Small Town Haunts

This happened 7 years ago, so bare with me. I moved a lot as a kid. I ended up going to 3 different elementary schools. At my favorite school, in a super small town, all the kids would claim it was haunted. I’ve always been a skeptic, even back then. I knew it wasn’t true until something happened to me.

Anyways, I need to give a little explanation about a thing my school did. If we were doing exceptionally well in class, a┬áteacher would give you a slip of paper called a “High Five,”. You got to save them, and at the end of the month there would be a little store full of dollar store toys and crap. I still have a bracelet I got from one of those.

So, my class was out at recess, and one of the recess monitors gave me a High Five slip. I don’t remember what for, but that isn’t important. I asked my teacher if I could go inside and put my slip away in my desk. She said it was okay and I headed in. My classroom was super dark, and just plain creepy to a 3rd grader. I sat in the back and had to walk a ways to my desk. I felt my arms go numb as I slipped my High Five in my desk. It felt like someone was poking me with a safety pin on my neck. I was alone in that classroom, not even our teacher was there.

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Deomon in the Walmart Parking Lot

A short preface; at the time of these events, I was around 8, female and my mother had died a year before. I had been picked to shop at a WalMart with a police officer for christmas presents for myself or my family.

Around 8 or so I was driven to some building where a bunch of police officers and children gathered for the event. I was alone, my parents having dropped me off. I stayed near a window, a cripplingly antisocial young girl st the time. I stared through the glass, eyes tracing the line of trees across a large field. I saw something moving in the trees, making them shake and the birds fly out of them and land above me on the building’s roof. A big, black thing had been there. But when I was sbout to get up and go tell someone, my given officer found me and ee had to go.

After eating together, the officer and I headed out to his police cruiser. I gawked at all the machinery, loving the flickering lights. He laughed, and we started going. I forgot the black monster in my awe, but I would remember soon.

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