My Horrifying Facebook Friend

I always wanted to share this experience, but I was afraid of being called a liar, or laughed at saying I “made it up.” To this day, my parents don’t even know this happened. What I’m about to tell you is as true as I can state it, and an experience that still haunts my mind to this very day. I was a 16 year old girl at the time, but not a very happy one. I was bullied in school, and had my heart broken several times by guys who often manipulated me.

I had one best friend, whom I’m still friends with to this very day.

In short, I was very alone, and to escape that, I turned to social media. At the time, I mainly browsed Omegle, then Facebook by creating a furry role play account. I just discovered what the fandom was, it seemed nice and friendly. I chatted with people, and slowly made new friends. However, one day I got a friend request that I wish I never accepted.

I can’t quite recall the name, but the messages between us will never leave my mind. He seemed nice at first, told me he was my age, and we talked about furries and whatnot.

He mentioned he was single, I was too, so we exchanged numbers. This was the mistake I made that costed me big time. Everything seemed fine, until a few weeks later he asks me if he could see me in my underwear. I’ve never been the type of girl to do that, even knowing his age is the same as mine.

So I kindly told him no, and he backed off. Another week later, he tells me: “Have you ever wanted to live as a pet for someone? I can take good care of you, and make you my personal baby factory.”

I was horrified and disgusted. I responded: “No way! Why would you even ask that?” His next response…

Sent chills down my back. “How about you send me nudes little girl?

Or sexually role play with me? Wouldn’t want to see anything tragic happen to your siblings, would you?” I was numb. How did he know I had siblings? I couldn’t respond to it. Eventually, I gave into the threats, and sent him nudes I never wanted to send, but when I said no each time, he threatened to hurt me or my family.

This continued for a good month, til one day, he said “How about you send me a photo of you playing with your sister?” My stomach became sick, and I did too.

This was the last straw. I told him I can’t and won’t, but he then said “Shame it would be if those delicious photos you sent me leaked on the internet.”

I didn’t know what to do, or how to respond. I was panicking, thinking so many awful things in my head. Finally, I told him I had enough, and we were done.

His last text was “Alright, but its not my fault you’ll become a slut on the internet.”

A few months pass, and nothing happened. Now, I’m 20 years old, working a part time job and have started a new relationship with a really nice guy.

I don’t associate with furries anymore, and within those 4 years, that disgusting pedo never messaged me again. I often wonder if he really did leak those nudes, but I think he was bluffing. Either way, that time of my life I was scarred from that abuse, and most of all, it taught me to never add just anyone on Facebook ever again.

If anyone hears this, please, be careful on the internet.

Young boys and girls are easy targets, and searching for love is not a good idea on the internet. I do not wish this upon anyone, and I hope that no other boy, or girl falls victim to this. Stay safe on the internet, you never know how depraved or sick people can be, even on simple social media platforms.

Creepy Facebook Guy

I’m 15 years old girl  and I live in Delhi, India. I have never been in a serious relationship but I Used to flirt with people on facebook when I felt lonely. This happened to me about 2 years ago.

I got a request from a guy on facebook, he had some mutual friends and he was the cousin brother of one of my guy friends. I immediately accepted his request as I was desperate to get more facebook friends than my friends. Immediately, after accepting his request I got a message from him saying ‘hi’ I said ‘hi’ back and we started talking.

After sometime of talking we exchanged numbers and talked on the phone. All was well till I got my first boyfriend. He was angry with me and called me all sorts of things, I decided to just block him and go on with my life.I blocked him from all my social medias.

Later, at around 4 in the morning, I got a text from him, he blackmailed me and said if I did not unblock him he’ll tell every boy that he knew that I’m a call girl and also his brother who was my friend will spread it all around the school and locality.

I was terrified I unblocked him but kept my phone switched off. I didn’t use my phone a whole week. I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

Then after a week, I opened my phone and there were a lot of messages from him, I just typed that if he messaged me again I’ll surely call the police.

After that I never got a reply or a text, I’m very thankful for that. Maybe  ,  he thought i wasn’t worth the risk. I hope whatever happened remains like it is and I never hear from him again.


A Creepy Facebook Acquaintance

  Before I start I want to mention that I’m female and English isn’t my native language so I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes I might make.

Also it’s important to mention few things about my hometown. The town’s population is about 1 3oo and mostly fits in both sides of one road. There are mostly agribusiness, just one small grocery store, restaurant, bank and one small store which sells little bit everything. Because the size we also go nearby towns.

So this started at the end of may about three years ago. I was out from the second year of high school which located in a very nearby town where I still had to move. I got friend request on facebook from some guy I didn’t know. I started checking his profile. I noticed that he lived in my hometown, was four years older than me and had over 1 000 friends on that site. I was little confused because who seriously has that many friends in real life? Also I found out that I knew his sister. She graduated in year before from the high school. I had been talking with his sister and she was okay so I decided to accept the request. And I still regret that.

At the same day I got a message from him. You need to know at this point that I very rarely spoke with anyone, even with my friends, in facebook so I was surprised. He asked what I was doing and after answering with “just listening music” he send me “guess where my profile picture has been taken”. I was immediately thrown away. Which adult sends stuff like that? After I answered he sends “It’s almost like I’ve seen you before”. Believe me, I haven’t seen him before in my life. Later in that same day he sent a message again, talking about his relationships not working. I answered that I can’t relate because I haven’t been in one and he answered with okay and smiley face. At that point he has freaked me out a little so I said I had to go to the store before it closes.

I was on facebook that same night and he started messaging me again, speaking about music and suddenly just dropping one giant bomb I never expected; “you are pretty”. Alarm bells were ringing very loudly at this point. We’ve been talking just one day, freaking me out and just sending me that after he spoke his broken relationships. You may be thinking: “she probably just blocked him, right?” No, I didn’t. I still haven’t. Probably because being too nice belongs to my personality. So I answer thanks and he asked “what about me”. He was totally not my type, but my “too nice”-part started working and I answered very politely that I don’t like him. I wish it would’ve ended here.

He started messaging me often and my state of fear and paranoia grew because summer vacation started, which meant that I had to go back my hometown, also where he was living. I started telling to one of my close friends about him and what he waas saying, just in case. When I signed in facebook and saw him being online I just closed whole site. I was avoiding him as much as possible. Sometimes I was too slow and first thing he asked me was my number. He was saying how quiet his side of facebook was and how lucky he was having me talking to me. He was mentioning how nice it would be just texting and why I didn’t give him my number. At some point he had a girlfriend and one thing that disturbed me was that they were engaged after one or two months. And you guessed, it didn’t last. There were some days, up to three months, when he didn’t message me at all, which was a relief.

Whenever I met him in face to face, which was often given the size of my hometown and he also went to other towns, I went far around. There were so many times I almost ran away because my instincts were screaming me to run, but I didn’t. I was lucky he never came after me.

The very last time I heard from him was four months ago. He was telling me again how cute I was and asking if he was handsome in my opinion. In that point I was done. I told him he wasn’t so cute at all. I haven’t heard of him since. But I still fear that he’ll come back, haunting and stalking me again. Now more than that one friend knows about him.

If you’re too nice like me and it feels wrong to say badly to someone, just do it. It’s better than being tormented three years.

Facebook Pervert

So we are driving home right now and Im bored so I thought i’d write this story to entertain some people,I sent some of my family’s paranormal stories to another YouTuber and I asked him to do a collaboration with darkness prevails because him and this other YouTuber are my favorite to listen to but he either didn’t read it or hasn’t had time but those aren’t important right now so ill get into the story.

Just some background to the story first , Im 17 years old and I met a girl on the other side of the world and we basicly started talking and hit it off very well. she was nice so after about a whole yr we hooked up and we have been together for almost 2 yrs now and in a yr or so ill go to see her and we’ll get married if all goes according to plan.

And yes I know people ,I listen to enough scary stories to know LDR are not the best because that person on the other end could be lying but she has been there for me in my hardest times when my dad wasn’t being the best to me and when i was going to commit suicide she was there,so honestly I owe my life to her so if she isn’t who she says the is ,oh well sucks to be me.

So I got Facebook for her at 15 years old ,and yes their is some kids in the world who haven’t had Facebook,and i have been talking with her now there and on another social media app called line free calling and texting its like what’s app, well I add all people that send me request on Facebook unless they have nothing on their page and if that are a girl i dont accept them as friends just for the sake of my girlfriend
Its been about 2 yrs since I got facebook and this person sent a friend request, I accepted it like I always do and he started private mailing me  and saying stuff like “hey your pic is great your handsome!”

Now this guy doesn’t speak English well so I figure he wasn’t being a creep he was just speaking English as well as he could I responded thanks and i went back on Facebook and looked for my picture he was talking about. The only picture I put on was myself when I was depressed because I didn’t have any internet and my phone wasn’t activated so I couldn’t talk with my girlfriend for over 24 hours so I was kind of depressed so I took a picture and when I had internet I put it on Facebook with only 3 letters F.M.L. and apparently this guy went through my Facebook and looked for a picture of me, found that only 1 and told me I look handsome it was weird but I was like “ok thanks” and he started talking about where he was from and how he has been doing and put of no where he said he was bisexual .

This came off really weird to me so I said to him “thats alright I am not but I am friends with everyone as long as they aren’t asses” he said “ok cool” and that was the end of it…for a while until about 2 weeks later he sent me 3 of those heart eye smiley faces I responded with “umm..hi?” And he didn’t send me anymore mail until about 2 weeks after that he sent me 4 videos I clicked on 1 because it was 16 seconds long and it was a gay sex video with 1 guy pitching it to another guys hole I got mad as Fuck and said dude what the hell he acted like I asked for it or like I was enjoying seeing these sick videos and he said “someone has been sending me videos like this for a long time” to which I respond “ok ,tell the person to stop and if he doesn’t stop tell him to Fuck off and block him” but he hasn’t responded just read my mail. then I thought this guy might actually want me or some shit really gross ,I know I should of thought of that before but it just clicked in my head

I didn’t tell my parents about this because it would be another excuse for my mom to say the internet is bad and i shouldn’t use it but I did show my brothers what he sent me.

Honestly I hope he doesn’t respond anymore if he does and if he sends anything else That’s sick ill report him and block him,I don’t have any personal information on Facebook just my 1 picture but if he somehow finds where I am,let him try our family is red neck and we believe in God and guns and if anyone breaks in they will meet them both so yeah Thats my excitement for the day and just a word of advise for all you people who are new to the internet or who see new people on Facebook or other social media ,dont talk to them and dont accept them as friends unless you know them for real or your working on a business on YouTube like I am or accept them and if they are crazy nuts block them but only if you don’t have any personal information on Facebook or someother app.