Still watched….

Hi my name is Peter, this is the first time I’ve ever told someone about what happend two years ago. So please don’t be mad for me not remembering all of the details. I live in small village in Czech Republic, in south Moravia. And this is my story.

Two years ago I’ve woke up at midnight in complete paralize. I’ve heard a few words : Please help me, it’s comming for me.. . I was scared so much that I couldn’t even point my eyes to the way of the words comming from. About 10 minutes later I’ve heard women screaming for help, so I get up from my bed and went into the hallway. In the end of that hallway are door that leads to our backyard that ends with few trees that afterwards becomes a little forrest where me and my friend used to play hide and seek. But this day…..well this night I saw there women dressed in white almost glowing white dress. On our backyard I heard steps so I looked the same direction that the sound of those steps was comming. I saw one lonely man dressed in black coat. He turned his head my way, and I can clearly remember how he slowly and calmly told me not to be bothered that he is not here for me this time. His face was pale almost white with no mouth, nose or eyes. And than he spoke again : Like I said don’t worry I’m not here for you today!!. He said it like it should warn me to go away, like he don’t want me to look. And thats the last thing that I remember from that night next morning my parents woke me up I was laying on the floor of our hallway when they asked me how I’ve got there I heaven’t said anything of that what happend that night…

Few weeks ago from now I’ve heard voices talking about the ghost rider… Well I’ve seen the film wich Nicolas Cage but nothing was simmilar with that movie… Later my older sister was watching some TV show and there was a ghost rider I’ve looked on her PC and I saw something that looked exactly like the man I saw in our backyard. That night I couldn’t fall asleep..

This was my story. Sorry for my grammar but my english is not the best..

Facing my Mortality in Stygian Darkness

During the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I had the opportunity to participate in a really incredible summer programme. It was about a month long and would give us art, PE, and science credit in return for jaunting all over the American West to camp, bike, hike, spelunk, white-water raft, conduct field experiments in geology and biology, draw wildlife, make pottery out of raw clay we gathered ourselves — you get the picture. It was a blast, and I remember most of it with great fondness.

There were a couple of experiences, though, that still give me a chill when I think about them — and this one is the worst.

It was one bright morning in June when me and my group (three teachers and about 20 students) turned up at the lip of the short vertical well that marked the entrance to the Nutty Putty cave. Nutty Putty cave was discovered in the 1960’s, and is located just west and north of central Utah. It is a hydrothermal feature located in a very fossiliferous area (home to cherty limestone, dolomite, Deseret limestone, and all sorts of other exciting things). Despite this, the formations in the cave are not the calcite stalactites and stalagmites some people expect — instead it’s just sort of muddy and damp and brown, and the natural formations of Silicon Dioxide go mostly unnoticed by any but the real geology enthusiasts.

Getting into the cave itself was already a test of my nerves — first you had to clamber down the short vertical drop, and then crawl through what looks almost like a rabbit hole at the bottom. It quickly became clear that it was a little wider than it seems, but there was no way to move forward besides sliding in on your stomach across the rocky detritus of the cave floor for about 6-10 feet. Once you managed that, the cave opened up into something much more spacious.

Now — I have never been super excited about tight, enclosed spaces, but I don’t think that my discomfort at that time was any more than a lot of people have. As it was, I had to really give myself a pep-talk to get past that first crawl, but I managed to persuade myself to do it.  There are a few different routes which could be taken once inside, but my group pretty much all wanted to head down to the bottom reaches and the “Birth Canal” feature. This was a tight, absurdly small corkscrew tunnel of rock, and I still have no idea why they wanted to shove themselves through it like human toothpaste in a tube. I had no intentions of doing so, and there were a couple others who agreed with me.

The crowd who wanted to have their skeletons compressed stopped at the Birth Canal, and the handful remaining continued on towards the feature at the lowest reach of that arm of the cave. This was another loop of rock, but much wider and oriented vertically. You’d drop or climb down one side, move through the bottom “curve” of the loop, and then clamber up the other side. I was last in our line of intrepid spelunkers, and so I was the last into the loop. It wasn’t an impressively large feature, and the drop down into it was innocuous enough. The problem came, however, when I tried to get back up the other side.

I am not a tall dude. In fact, I’m really short — five feet tall, and despite being a pretty physically fit 14-year-old, arm strength wasn’t my strong suit.  I could brace myself with my feet on the rock and reach the handholds I would need to pull myself up, but I couldn’t get any leverage to push or jump with my legs thanks to a combination of the distance I had to span, and the angle.  The only option was to pull myself up by my arms, and it became dreadfully apparent to me right away that I wasn’t able to do this. If I had been fully rested and not suddenly suffused with joint-melting levels of mortal terror, I might have been able to manage it with a little luck, but I was already fatigued from the hour or so that we’d already been descending into the cave.  

For the first time in my young life, I became truly aware of my own mortality. As the moments passed and I literally could not pull myself up, I suddenly understood how people can just end up dead — and dead in the worst possible ways. I had never before really been in a situation where I had no way out, and I was utterly dependent upon the ability of another person to fish me out of the jaws of a really miserable death. I know this sounds dramatic and hyperbolic, but stay with me — I promise you it is not.

“Alex!” I said, my voice coming out as a dusty, terrified squeak. “Alex, I can’t get up!”

Luckily, my friend who had been next to last in line was still within earshot. He was about a foot taller than I was, and probably about 30% scrawnier. He came back to the edge of the drop and reached down for me — and luckily we managed between the two of us to scramble me up and out of the loop. I was pretty spooked, but I had to stick with my class, so we were in the cave for at least another hour or so. When we finally ascended the main gallery and emerged into the blazing desert sun — I tell you, I have never been more grateful to see the sky in my entire life.


Over the years Nutty Putty caves has turned up in the news from time to time — stories of groups of careless hobby cavers or Boy Scouts who end up needing to be rescued from one area of the cave or other, and every time there has been some talk of measures to make the caves safer, or regulate who is allowed to enter.  The last time, though, the talk was all too late. A man who was caving with his brother and some others was exploring the cave, and he accidentally crawled along a tiny passage and then into a vertical crevice, only to find himself compressed on all sides, suspended upside-down, and unable to move anywhere. 28 hours of rescue attempts later (with rescuers able to get close enough to see and pull on him, but unable to unstick him), he died. They couldn’t even recover his body.

Nutty Putty is sealed now, a tortuous crypt for one unfortunate person who made a small error in movement and judgement. Had I been alone, it could just have easily have been me — and this thought still haunts my nightmares.

Paramedic Horror Story

I was around 23 when i was working with the Chicago Fire Department, i was lead paramedic and the driver of the ambulance, we got called out to a call i will never forget.

it was around 6 am when we got this call, the dispatch said, “Adult Male Down For Unknown Causes” I immediately jumped in the Ambulance and sped out of the fire house, put the lights and sirens on and went full speed down the road, we managed to get there on time before we saw the man with a needle through his ribs, we asked how this happened, No reply, we asked multiple times before patching it up and carefully loading him up onto the stretcher, we looked over and saw an old lady staring plain at us while we do our job, i should “Can i help you?” No reply, then we set off to the hospital, but while doing so we saw a car following us, it was the old lady in a bright red buick, with the number plate LQODL213, i will never forget that number plate due to the fact of what happens next, We pull up at the bay to un load and do the paperwork when the old women pulls up right behind us barely near the doors, we hop out to unload the pacient and we had to put it on the hood of her car it was that close, she asked us “why did you do that” and we stated that she was parked behind and ambulance when it says on the back “stay 200 feet away” She says that my ex husband and i used to be a nurse, i said to her that she is no longer a nurse and that she had to move her car, she refused, We called the cops and they came in under 3 minutes but by the time they got here, she was gone, from this day on ward i still wonder, will i ever see this women again?

Séance Gone Wrong

Believe this or not, that’s entirely up to you. This story is real, although I wish with everything I have that it wasn’t. This is about when two friends of mine were stupid with a séance and what happened to all of us. This was very hard for me to write and I hope you can use it for your channel.

The names of everyone have been changed, the person this story is about actually has an article online about him, I changed his name just in the essence of protecting his family. Also my co workers as well.

Thank you for your time you’re very talented.

Around 5 years ago now when I was a junior in high school. My two friends Larry and Lars were into some weird shit, so to speak. Doing séances and fucking around with ouija boards, dumbasses I know.

Believe me or don’t believe me but I am someone who can hear, see, sense and speak to spirits. I can also sense people’s energies and I have a knack for knowing what your thinking without being told. Sounds super crazy but it’s the truth.

So when my two friends asked me if I wanted to join their séances I respectfully declined with a fuck off every time. Now there is one lesson that I want you all to learn from this, is DO NOT mock the dead.

These two incorrectly used ouija board and séances to mess around with spirits because they didn’t believe in it. So on one special occasion that they decided to do a séance. I got a call from Larry asking me if I wanted to join in, again I told him where to shove it, but he said this time it was gonna be cool.

They were going to call on the devil.

I immediately freaked out! I begged and begged them not to be so fucking stupid! But unfortunately this story isn’t a happy one. Once we hung up the phone, I began praying to anyone that was listening to please stop them! I was a 16 year old girl, I don’t know what else to do.

About a week later I got a call from Lars asking me to come over to his house and see if I could see or sense anything. He said some weird shit was happening around him and he was getting really freaked out. At the time I was working at a subway restaurant from 3 to 11 pm I barely had time to eat, let alone have a personal life, so he had to come to me.

It was around 7 pm or so when Lars came into my workplace and the second he walked through the door I felt it. This heavy horrible feeling, I’ve only ever felt dread like that one other time so I knew it was evil. I felt like I was going to throw up I could barely look at him.

When I did finally look up at him, I saw it. This darkness behind him that was standing around 10 ft away. I shit you not, it resembled his shadow but it was to big and dark.

I knew better.

I told him that there was something behind him and he begged me for help! I was terrified and I didn’t know what to do! Again I was young and I didn’t really understand my “abilities” then. I told him to start going to church and trying to get in touch with God for spiritual protection. I’m not religious that way in any way shape or form but I didn’t know what else to do.

He never did.

He began to bury himself in drugs to try to find some solace from the darkness that crept closer each day. We lost touch with each other, I’m a “straight shooter” so to speak and I don’t have time for druggies. And I honestly couldn’t take being around Lars, that dark blackness made me sick.

Larry and I also lost touch, again I don’t have time for druggies. Fast forward 5 years, August of 2016, I run into Lars at Walmart and I was honestly happy to see him. But the second I saw him I felt it again, this time it was everywhere! The black shadow was now right behind him and it was looming over Lars like a cloak.

I told him that thing was right behind him and that he needed to get to the church right away! He just shook his head and said that he hasn’t seen that thing in years.

I said goodbye to him and cried the entire way home. I somehow knew that was the last time I’d ever tell him goodbye.

A few weeks later at the facility I work at, the on call doctor and also my good friend asked me if I’d go over to his office in the ER with him. He needed help carrying charts and a blood kit. I, of course, said absolutely and we made our way across the parking lot and over, bringing my trainee with us.

He swiped his badge across the lock of the ambulance entry and we quickly made our way inside.

Just a side note we were not necessarily allowed to be there.

We gathered up everything he needed and me and Rose, my trainee, were just about to leave. I thank god everyday that I was the first one out of the office because what I saw when I crossed the threshold will forever haunt me in the worst way. Rose was younger than me only being 18 she didn’t need to ever see something like that.

There were nurses, doctors, and EMTs running everywhere, blood everywhere. The EMTs were running through the doors with two stretchers.

The first one carried a zipped body bag. That person was dead there was no energy coming off of them.

The second one however was not.

I could feel the pain and agony coming off of that person in waves. It hit me like a freight train, my knees buckled for a moment.

The stretcher passed me and when I saw who was lying there I lost it. It was Lars, he was mangled, broken, bloody and half dead. Half of his face was gone and he was still alive.

But he was dying quickly and I prayed for him to pass as fast as possible, his injuries were so bad. He was gone before they got him to a room. The doctor grabbed me and dragged me back into his office but it was too late. I had already seen the body of a friend.

I know that thing got him, I know deep down that darkness caused the accident that killed him.

I was not okay for a while, but I dealt with it, if there’s one thing I’m good at, its keeping my shit together. But for a while every time I would close my eyes I would see his mangled body. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I am totally okay but even just typing this out dredges up a little bit of that pain.

I’m not a crier but I will not lie, tears were shed while I wrote this to you. Please learn from this story, thank you.

The Daughter of Death

It was another boring and painful day at the hospital. As always, they brought me some food, which wasn’t very tasty, they checked if I was still alive and said some nice words, so I could feel a little bit better about this horrible situation.

I was suffering from lung cancer.

Suddenly, about 4p.m., I started feeling weaker and weaker as time moved on… Finally I couldn’t even cough, I begun to choke on my own breath and slimy spit… I tried to push the button next to me to call a nurse, but I couldn’t reach… Then the darkness came.

I wasn’t hurt anymore. I couldn’t feel anything physically. There was only me, silence, darkness and a feeling of being an embryo in a cradle of mother’s womb…

However, there was also another strange feeling. Like somebody is next to me, almost touching me… I tried to open my eyes, but they were already opened. I tried to turn my back, but at the same moment I wanted to move, a figure appeared right in front of me.

I couldn’t even tell if it was a male or a female… It had long, heavily damaged purple hair, anorexic unnatural but feminine body with missing breasts, nipples and any kind of genitals, it’s pale and thin skin was covered in ashes, but what was more concerning… it’s face.

It seemed like a cluster of contrasts, it was both friendly and hostile, happy and depressed, tense and calm, focused but almost distracted by something nonexistent. The character was drilling me with it’s eyes both through and within me, I just couldn’t stop looking at it… I wanted to ask it what it is, but it answered me before I could even say a word. It’s whisper sounded like intensively crackling fire in a deep cave… It said: “It doesn’t matter who am I. Now you are with me.”

“Are you… Death?” – I asked, because I finally realized that it was holding a scythe made of black wood and with a crystal blade. The character didn’t respond.

I waited long for the answer and I wanted to ask again to be sure, but I decided to ignore this question at the end. I started thinking that I probably guessed right, and that was the reason why it didn’t even say anything. When I was totally certain about it, it said: “I am her daughter.”

“If you are a daughter of Death, then… am I going to die? Am I dead right now? What’s going on?!” – I started panicking.

She silenced me with one move of her hand, bringing me the feeling of weird sticky wetness, which wasn’t that pleasuring… She wanted me to come with her, but I was too afraid to die. I just wanted to come back and never return to this place… I found enough power inside of me to escape and… wake up.

My face was covered with a blanket and someone was pushing the table I was laying on. I moaned and at the same moment the table stopped and a person pushing it took the blanket of my face.

– We thought you were dead, sir! – said this man. – We have to change protocols now and take you back to the hospital…

– But… why? – I asked. – I feel great!

And it was actually true. It seems like I healed myself during this journey in a realm of death.

– Sir, your name is Derek Hamilton, right? You died out of lung cancer. You are still suffering from it for sure!

– But I can breathe normally, I don’t feel pain, I’m cured! I swear!

I was moved the same day to the hospital so I could be tested again for lung cancer and everything seemed to be stable, like I never suffered from it before. They held me for a couple of days in this place to observe if the sickness comes back to me, but it never came.

This was the best thing that could happen in my life! I appeared in news as a person resurrected by God Himself, people were shaking my hand on the streets and I was treated like a reincarnation of Jesus.

My family has never been so excited to see me before, everyone was crying of happiness, we made a huge party to celebrate my return from the dead, but when they asked me what happened on the other side, I never answered…

After party some family members decided to stay for the night, like my brother Jason, but most of them left. I was a little bit drunk and tired, I kissed my wife for good night and laid down next to her.

Before I closed my eyes, I was playing with her beautiful hair and enjoying her smell, but all of a sudden, I started feeling weird and I heard the sound of a ticking clock. I couldn’t resist the shiver that went down my spine – we never had a clock in our room. I leaned on my elbow to see what’s the matter, and I saw her… Those black eyes and a face full of contradictions.

She was just standing there, pointing at the levitating clock without hands to show the time. I tried to wake my wife up, but she was cold as a grave stone. When I rolled her on her back, she was all pale and her lips and eyelids were pure purple and dried out. I started screaming her name in agony, but nothing helped me in this situation…

The Daughter of Death was still drilling me with her eyes, all emotionless, without any sense of compassion – those two things were the only ones that I could tell for sure about her. I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t even move toward her, I was only able to cry and moan as my wife remained silent… dead.

Finally, my brother appeared. He opened the door with all his might, switched the light on and then the Daughter disappeared. My wife jumped suddenly and frightened me even more, even though she seemed scared too.

– Derek, what happened?! – asked my brother, all worried. – Were you crying at the moment? You were screaming like insane!

– I didn’t hear anything – threw in my wife. – But you are right, Jason, Derek looks horrible and petrified! What happened, honey?

I couldn’t speak for a longer minute, but I calmed myself down and explained them it was probably just a dream. Even though, it wasn’t the only situation like that…

Since that family party the Daughter of Death didn’t let me live normally. Every night I was coming back home from work, even seeing a sleeping hobo was like a horror scene, because she was always next to the sleeping, presenting me them as dead.

Sleeping with my dear wife turned into daily tragedy, sleeping cats were now dead for me, even seeing sleeping humans and animals on TV, photos or the internet was unbearable…

Now, as I’m writing it, I’m not going to bother you with me describing every single situation like that… I decided to face Death herself. My family was worried about me and I couldn’t stand anything anymore…

This is my story and all I want to say is… accept your fate. Never try to escape Death. Her daughter fill follow you… It doesn’t matter where… It doesn’t matter how… If you’re dead once and you come back to life… It’s better to die twice.

This is my last goodbye… I am Derek Hamilton… and this time I surrender.