we made sure the door was locked and closed afterwards that was the worst one my first year. The next year I was working at the small store still now this time it was me that forgot to check the door, my manager told me this story the next day. Weed is a huge thing in Colorado at this point so this guy was tweaking more than the usual, can I get this with, insert thing that costs more and is stupid, on top I once had to put two tenders on three burgers, so this guy comes in tweaking past 11 pm, as that was the time I left, and sat in the lobby he didn’t make a noise didn’t go to the register just sat the manager said she grabbed the pan grabber (a long piece of mettal with a weird triangle at the end made to take pans out of the oven) as a weapon and walked forward to speak to the guy he didn’t respond instead he just stared at her that was when the oven going through it’s cleaning cycle made a loud noise and she had a stroke of genius and called “Issaac! Are you almost done?” Isaac was one of our cooks also the one who worked that night, the guy looked in the direction of the noise got up and walked didn’t get in a car just walked away and again we are at the edge of town further away from any house than any other place in town. It still gives me goosebumps to think what would have happened had that noise not startled the guy. Now this year I’m in a new store that just opened this one is in the middle of a shopping center so we get more people and stay open later. The store is in a big parking lot housing many businesses and there are a few strange things that happen but they try to avoid notice so if there’s a car in our parking lot we’re typically safe. But just recently a lady was trying to get in one of our guys opened the door to see if she needs help and to tell her “sorry, we’re closed” but she forces her way past. I’m in the back just putting a bag in a trash can, the last thing I had to do, when another guy pokes his head around the corner and says someone got in, one more guy and my manager (same woman as other stories) and myself look up startled it’s 11:15 and no one should be able to get in so we walk up I lean against the counter and we just make sure she knows she’s outnumbered but she just puts her gloves on and asks if anyone would be willing to give her a ride now I’m paranoid I have no problem giving a ride to anyone I know but this lady wasn’t known by anyone so we all apologized and said no. It wasn’t untill she left that I realized she had someone with her someone who had a shopping cart full of stuff, now I didn’t see this person but the first guy said that he was able to deter her from coming in. There is only one question I have from that encounter what were they planning? No one had a car that could fit a shopping cart. So I only have one thing to say after all of this and that is please don’t come to a place after hours even if you find a way to get inside you have no idea how creepy you may be.

Stalked for Months

After all this time, just remembering this leaves me nervous. I worked at Mcdonalds while studying at college, both full-time. A few months into this job and I actually enjoyed most shifts. Some were a pain, others downright funny. The managers appreciated my friendly attitude towards customers, so I was behind the counter taking orders like most nights. I greeted the first customer with a smile.

“Hi there! May I take your order?”

It was as I finished speaking this automatic greeting that I notice something. The customer behind the first, an older man did a double-take directly at me. But only after I began speaking. This in of itself is not abnormal, as I have a mixed accent that some pick up on. But…The moment our eyes met, my stomach dropped. He was around six foot, wore baggy jeans and a beige jacket with a black hat. Mostly bald based on what I could see, but it was his eyes. That creepy, slow-growing smile didn’t reach them.

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The Creeper at the Drive Thru

I was 16 when I worked at Taco Bell. It was right next to my high school, an easy job, and fun because my friends would always come in to hang out when it wasn’t busy.

I’m a pretty girl; tall with nice curves, green eyes, and dark red hair. I was used to guys hitting on me and I just brushed it off, I had a boyfriend at the time and I was, still am, extraordinarily loyal. I’d had a few weird guys hit on me, like one time a guy asked what tasted the best and I said it’s all pretty good, only for him to ask what I tasted like in response. I’m tough, with eight years of mixed martial arts experience and a few months of juvie due to former drug use, several suspensions for fighting, and one expulsion for violent tendencies under my belt. Nothing scares me, so stuff like that always made me laugh.

Until my sixth month working in Taco Hell.

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