Stalked by a Werewolf while on drugs: Update

(This is not part of the story, this is for whatever website moderator is reading this submission, so please remove this paragraph if you decide to use this story. I used a throwaway email to submit the original story with and i dont remember what it was. I cannot prove that i am the author of that story, but hopefully by stating that the story was submitted at some point in late January / early February, that might be enough proof that i submitted the story [as it was not uploaded until March]. Also i hope that you can see certain similarities in my writing style as further proof that it was i who submitted the original story. I will submit this update anyway, with the hopes that it will at least be uploaded to the website as i completely understand that this might not be suitable for the channel as it is not actually a story. Oh, and thanks for uploading my original story.)

This is an update to a story i submitted earlier on in the year, titled “Stalked by a Werewolf while on drugs”.

So a few months ago i submitted my story to This update is just to respond to a few comments from some people who are skeptical about my story.

The biggest criticism of my post was the fact that i was on drugs at the time, but i can easily explain how my story is still credible despite this. The drugs i were taking was MDMA. It is not a hallucinogenic drug like other drugs such as LSD and i, personally, have never experienced any strong hallucinations while taking it. I have taken hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and shrooms and the hallucinations i experienced were nothing like i saw on that night. Drug hallucinations aren’t detailed or cohesive, they are similar to a dream (where everything you experience completely lacks in detail because your brain cannot create that many fake details at once), whereas what i experienced was vivid and detailed. I still strongly remember every detail the beast: from its thick, black fur to its broad chest and its arms that were muscular at the biceps, but thin and scrawny at the forearm. What i saw was 100% real, whether i was on drugs or not.



Navajo Skinwalker in Colorado

My story begins in Colorado. I was 14 years old at the time. My family was taking a trip to visit my grandmother, who lives deep in the country. We were planning to stay over a few nights and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. I’ve always been more of an in-doorsy person, but I did love taking a nice hike through the woods from time to time.

The highway drive was long and uneventful, but once we finally got there, I was super excited. After all, I had my own room in the beautiful cabin my grandmother lived in, with an amazing view of the lake and forest surrounding the property. I exchanged greetings with her, and, after a few minutes of idle conversation, headed to my room. I pulled out my laptop and began to get setup for a quality gaming session when I first heard the howling.

It sounded like a wolf’s cry, but slower, almost distorted. Like, if you recorded the howl, played it back at half the speed, and lowered the pitch. It was creepy, but, having little to no experience living in the country, I brushed it off, mentally categorizing it as a different animal.

Soon, the sun began to set, and I was indeed tired, partly to the long car ride. I began to get settled into bed, and, despite the thick comfortor, something didn’t feel right. It’s a feeling hard to describe – like something was misplaced, or missing. I didn’t know what it was, but I brushed it off, telling myself it was just weird to sleep in an unfamiliar place, and eventually I drifted off.

I woke up around 10 in the morning, feeling well rested. Looking through my window, I could see it had gotten foggy, as there were billowing clouds of mist drifting through the trees. It was raining too, and heavily, as it was hard to see through the windows due to the excessive amount of water droplets. I threw on some pajamas and went to grab some breakfast. When I walked in. there was a note on the kitchen table. According to it, my family left the house to grab some medication for my grandma, and they’d be back in a couple hours.

Eating my frosted flakes, I was sitting on the comfortable couch directly under the living room window, watching the rain and fog. Then, I heard that eerie howl. Again!. It was slow, and thick, almost sounding deliberate. As that happened, I just noticed a figure creep forward in the fog. Of course, foggy weather in the country can be extremely thick, and I couldn’t see anything over 5 feet from the window. I could barely make it out, but it looked like a wolf. Almost. The feeling that something was wrong, very, very wrong with the animal hit me. Then, the realization. The creature was standing on its back legs. It’s back legs. I was shocked, confused. When I finally could think clearly, I looked at the creature in more detail. Its legs were twisted, bent in weird ways. Almost like it was hit by a car. Of course, up here by the cabin, the closest road that’s often used is a good mile away.

As I looked on, in horror, the creature spun around, and, on its two hind legs, sprinted. Straight up sprinted, dissappearing instantly into the thick fog clouds. As it turned around, though, I could see it had no tail. Literally, no tail. Like it was ripped off. I instantly ran back to my room, shut and locked the door, and hopped on my laptop, trying to forget the horrific sight I just saw.

When my family finally got back, around 3, I waited till my parents were out of the room to tell my grandma. My parents wouldn’t believe me, anyways. I knew she was native american, but not that she was Navajo. She told me that what she believed I saw was a Skinwalker. Supposedly, it’s a shapeshifting spirit, or witch, that takes the form of animals in order to harm people, however, it can never perfectly replicate the animal it takes the form of.

When we left, 3 days later, I was happy to get out of those woods. After researching the legend of the Skinwalker further, I honestly believe that that is what I saw. So, to all those listening, be careful when you go deep into the countryside of Colorado. If I met that creature when I was outside the cabin, I may not have  been here to tell this story.