Creepy EMS

I have been an emt for about 6 years and have seen many crazy things. These two calls though, are stuck in my head and will haunt me forever.

My first story happened about a year ago. I was working Ems job  and it was about 3am. We get toned out for a possible domestic and/or psych transport. i wake my partner up and we get into the ambulance and go. Upon arriving we notice the cops aren’t there yet. I hesitated going in, but my partner being a ” macho man” ( I, myself, am female) decided he wanted to go in. We go up and knock on the door only for it to swing open. Inside I can hear screaming like someone was being murdered. My instincts kicked in and we rushed into the house. The scene that was before me, I really wish we had waited for police first.

The family in question must have been satanists because there were upside crosses, statues of demons and paintings of the devil everywhere. I felt like I was being watched, like a dark presence was following me. The family was a family of four. A mother, father, daughter and son. The daughter looked to be about 22 or so and the son looked to still be in high school. The mother and father were screaming at each other. The mother had a black eye and some bruises and the father had a few cuts to his face that were no longer bleeding. They stopped screaming once they realized we were in the room and turned to look at us. The father spat at our direction and walked out of the room. At this point police were finally there and one had gone off to follow the father. My partner and I started walking towards the mother when the other officer pulled on my sleeve and pointed in the direction of the daughter. It was then I noticed the dress she was wearing was stained with  blood. Fearing she got caught up in the domestic fight I walked over to her while my partner tended to her mother. I introduced myself and asked where the blood came from. She laughed and said ” oh this? It’s not mine. I’ll show you” and she started walking away. I hesitantly followed her, not knowing what I was going to find. We walk into the next room and it was dark and someone smelled horrible. She walked over to a door and opened it. The stench rolled out of that room and as she turned on the light I was horrified by what I saw.

It was a walk in closet type room, but there were no clothes or anything. Instead the floor was covered in  blood and piled up in the corners were various animals. Chickens, cats, even a few dogs. The daughter explained to me they were in the middle of a ritual when her mother and father began fighting and arguing.  I slowly backed away and got the officer. He immediately called for backup and instructed myself and my partner to go back into our truck. At this point my partner was done accessing the mother and she was refusing to go to the hospital. We collected our signatures and practically ran out of the house. Patrol ended up canceling us but as we were driving away I could see 5 more cops cars arriving at the house. I never found out what happened to that family, but I hope I never see them again.

My second story we were doing a transport out of a prison, a women’s prison to be exact. This woman needed to go to the hospital because her blood work came back abnormal. I had done a ton of these transports before, but this one will always haunt me. When we get there the patient wasn’t there, but was in another room getting the handcuffs and shackles put on her. The one officer came up to me and said ” this one is a little…odd. She’s in here for killing her 3 children” I stared back in horror but a patient is a patient and I have to treat them no matter what. When the patient finally came out of the room I was not expecting a young, petite woman. She was all of 5 foot, 90lbs soaking wet. I was wondering to myself ” how did she kill anyone?” Until I saw her eyes.

Her eyes were a dark brown the almost looked black. Usually when you look into someone’s eyes you see a reflection of who they are. I was expecting to see crazy in her eyes, but I saw nothing. There was no emotion, no feeling, nothing. It was almost like doll eyes staring into me. She did not blink, only stared. We got her onto the stretcher and put her into the ambulance. Since I’m female and my partner was male I had to ride in back with her. The whole time she just kept staring out the back window, talking to herself. I couldn’t hear what she was saying because it was so low. I decided to read her file and found out she had murdered her three children because a demon told her to. This demon apparently promised her immortality if she did. This made her even creepier. We arrived at the hospital and put her in a room. She just kept staring that same blank, emotionless stare. As we were leaving I could finally hear what she was saying. She just kept saying ” blood, screams, you promised”.