A Demon in the ER

While I was working in the hospital as a Housekeeper, I heard several stories about different ghosts, especially the two that lived on my assigned floor; a little girl that would hold my hand and a male that lived in the last room. That room had been refurbished into a make-shift apartment because the ghost there had claimed it and would attack patients that would sleep there.

But my story comes from the two days I worked in the ER, and after that, I begged my boss to never assign me to that area again. Now onto the story itself.

I was assigned the ER with another Co-worker. We got along fine and chatted on the way down. And the ER is the busiest spot in the hospital, so cleaning rooms there was very fast passed. But once we were down there and looking at the rooms that needed cleaning, I suddenly felt someone walk up on me and stand threateningly inside my personal bubble space. It happened so fast that I stepped to the side and looked to see who was there.

Now, this part is odd. In the past, I had always been able to sense ghosts and spirits both good and bad. And this ‘sixth sense’ had been with me since I was a kid. It’s hard to explain, but it’s almost like a sub’s sonar. I can’t see ghosts with my physical eyes, but I can sense what they looked like. And this being was tall, dressed in a black cloak, and did not like me being there.

I don’t know how long we stood there, but when my co-worker had everything we needed and we started working, this being followed me, always glaring at me. It got to the point where I just wanted out. And as fast as I could get out. I eventually broke down, feeling like no matter what I’d do it would hang over me.

This feeling didn’t stop until lunch when I left the ER for my break. The second time I was down there the next day, and the same thing happened. This time I was with a manager, and when I broke down again she asked me what was wrong. I had been called crazy for telling people that I could sense spirits, and this was a good paying job, so I fibbed and told her that there were home things that I couldn’t get off my mind. She let me go to break early so I could calm myself.

I gave all the spirits I encounter names; for example, there’s an elevator that would open on its own before I would push the button, so I called that Ghost The Gentleman. For the ER spirit, or Demon I guess, I called him the Dementor after those things from Harry Potter. It felt like I couldn’t be happy on days I worked in the ER like I was drained. But for anyone that do encounter demons like this; Chocolate really does work after an encounter like that.