Terrifying screech

Hello, this is a short encounter that happen to my dad this year. It all began when my Dad was sitting in our little porch which faced our neighbors 100 acre field that they used for their horses to rome around in. At the end of the field is about 30 square km of thick forest and bush.

There is usually a lot of animal activity in the bush at anytime of the day really.

Like this one night I heard what sounded like far away sceaming but i’ll share that another time. Now this is what my dad told me- He was having a smoke in our little porch when he accordingly heard the most ear piercing screech/ scream he has ever heard in his entire life and he’s heard a lot of unexslpained sounds.

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White thing

So for context reasons you should probably know that I live in the woods of the southeast United States, (Alabama).

Im also 17 and still in highschool living with my parents. I love it out here but i can’t lie, some things happen that i can’t really explain.

My brother and I each have a large Great Dane, (mine being a bit larger) and every few nights i feel like i hear them going crazy barking deep in the woods, i obviously get worried and always go out to try to call them back to the house but usually they are already just outside the door on the back porch staring tensely and completely rigid into the woods.

At first i just blamed it on the sound of their barking bouncing off objects and sounding further away than they really are.

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