Small Town Haunts

This happened 7 years ago, so bare with me. I moved a lot as a kid. I ended up going to 3 different elementary schools. At my favorite school, in a super small town, all the kids would claim it was haunted. I’ve always been a skeptic, even back then. I knew it wasn’t true until something happened to me.

Anyways, I need to give a little explanation about a thing my school did. If we were doing exceptionally well in class, a¬†teacher would give you a slip of paper called a “High Five,”. You got to save them, and at the end of the month there would be a little store full of dollar store toys and crap. I still have a bracelet I got from one of those.

So, my class was out at recess, and one of the recess monitors gave me a High Five slip. I don’t remember what for, but that isn’t important. I asked my teacher if I could go inside and put my slip away in my desk. She said it was okay and I headed in. My classroom was super dark, and just plain creepy to a 3rd grader. I sat in the back and had to walk a ways to my desk. I felt my arms go numb as I slipped my High Five in my desk. It felt like someone was poking me with a safety pin on my neck. I was alone in that classroom, not even our teacher was there.

This was the start our little paranormal club that I hosted for the rest of the year. We had shadow figure sightings, haunted bathroom stalls, everything you could think of. Hell, one of my classmates saw red glowing eyes from under the stairs. Everything was a conspiracy at that point. We had a giant tree fall over in a storm, so naturally my little crew and I checked it out and blamed it on some evil spirit or something.

Deomon in the Walmart Parking Lot

A short preface; at the time of these events, I was around 8, female and my mother had died a year before. I had been picked to shop at a WalMart with a police officer for christmas presents for myself or my family.

Around 8 or so I was driven to some building where a bunch of police officers and children gathered for the event. I was alone, my parents having dropped me off. I stayed near a window, a cripplingly antisocial young girl st the time. I stared through the glass, eyes tracing the line of trees across a large field. I saw something moving in the trees, making them shake and the birds fly out of them and land above me on the building’s roof. A big, black thing had been there. But when I was sbout to get up and go tell someone, my given officer found me and ee had to go.

After eating together, the officer and I headed out to his police cruiser. I gawked at all the machinery, loving the flickering lights. He laughed, and we started going. I forgot the black monster in my awe, but I would remember soon.

When we had done our shopping and piled the stuff behind us in the cruiser, we started on back to the building. It was around 10 at night and pitch black. But out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge black thing, pitcher than pitch, running alongside our car. I freaked out, clutching the DSI I had been messing with. Against my pleas, the officer pulled over to try to comfort me. I had never felt so panicked, so fearful in my young life before. I had never felt like I would die until that black beast jumped from thr brush onto the car. The officer jumped and grabbed his gun, his eyes tearing away from me and looking up. All we could see was a long, black furred tail slamming onto the windshield. I cowered in my seat, and the officer did too. But only for a brief moment before his training kicked in. The officer set his gun on his lap and slammed his foot onto the gas, zipping off onto the road. The beast was still on the car, its claws digging into the roof above us. I remembered where the lights were and I put them on. The beast screeched above us and leapt off, running back into the forest beside the road. The officer glanced at me and smiled snd thanked me.

When back at the building, we were late. My dad was really nervous. I told him, while staring the officer in the eye, that we took the long way because of traffic. The officer nodded. We had decided not to tell anyone in the car. We got too scared over what we thought was a bear or a panther. Both were in Florida, and eventually someone would find it. It would be fine.

Neither of us mentioned that we noticed the beast had left five holes in the roof, not four like a bear or cat would.