Tenkiller monster

Let me tell u that I don’t really have a normal life. I live with my parents and when I was 10 we went swimming at the tenkiller lake in vian while we were there me and my friends decided to go into the woods. Now being 10 and the most mischievest boy in the group I was leader we stayed in the woods 4 the night and freak out our parents.

Now let me tell u that if you don’t want nightmares for the rest of your life u don’t want to go into the woods at tenkiller.

Now as we were going to lay down and sleep I heard a woman screaming for help I went to go help my friend Jason grabed my shoulder and said “w… What the bloody hell was that” “I… I don’t know” I replied we both went together with the rest of your group we went the direction of the sound and found a old barn the womans still screaming we ran into the barn not sure what to expect when we got Inside what I saw was horrifying it was a half woman half deer she…

It had antlers on its head its eyes were the darkest shade of red I have ever seen it stood there and stared at us then I saw a bler next to me

I saw Jason on the ground his neck bleeding me and my other friends ran out of there I didn’t look back to see if that thing was following us but I heard my friends screams cut short behind me I was the only one to make it out. I’m 14 now and haven’t been back since but when we drive past it I see my friends and the thing staring watching as I go by thank u darkness

Something in the Trees

Let me start by saying I am a staunch skeptic. Even growing up in a heavily superstitious and religious family, I always looked for the most logical reasoning behind everything. Despite all that, there is one night I have never found any rational explanation for.

About six years ago, my then boyfriend (We will call him Chad for anonymity) and I lived in a small house on the outskirts of town. It was a little run down, but it was still decent, with a detached garage, and a nice back yard for our dogs. We even had a small creek at the edge of the property where the yard gave way to woods.

Considering that we were only 20 at the time, we often spent nights out with friends. On one of these nights, we were out with a mutual friend (we’ll call him john). We had all gone to another friend’s house together and were returning to ours around midnight. Mind you, we had not been drinking or under any influence. It had been a simple movie and card game night. Anyway, John had parked in our drive way and we were just sitting there talking before getting out so he could go home himself.

Everything was fine and we were having a great time until my boyfriend starts yelling “What the fuck! What the fuck!” from the front passenger seat. I was sitting in the back, leaning up between the front seats as we were talking. I look to where he is pointing and see the headlights of John’s car shining over the trees behind our backyard. I saw movement, but it was gone before I could process anything other than the white birch trees. I was confused but John was already putting the car into reverse and drove off down the road yelling “what the fuck was that?!”

Chad is physically shaking in the front seat now, and I am begging them to tell me what they saw. Finally, while staring out the window as if looking for some other evidence of what he saw, he tells me there was something among the trees. At first he thought it was just another birch, but then it moved. It was shaped like a man, but his posture was off and his limbs gnarled like branches. The reason Chad didn’t notice it at first, was because the thing’s skin looked exactly like the birch bark surrounding it. It was only when it began moving that he realized it wasn’t a tree at all. By the time my eyes followed where he was pointing, the creature had already vanished behind the trees.

Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing, but as scared as I was, I couldn’t just leave our dogs behind. Both were still inside the house. I told John to stop. That we have to go back for them. After a bit of convincing he turned the car around.

When we pulled up, we cautiously started at the tree line again. Nothing moved. Everything looked exactly as it always did, and yet somehow so much more sinister. We waited for a few moments, then John hit the button that unlocks his trunk. I should add now, that John is ex military. Not much rattles him. After pulling away from the house, he hadn’t said much. Instead, he started gearing up. He pulled a long bladed knife from under his seat, then got out. From the trunk he pulled a tire iron and handed it to Chad, then a baseball bat for me.

When I unlocked the door and turned on the light in the living room, the first thing I saw was our youngest dog, Bandit. Bandit is a chihuahua and wiener dog mixed, and was only about six months old at the time. Huddled there where the couch met the wall. He looked absolutely terrified. He was so scared that even as I walked to him he kept backing away until he tumbled off the edge to the corner where two two walls meet about two feet from the couch. Even then, he would only cower and whimper until I picked him up.

Next I went to find Barkley, our one year old beagle mix.┬áHe usually met us at the door with boundless enthusiasm, but that night he was hiding in our bedroom. I found him hunched in the corner silent and obviously afraid. After checking all the doors and windows, we gathered some over night necessities and loaded everyone back up in the cars and left for John’s house.

Chad and I stayed with the dogs in John’s living room that night. We all slept with the lights on. We never saw the creature again. Even still, we moved shortly after. My husband had nightmares about what he saw for years after that. We still don’t talk about it. Neither does John. I have tried so many times to rationalize what happened that night. I’ve never been able to come to a logical conclusion. I guess sometimes there just isn’t one.

Creepy Encounter Near my University

I am a 24 year old female from Romania. At the time this event took place, I was 22 and attending a pretty big university in western Romania to get my masters degree.
Because it’s a masters program, the lectures take place in the afternoon to late at night.

So on this particular day, my lecture finished at 9pm, on a january night. I lived on campus, pretty close to the university building, about a 10 minute walk. My boyfriend also lived close. So after the lecture finished, I said good bye to my classmates and off I went.

I decided to take a shorter route, through a small park that was situated between the university main building and a church. After that day, i would never walk through that park alone at night…

There’s a main path that cuts through the park directly to the main road. That path is surrounded by trees and no street lights. The only light that barely illuminates that path was coming from the church nearby. Usually, it’s walked by a lot of students day and night so i never thought i was at any risk. Just my luck, on this night there was no one walking the path but me.

I am a very paranoid person so i was a little anxious being there alone in the dark. I saw him behind a tree. I froze inside but my legs continued walking.

As soon as i made eye contact with him, he emerged from the tree he was hiding behind, literally 3 feet from me. He didn’t really look threatening, from what I remember, he was a short balding man, maybe in his 40s, with a trench coat on and his hands in his pockets. I wasn’t imediatelly scared by him, although it was definitelly suspicious. He waited until i passed him and he grabbed my arm and swung me around to face him.

My blood went cold and i got a sinking feeling that something horrible is about to happen. He said “hey honey, where are you going?” with a sadstic smirk on his face and one hand still in his pocket.

I said something like “what the hell do you want? Let me go!” And yanked my arm away from him. I looked around to see if someone else was there, any other student or person that could possibly see this scene and save me, but nope. We were alone.

Seeing me panic probably made him happy. He pulled me in a disgusting embrace and led me closer to the trees and tried to touch my ass. I has a long jacket on, but i still felt his disgusting hand. I had tears in my eyes and i shakily said “you better get the fuck away from me or i’m calling the police!”. I doubt he took my half-assed threat seriously.

He smiled and said something like “we both know you won’t have the chance to do that.” He never took his left hand out of his pocket, and now I was sure I was getting kidnapped, raped and then killed.

By some holy miracle, I heard footsteps coming from the main path. He heard them too. We both looked in the direction where the path joins with the main sidewalk out of the park, and there was a couple, holding hands and walking in our direction.
The second he saw them, the man took off running in the darnkess between the trees. As the couple got closer and saw the man running off, they just shot me a worried look, but I didn’t feel like sticking around to explain what happened so I just ran out of that damn park.

As soon as I got out on the main sidewalk and near people, I called my boyfriend crying to come meet me and walk me home.

I was determined to go to the police but after thinking it through, I didn’t. The man was gone by now anyway, there was nothing the police could or want to do.

After that day, whenever I had classes until late at night, my boyfriend would come wait for me outside the building and walk me home. I carry pepper spray with me ever since.

I still wonder what that disgusting pervert had in his pocket and what he intended to do with me.. but I’m grateful for that couple because they saved me.