The Demon in The Corner

A long time back, around the time I was 6 or 7 years old, I lived in a neighborhood about a half hour out of Appleton, Wisconsin. To say this place was built on some old grave site would be disingenuous but a lot of the homes and surrounding area had an uneasy and oppressive atmosphere noticeable especially when alone. Though my own home was as subject to this unease and I had many frightening experiences there the home of my only friend at the time was where this story takes place.

One afternoon in the early fall, just before the heat of summer made its way out of the region, I was spending some time over at my friend’s home, which was a little log cabin up the street from my house. For the first time since meeting my friend we ended up going down to play in his basement, given that the heat made playing outside less than ideal. At first I was hesitant, after all my own basement was creepy and empty and I never imagined I could have any sort of fun somewhere like that, but it turned out not to be what I had anticipated.

His basement was pretty average in size, carpeted, and the insulation on the walls wasn’t even visible. It was by no means unfinished yet it was far homier than the concrete pit under my house, so I thought this wouldn’t be as bad as my young self thought.

After a good while playing with some of the toys down there, the one I distinctly remember the most being Rock-em-Sock-em Robots, we were having a good time. In the middle of one of our little boxing matches my friend’s mother called him upstairs for a reason that escapes me now after 15 years, now if only the rest of this story was forgotten with it.

As my friend hopped up and made his way up the stairs, I remained on the floor toggling the little plastic man in the ring right up until the door at the top of the staircase clicked shut. In that very instant the air in the room seemed to drop from a comfortable 70 degrees to a chilly 50, while the lights, few that they were, struggled to even bask the room in a dim glow. Now confused and slightly distraught I looked up to the lights to see if they were going out though this wasn’t the case. They looked bright as ever, yet their rays seemed to be getting choked out mere inches off the glass surface. This was when I noticed the ‘man’ standing in the far corner of the room.

Across the light clutter of boxes and old furniture was a tall man leaning into the corner of the room furthest from my position, seated about 5 feet from the bottom of the stairs. His skin was a pale grey, his clothes and hair were so black that it looked as though he was wearing a void itself. His arms were crossed over his chest, the fingers of his hand were thin and came to pointed blackened tips. By far, his worst feature of all was his face. His eyes looked unnatural, the whites were much darker than a normal person would be and his pupils looked like heinous black pits, I could see what I can only describe as pure malice and hatred for me when I looked into them. This was the first time I had ever experienced true dread as well as the day I knew demons truly existed, and he knew it. He stared me down and began to stretch vile and sinister grin, revealing sharp, needle-like teeth that looked like the fangs of a feline.

Finally, the severity of the situation dawned on me, I had to get away at all costs. I turned away, stood up, and made a break for the top of the stairs. All told, I had to have made it up in a matter of 5 to 10 seconds. With my small hand on the door handle and the door wide open, I glanced one last look at the bottom of the stairs. He was there, standing at the bottom arms at his side and palms facing me. He appeared like he was laughing at me bearing his ghastly fangs and blackened throat, yet I heard nothing at all, and I wasn’t intent to wait to hear it. I shot through the open doorway, bringing the door to a close behind me but just before it could latch on it’s own, it slammed up against me and threw my body into the wall across it.

In that moment I lost the little composure I had left and broke down, crying as I lay on the floor in pain and traumatized. My friend’s mother took me home where I prayed with my Dad who was unaware of the ordeal. It took me many years before I was able to tell this story to my friends and family, not for worry that no one would believe me but because of the impact it has left me with. I get shaky and cold whenever I recall this event, and on occasion I’ll hear someone relay a similar encounter, down to his appearance.

A demon hates me

I’ve posted a story on here before where I stated i had multiple paranormal or creature encounters, so adding to this I was not the only one that witnessed this event. About five or six years ago I was dating this women I will call her Anne, I was twenty one or twenty two and she was twenty four or twenty five, we had been dating for a few months but had known each other for a few years and we decided to move in together and found a nice apartment. I worked part time and on nights I had to work Anne would go with friends ghost hunting.

One night before work I went shopping and a local store where I was friends with the manager when I received a call from Anne, she begged me to come home because she heard someone trying to force their way into our back door. our back door was in the center of the apartment and locked from our side and there was a set of stairs that lead down to another outside door that was locked from the inside so i did not believe her until i heard the inner door slamming like someone was hitting the inner door. I left the store and ran home, when I got there Anne and our friend i will call Sara were standing in the corner of our kitchen. I unlocked the door and slowly opened the door but I did not see anything, i walked down the stairs and unlocked and opened the back door and did not see anything not even foot prints in the snow, I turned to go back up stairs and when i did I saw bare human foot prints on the steps all the way to the last step at the top of the stairs. I did not know what to think about it honestly.

Skip ahead a few weeks and their were no incidents and we forgot about it. One night after Anne had gone ghost hunting we were sleeping in our bed, it was just us because her daughters father had her daughter for overnight visits this week, at around one in the morning Anne woke up screaming.

I jumped up and asked her what was wrong and she told me she had a nightmare and that she had seen a dark figure with red smokey eyes that told her it was following her because it was mad at John (me). it informed her that it would prove it was real and she would understand when it happens. the next night at about midnight our stereo turned on by itself, i thought she was pulling a prank so i unplugged the stereo and hid the remote. about fifteen minutes later it came on again, I asked her to stop messing around and she said it was not her. I noticed she was still next to me in bed so i got up and checked the stereo and it was still unplugged, so I checked the batteries and their were no batteries in the stereo. I tried to figured out how it turned on but could not. Needless to say we did not sleep that night.

The next morning Anne seemed a little off which I thought was just lack of sleep, I was out trying to find a second job when I received a text stating that she could not be with me anymore because the demon said that it would never stop until then. I still do not know if it was a real demon or just some elaborate way to break up with me but Anne and I have not spoken since and still is single as far as i know.

train station horror

I live in a rural part of eastern Europe so seeing wild animals is my everyday life. But what has happened to me and my friend last full moon has completely shocked me.

We were quite bored so we agreed to meet at night to take a walk around the area. We went to the village next to ours, about 2 kilometers away.

There is an old train station there, it’s a place where we like to hang out. The road passed us quickly, because we talked and joked on the way. After we got there, we spent a few minutes on the station platform and decided to come back because it was getting quite late. As we walked along the tracks, we heard a voice behind us “hey you, there on the platform”, we turned around and saw nothing.

I thought that some kids are making fun of us, but after a while somebody laughed some 20 meters behind us. I turned around and saw the most terrifying sight in my life.

A strange creature similar to a dog but with hairy human legs and a head that resembled that of a vulture was kneeling beside the tracks. It was staring at us with his black eyes. After a few seconds, it opened its mouth and said, “hey you, come here.” At this point, we turned around and started to run as fast as we could.

We reached the nearest lighted street and we stopped. The strange creature was no longer behind us.

After this experience, we returned to our homes as soon as possible.

I have lived in this area for 16 years, I have seen wild boars, deer and wolves, but this thing did not resemble any animal known to me. Since then, I have never left home after dark.

Toys R Us Demon Child

I’m a 31-year-old female from Cleveland, Ohio. This story is old, but still sticks out in my mind all these years later – whenever I go into a mall now, I break out into a nervous sweat because of that… thing I saw so many years ago. No one I’ve told has ever believed me – family, friends, coworkers; they all just give me this sideways glance and mutter that I’m crazy behind my back. But I’m not; I know what I saw – I can never forget it.

This story takes place in 2003 in my hometown. The Iraq War had just kicked off and my dad, who is in the Air Force, was stationed in Qatar; leaving just me, my mom and my aunt, Tracy. She was a bit of a wild child, and at age 18 got herself pregnant. She kept the kid, and my dad took pity on her and let her live with us. At this time her son, matthew, was turning five. I liked Matthew a lot more than Tracy, and I wanted to get him something nice for his birthday. So I went to Toys R Us to see what your typical hyperactive five-year-old might enjoy.

It was a beautiful September day, warmer than normal; so I was glad to be inside the air-conditioned store. There were kids running around everywhere, dragging their aggrieved parents from aisle to aisle. I had to smile; I was the same as a kid – I was a girly girl who loved her dolls and always wanted a new one. I wandered the aisles, trying to think of something we could have fun doing together since Tracy was always off with her girlfriends and payed less attention to Matthew than he deserved. Then it came to me: the Lego aisle – all kids loved Lego, and I did too as a kid. So I hustled off to the Lego aisle, which happened to be at the very back corner of the store.

But as I approached the second to last aisle, I paused. A weird feeling washed over me; a sudden, totally random sense of dread building in my stomach. I paused, glancing around. If it was affecting anyone else, no one showed it; they were going about their business – kids running around, parents trying to her them. Everyone else acting normal helped relax me, so I took a deep breath and walked to the Lego aisle. I turned the corner – and froze.

The store was packed – you couldn’t go down any of the aisles without seeing at least three families perusing the merchandise, with a couple employees helping them. But the Lego aisle was suspiciously silent; and empty – all save one kid in a dark grey hoodie with the hood pulled up, standing alone in the middle of the aisle sideways to me, looking intently the Lego sets stacked neatly along the shelves.

That uneasy feeling returned, but my good samaritan instincts pushed it aside: here was a kid, alone in the aisle and probably lost. I put on my best smile, walked forward, stooped to his eye and asked, “Are you los-”

The words froze in my throat.

Because when that kid turned and looked at me, it felt like my soul died inside me. His eyes were black – deep, soulless, pitch BLACK. His skin was terribly pale, and when those inky black eyes met mine, he smiled – but his smile was way too wide. It stretched up his cheeks, mouth wider than I thought humanly possible, and his parted lips revealed a mouth full of needle-like teeth.

My mouth flapped uselessly. Dimly I felt a warm trickle of piss running down my leg, and my heart nearly burst when he – it – spoke to me. “HELLO JESSICA,” it said, a voice nightmarishly deep and harsh – and then it hit me: It knew my name – KNEW MY FREAKING NAME. “I’M SO LONELY – WON’T YOU PLAY WITH ME PLEASE??” It reached out with one hand, and hand which looked disturbingly normal and kid-like – palm up, as if inviting me to take it.

That was what broke me out of my trance. I turned around and blasted out of that aisle, skidding as I made my turn and upending a display. An employee shouted at me but I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to stop running until that thing was a distant memory in my rearview mirror. I dove into my car, slamming the keys into the ignition and stalling it three times before I got it running. As I burnt rubber pulling out, I glanced up and saw a store manager waving and shouting wildly at me – and behind him, leaning out from behind his legs, was the thing – waving a now-taloned hand at me, grinning that maniacal, alien grin and staring at me with it’s cold, lifeless black eyes. I sped out of there and never looked back.

Years on I’m still not sure what it was. My searching has suggested, obviously, the famous Black-Eyed Kids, but they seem to show up mostly at night and look much more normal. Maybe it was a demon, but why was I the only one that seemed to have seen it? I still don’t know – maybe I really am going crazy. But in case I’m not, crazy Toys R Us demon kid? Let’s never meet again.

Wendigo Invites Himself

My name is Tricia Wert and I want to tell you my story. English isn’t my mother language so I’m really sorry if you need to rephrase some of my sentences. The story that about to tell you is 100% real. Isn’t a fantasy and I know it would be sound so crazy. It’s my real horror story and it still happening right now.

So, let begin my story this way. I’m a women who lives in Quebec, a french city in Canada. Since I was little my life was full of strange experiences but this kind of things don’t bother me. I live my life like a normal person whatever I can see or heard…Until last month.

At the  last October something strange happen to me. It begin with a nightmare.  The most horrible nightmare ever with a ton of blood all over my room and I heard a Latin chant. Like a prayer. This prayer was chanting over and over again.

Then I woke up in suet and with a lot disgusting by seeing all this blood.

I try to forget the nightmare and do my journey normally. So, the same night I do again a strange dream but this time I was in a train station near my home and wasn’t alone. It had an unknown person with me. I don’t remember all the dream but I know he was a male and I remember his eyes.

Those eyes with a cold silver color.

They seems to glowing like a cat’s eyes.  And the smell… He smell like frankincense with a touch of jasmin. One kind of intoxicating smell. I remember he said something to me with some rage in the eyes but I can’t recall what exactly he told me.

During this conversation, I still heard the same prayer that the night before. It’s like it have a dozen of people hide in the shadow and chant the prayer.

The only word in this prayer I remember clearly is “tenebris” and give me shiver to my spine.Suddenly, someone pass by and see us and the young women warn me to go away right now. I remember vividly the voice of this women. I can heard again his warning while I wrote this line.

Then the stranger  grab her by the shoulders and push her hardly on the track of the train and…well she’s gone, she vanish under the train. I just woke up frozen by fear and with this horrible vision.

I woke up to go to work and suddenly I feel sick.

My stomach hurt like it have lava fire on it and I felt so dizzy. I can’t barely move with this pain. I had no choice to call sick to my work and so…things goes worse.

After feeling sick I return to slept, thinking that would pass and felt better but no…it was worse and painful. In that evening  I stop to eat. I can’t eat anymore. All the food burn inside me causing me a lot of pain.

The burning is so hard that I can’t thinking or move. Also, everything smell bad and taste awful. Obviously,  I’ll go check with a lot of doctors and specialist and they found nothing wrong about me. My body seems fully healthy and functional but I can’t eat anymore without hurting myself.

This week I realize that the only food I can digest his the raw meat or barely cook. It’s make no sense and I know how this revelation sound crazy and disgusting.

Since that week, a month ago, I lose more than 20 pounds and I feel so cold all the time. I’m unable to warm my body. Nothing works. I also feel like I heard everything in the street and I can smell every odors. Everything has a strong smell .

I don’t feel like myself anymore and I didn’t know what it’s happening to me. I can’t work anymore and I try to be low profile. I remark the eyes on me from the people on the street and they seems to see something strange into me. That’s scare me a lot. Well, no doctor can’t found anything wrong physically or psychological and I feel lost and alone.

For those specialists I’m really normal but inside me I know something is wrong, very wrong…

I told you my story with a lowly hope  that some of your followers maybe know who or what invite himself in my house…into me. I listen some of the story on your channel and the wendigo thing seems to be the whom visit me in my dreams. As I write this line, I feel so cold again and the night is coming and with it, the nightmare come back. I’ll see him again tonight in my dream and tomorrow I will feel out of my body again…I don’t know where he drag me but I had no choice to follow him.

I don’t afraid of him anymore. But I also know, that I’m only the shadow of the person I was before and I don’t know how coming back…So the darkness envelops me and I cry tonight for your help.