I slept with a ghost

This story takes place back in 2007 in my family’s farm house in Minas Gerais, southern east Brazil. Many weird things happened to members of my family in this house since it was build by gradmas’s father. It’s weird because this farm was build in the middle of nowhere back then and no family ever lived there before ours. I’ve heard many weird stories about this farm but nothig really happened to e into this day.

I was 15 years old when I went to the farm to visit my gradma’s brother who lives there, I was with my cousin that I will call Ellie and her father. We walked aroung the property taking pictures and posing around like any 2000’s teenagers would do. I was facing Ellie with my back turned to the house when she turned pale. I asked what happened and she said she has just seen a little boy wearing a suit standing in the balcony looking at us. The boy was aroung eight years old, had black hair and was very pale, but nothing else happened during this trip.

A few months later we had both forgot about the incident and we got back to the farm to our uncle’s and aunt’s 25 year anniversary celebration. Our intire family would spent the night at the house and them we all would go back home after lunch the next day. Even if the house is big there wasn’t enough space to all of us, so my cousin Ellie and I slept together in a air mattress on the flor in the reception room along with her brother in the couch and her father in another mattress in the same room. This room had a door that opens straight to the balcony where we first saw that little boy months before.

I woke up during the night feeling a cold I never felt before, it wasn’t just natural cold and it was also very odd since it was summer. If you ever feel this cold before you will know what I’m talking about. This could comes from inside. I quickly roled in my blanket but it wasn’t enough. I realized Ellie was also awake and she was shaking. We didn’t think anything of it and we finally fall asleep just to be woken very warm by our seven months old cousin crying in the bedroom next to us. After he stop crying we would fall sleep again and wake up feeling that strong cold. That happened aroung four or five times during the night.

The next day I sleep into lunch time when my mom woke me up to eat. I told her I didn’t sleep well because of how could it was that night. She looked at me worried and said that she couldn’t sleep because of how hot it was that night. She slept with the window opened and the fan turned on and still had trouble sleeping. I asked my cousin and my oncle who sleep in the same room as I did and they said the same. My cousin even said he woke up in the middle of the night and had to remove his t-shirt.

When I was about to come home I told this story my gradma’s bother who lives in the farm and he said one day he woke up feeling a intense and strong cold to find a little pale boy sleeping next to him in his bed.

Nightmare Farm

So, growing up in my native county, a lot of strange things happen. We are a more, rural area, then the town that we call our home. Living in Maryland, half of it is country, the other half, development. I love where I live, but at times…all the trees, noises, cracks, and bumps, they catch you off guard. This happened about 3 years ago.

It was my job on the farm to go and take care of our dogs that we have outside. You might think it is wrong having dogs sleep outside, but, we built a large barn with the help of the Amish that we use for both equipment for the farm, and a small area for the dogs to have beds and bowls. Back then, we had 3 labs, used to have 4, but we found one of them a home. These dogs are the type of dogs that are bred for hunting, even at an old age, they would follow you out, sit at your side, and go fetch anything that you flew or was shot down from the sky, so not very timid dogs. Well anyway, I digress.

So, the barn we built was not very far from our old house, if I had to estimate, I would say, 3/4 of a football field away. Now. that might seem like a long walk, but, to us it was normal, as my drive way is called a lane for a reason. It was always my job to take care of the farm animals, including the dogs. Most of the time, at 6 I would head out and feed. The night in question wasn’t much different, only that I had lost track of time playing Garry’s Mod with my friends. On my way out, I made sure to grab a flashlight, as it was dark out by now, about 8:15. We had a few storms, and, thanks to mother nature, we had a thick fog around night and morning.

Things were normal, besides my heavy, fast walking steps on the rock road. I am never good when it comes to night or darkness, guess its the fear of the unknown. So, when I get up to the main barn, with the cows, I head inside. Thank god we have a motion light outside and the light switch inside is close to the door, because that flashlight was weak as hell. As I brought out the buckets of feed for the cows, they all rushed to the troughs, they always are happy when you get them food. As I turned away, I noticed something in the corn field through the fog. My heart started racing, my mind of course thinking of something disturbing or creepy. To my relief, a pack of white tailed deer walked out. I was at first a bit pissed, as I knew they were eating the sweet corn, but then relieved that it wasn’t something else.

By now, with the cows fed, I moved on to feed the cats. A while back people thought it was a good idea to drop cats off at our farm, hoping they wouldn’t find their ways back, they didn’t. We still feed them, so don’t worry. A few of our cats were already inside, which was strange, as they would hang outside at night, hoping to catch a few mice running into the fields. They were a bit more jumpy then usual, but I ignored it. On my way back, I passed by our neighbor’s house. The original farm house, sad they screwed up the insides.

When I made it back to our house, I grabbed a coffe can that I set out to fill the dogs food. With that in one hand, and flashlight in the other, I started the walk to the dog barn. Now, they have little gates they run through to get to the fenced outside area, and normally at this time, we would be barked at just by passing by.  I couldn’t hear a single bark, and when I tried looking with the flashlight, the fog got in the way. Figured it was late, they must be tired, or just think I wasn’t feeding tonight. As I continued my march, I looked around at the tree lines, hoping to see a car passing by through the thick “hedgerows”, or collection of trees and weeds that form the border of the property line. I turned my head to the cornfield, as it was between the hedgerow and the barn. As I looked into the stalks, I saw two red glowing lights from the field, standing still in the field. At first, the rational side took over, thinking it was just a light from the development next door. But that would be from the back of their house, and they wouldn’t have red lights, I doubt their “perfect community” would like that. I froze, after realizing that it couldn’t be the development. I saw the lights move a bit, as I turned the flashlight to the cornfield. Whatever it was, it made its way further into the field. This was in the middle of a harvest, so, the corn was pretty tall, tall enough to cover whatever the fuck that thing was. I turned, running to the barn like a soldier rushing on D-Day. The dogs were inside, freaked out by either whatever the hell that thing was, or the storm. I went on, feeding them, keeping my eyes fixed on the old glass window that was added to the barn. I saw a bit of motion outside, and the rational part of my mind kept saying “Maybe its storming again, maybe its just the wind blowing some fallen leafs” . Bullshit and I knew it, whatever the hell it was, it was out there. I stayed inside, locking the doors, as if that would keep me safe.

In my act of fear, I ran to the shelves we kept the tools on. I knew my father, being a gun loving man, had weaponry hidden everywhere. I was able to find a crank air gun, while it wasn’t the strongest, it at least could cause some bleeding. I sat down on a tractor we had stored there, aiming at the areas this thing could enter. I sat there for a straight 30 minutes, my dogs silently eating and drinking water. I finally decided screw it. I placed the rifle back on the shelf, as it was clunky, running with it would be impossible, and I sprinted to the second door. I swung it open, and made a mad dash to the front door of my home. I swore I could hear the rattle of corn stalks as I ran. When I got back, my mother, who was watching TV asked me where I was. I walked past, just saying fed the cows, and went to sleep. I woke up the next day, with my dad yelling at me. Not only did he find the air rifle, loaded, safety off, leaning against the wall, he found a bunch of corn stalks pushed over, as if kicked down. I defended myself, telling him that I did the cows late and I rushed back home to feed the dogs. He didn’t buy it, and I was forced to salvage what corn was still on the stalks.

I haven’t seen anything like it to this day. While I still am slightly afraid of what is out there, my fear has gone away in the past years. The only thing I can say is, if you live in the Delmarva area, always be sure you keep your eyes open.