Dead Doppelganger

Okay so might not be scary per-say but I thought it was bizarre and kind of creepy. It was probably just a very odd coincidence, but let me tell you it was one hell of a coincidence. So I should probably start with a little background.

I didn’t start going to concerts until in college which is really weird because I’ve always been obsessed with music.

I love all genres and really don’t have any bands that I outright hate. But then again back in high school I was very bad around crowds.

Anyways, I’ve been to so many concerts that I’ve lost track of the number.

Most of them were metal concerts and nothing strange has every really happened, the most I ever expected was to get a black eye from a mosh pit or something. Which is saying something being as I attended a Black Metal concert on Friday the 13th. If there was any concert I thought would have been cursed or something,

it would have been that one. But enough backstory.

My story takes place in the summer, I think it was June. For the sake of privacy, I won’t mention the festival name being as it has my town’s name and I’m kinda paranoid like that. But it was an open air event.

At this venue there were two stages; the main stage for the well-known bands and the second stage for the lesser known. The main stage had a large pit for general admission and was surrounded by bleachers that were stories high.

On the stage itself were two screens on either side so the people in the back and in the bleachers could see.

These are two crucial details. Usually I got to concerts with my dad since I am a very short girl and my dad is much bigger, he usually handles the crowd for me.

This time I went with my younger sister.

Now this was a three-day festival, so my sister and I were planning for a pretty kickass few days full of nothing but headbanging and cheering. The first half of the day was very normal, I saw one of the openers, I forget which band it was, and tried crowd surfing for the first time—this was at the second stage.

After that my sister and I decided to go see the main bands and we managed to worm our way up to the front, again, we’re very small so this was pretty easy.

I knew most of the bands that played throughout the day. The highlight of my day being when the drummer of Hollywood Undead tossed his drumstick into the crowd and I caught it.

This is around the time when things took a turn for the weird, and I didn’t even know it. In between sets, on those two screens I mentioned earlier, the hosts of the venue displayed people’s Instagram pictures and tweets about their experiences.

My sister taps me on the shoulder, laughing, and says, “hey that guy kinda looks like you.” I look at the screen and there’s this dude who has the same haircut and dye job as me. He was also around the same height. Basically, this guy is how I would look if I were a man.

Throughout the day I was mistaken for this guy on various occasions.

Anyways, night rolls around and I’m having the time of my life. Everything remained very normal. Rammstein is playing and they have their usual fire show going on.

My sister and I decide to leave a bit early though so we could beat the traffic and wake up on time for day two. Again, nothing out of the ordinary.

We get back to the hotel, watch a scary movie, and go to bed. The next day we find out via word of the mouth that someone died the night before, after we left.

I don’t know exactly what happened—maybe the guy was drunk, maybe the crowd got too wild and he was pushed—whatever the situation was, a guy had fallen off of one of the uppermost bleachers.

I didn’t think anything of it until I saw a picture of male me on the article about the incident. The rest of the festival went as every other concert I’ve ever been to did. But it set a weird mood for the rest of the festival, knowing that someone who looked so much like me died at a concert I was attending.

It also kind of made me wonder what would have happened if I stayed for the whole show.

My Doppelganger/fetch

I’m a 34-year-old female, living in East Tennessee. I have always had no choice but to believe in the paranormal. I grew up very quickly, due to having a disabled sister and my parents being very busy. I grew up Christian, and I have my own opinions on it that differ from others.  Now, to the story- last summer, my mother was put in ICU. It was very traumatic for me, as she is my best friend. When the ER physician offered to pray for my mother, I was terrified. The prayers didn’t seem to help. I went up to the icu floor, saw how serious the situation really was, and retired to the icu restroom and hit my knees begging ANYONE out there to help my mother. I made a deal- that whoever would help, I will sacrifice myself to save my mother.

An overwhelming feeling of knowing that she would recover came over me (Keep in mind, it did NOT look good. I study medicine and knew how bleak this situation really was). I walked into the icu and told my mother, “You will recover, momma. Trust me.” She did trust me (this is because I am a pretty accurate empath and have never been wrong with my instincts). She was discharged in five days. It was a miracle.

A few weeks later, a dark entity started visiting me in my room. I never felt afraid of him. He was a comfort to me. He told me he was my “guardian.” He never said guardian angel, just guardian. My mother and nephew both saw him going through the house and ran to my room, as they always do when they are afraid, as I am the protector of the house. I told them it was just a shadow and not to be afraid. Also, he told me not to refer to him as a “shadow person,” so I never did. He was a dark outline of a man- no distinguishable features, no glowing eyes, as I’ve heard others say, and no long, scary fingers, either; he was just a dark figure. He also appeared in daylight, often. In full view, no corner of my eye thing.

Fastfoward to a week after my mother and nephew saw him. I was outside smoking a cigarette. My mother went into my room, at the same time I was outside smoking, and she said I was sitting on my bed , looking dazed.  Startled, she asked if I was all right. I said, “Yes, mother. I am fine,” in a strange, monotone voice. She let it go and went out to the kitchen for lunch, when she saw me outside the back deck, smoking a cigarette. She was horrified.  She asked me how I managed to get outside, because she just talked to me in my room, and I would have had to pass her in the hallway to do this. I told her I wasn’t in my room and we weren’t talking because I’ve been outside for ten minutes. My mother doesn’t ever lie, very Christian, and she has never had any mental problems. My sister also heard me talking to my momma in my room and was terrified when she saw me walking back in from outside.

I did a little research, and I came across what is called a doppelganger or “fetch,” who come to do harm to the person they are mimicking. I feel if it weren’t for my guardian being with me, at all times during this, that doppelganger could have taken my soul and me away from my family, who needs me. That night, after my momma saw my doppelganger assuming my likeness, I was kept awake by what I can only describe as a werewolf growling inside of my room. I have no dogs nor pets, and the sound was in my room. I knew it was my guardian, and I now know he was fighting off this fetch, doppelganger, whatever you want to call it, who had come to kill me. This probably doesn’t sound like a believable story, but it is 100% true, and the fact that others saw these things discounts me hallucinating it all. All I know, is I am convinced I was in serious danger, and this dark entity guardian saved my life. I have other paranormal stories, but this is the one I felt my life was in the most danger.

Disturbing funeral

I was not in contact with my biological father’s extended family when I was a kid due to my parents’ divorce and living kind of far away. It was long before email or social media existed, too.

I reconnected with them when I was a young adult, around the age of 21.

Unfortunately, my grandfather, great aunt and her husband were all very elderly and on the decline with their health. My grandfather was in a horrid care facility and one by one, they passed away at nearly 90 years of age. My great aunt’s husband passed first and I went to his (fortunately closed casket) funeral. It was the first funeral I had ever attended, as well.

It was held at a funeral home and I sat in one of the pews at the front, kind of nervous and apprehensive. Someone sat down nearby so I glanced in their direction to see who it was and I got the worst shock of my life!

IT WAS MY GREAT AUNT’S HUSBAND SITTING THERE! I swear I nearly fainted from horror and shock; everything kind of went white for a second. I couldn’t even make a sound!

I can’t remember who noticed the look of absolute horror on my face but someone said “Oh, that’s Uncle Tom’s identical twin brother!” I think they kind of laughed at me, too. No one had told me he had a twin brother before, I had NO idea. They really WERE identical!

I managed to endure the rest of the funeral with some composure.