little skinned creature in rural georgia

About a year ago, when I still had my learners permit (I was 16, so I was a late bloomer when it came to getting my license), I asked my dad to ride to town with me. I wanted to buy some Taco Bell after having plans cancelled at the last minute, because, ya know, who doesn’t eat their feelings? Anyways, on our way back, it was pitch black out. The lights on the car we had at that time were awful and almost useless, even the brights. Because of this, it was nearly impossible to see anything unless it was at least 2 feet in front of the car. The road to my house is way out of the way of town, and houses are scarce. I was only about a mile from my own house when suddenly, just in view, a small creature clumsily sprinted across the road. I knew I hadn’t imagined it, due to my father yelling “What the fuck?!” at the sight of it. The creature had the shape of a baby pig, no tail, no ears, and the legs of a fawn. It had no fur and its face shape resembled that of a horse skull, if that makes sense. I was shaken up from witnessing it, but tried to forget about it.

A few weeks later, I was sitting outside on my porch. It was dark out again, the only lights being the one above my front door and my neighbors flood lights above their shed. I was on the phone with my now ex boyfriend, talking about god knows what. I happened to look towards my neighbors shed for only a moment before I processed what I had looked at. The second I did realize, however, I told my ex to be quiet. I quickly turned my head towards the shed again, seeing the same small creature again. It was slowly, though more briskly than the first time I had seen it, walking towards the back of the shed. It didn’t have the same pinky tint to it anymore. It was now a snow white, and its front legs looked as if they were the arms of a malnourished child. I have anxiety as it is, so seeing something when I didn’t know whether it could hurt me or not, definitely scared me. I stood to my feet, shakily telling my ex what I was looking at. I could barely keep my grip firm on my phone as I looked back towards the shed. The creature had made its way around to the other side of the shed and was now facing my neighbors house. I sometimes get so anxious I’ll burst into uncontrollable laughter, and I just happened to do that at that moment. Luckily, the creature didn’t seem to notice. At that, I booked it back into my house.

I didn’t think to look up what the creature could be until after me and my ex were no longer together, so probably about 10 months later. I googled something along the lines of “small white cryptid”. The first result that caught my eye was a Dover demon, which are mainly spotted in Dover, Massachusettes. I looked more into them, when I discovered another interesting creature. The Mannegishi. They are most commonly known in cree folklore. I don’t know much of anything about Native American tribes, so I decided to look up where they would be. I looked at a Cree wikipedia page only to see…..Canada. Neither of the creatures that resembled what I had seen have been spotted anywhere close to my neck of the woods. I haven’t done much research since then (it’s been about 4 or 5 months), but if anyone has any suggestions about what kind of crytpid in the Middle Georgia area this may be, let me know.

The Summer Monster

I want to start off by saying I am now 21 and this is still happening, this is something that has been going on during the summer since before I was born but started getting bad when I was in summer vacation in middle school.

For more help to picture this, I live in mid-Michigan, not the drug and gun find parts, although I do live very close to a few hot spots. No, I live in the rural part. The part of Michigan that’s flat farmland with large patches of forests, where the DNR is constantly receiving stories of strange animals. The latest is an out of place big cat, er, cats I should say. Both jaguars and Panthers.

That’s not what I want to talk about though, I wish it was although I think this is way more interesting.

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Is That A Werewolf?

My name is Yona and I live in Delhi, India. A couple of months ago, my best friend, Varuna and I were sitting in our room studying for our upcoming finals. With only a couple of weeks left, we were super stressed and stayed up for hours at night to prepare. This was our college graduation exam and we both were pursuing the same subject, living in the same apartment complex and going to the same college.

I’ve known her since we were kids, we met during our kindergarten years so we are very close.

So it’s yet another night of preparation and we are sitting in our living room, studying. Our apartment is on the 5th floor which faces a huge empty land.

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My wife and I were sitting on the couch last night playing some PS4 together, a totally regular game night. Now, as I said in my last encounter, I’m scared of the dark because of what happened, and absolutely ALWAYS lock all of my doors and windows at night. Despite this, while we were playing PS4 I began to hear what seemed to be the meow of an injured cat. It sounded like it was on my driveway. I paused the game and my heart was pounding because any random noises at night now put me on edge. Being an animal lover I could only ignore the meowing for so long. I mean I love animals, what can I say?

My wife also wanted me to go outside and check on the cat. Since I haven’t told her what happened a few months ago (and still refuse to tell her) she doesn’t really understand just how truly terrified I am at night. After about half an hour of constant meowing I decided to at least TRY to man up. So I got off the couch and grabbed my flashlight. I nervously  crept to the window next to the front door and peaked out of the curtains ever so slowly. Without even using the flashlight I could see the silhouette of a cat at the very end of the driveway and breathed a sigh of relief. I started the process of telling myself to man up and began slowly unlocking the front door and stepped outside. At this point, I was kinda proud of myself for even stepping one foot outside at night. I literally hadn’t done that in months, usually I’m in bed well before 11pm as I really don’t want to be awake when all the freaks come out. Honestly, my last encounter changed my entire perspective on reality. How many other  fowl creatures creep around at night without no one ever seeing them? This is the single most terrifying thought to me. What kind of unimaginably terrifying things tap on my windows at night that I’ve never seen or heard? Lord, my heart is thumping right now..


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Strange Things at the UPS Building

I was 19 years old and i had just moved out of my parents house and got a cheap apartment in west Virginia. and of course i needed to find a job to pay for the apartment. i was able to find a job as a security guard at the UPS shipping and storage facility it was basically a big warehouse where the trucks would come and pickup the packages to make there delivery’s the ware house sat on the edge of town right next to the woods. the pay was great i was making 20 dollars an hour. then one day my boss asked me if i would be willing to be the first one to work a night shift due to the fact there was an attempted break in the other night. I was skeptical about it at first but then he mentioned it would mean an extra five dollars an hour on my pay check so i decided i would do it.

The first night i met my boss outside the shipping facility at seven thirty right when it was starting to get dark. he handed me my keys to the building and told me that he had just put a shotgun in the security room for extra protection. And then it was just me all alone for the rest of the night it was pretty quiet for most of the night and i really enjoyed it i didn’t have to do much i mainly just watched Netflix on my phone the whole night. then at five o’clock in the morning my shift ended and i went home and slept the whole day after that one night i decided i really like the night shift. two weeks later im doing the same thing only this time i see something that changed my life forever. it was around midnight when i decided to take my lunch break then all of a sudden i hear a car alarm go off.
i jumped out of my chair it had scared the crap out of me i get up and go out to the parking lot to investigate. i open the door and i see my car sitting there and the windshield and driver side window had been broken i was extremely mad at first then all of sudden something darts out from behind my car and runs into the woods so fast i could hardly see it i run over to the woods and shine my flashlight into the woods and then the light falls onto this creature that was something unlike anything ive ever seen or heard of it was at least seven or eight feet tall and it had no hair on its body and its skin it wasn’t pink or white like a humans it was some what of a dark purple its head was hunched over and it had glowing red eyes and large teeth and claws on its arms. it stood there for about four seconds directly in the light enough for me to get a good look at it then it started to run i drew my ruger 357 magnum as fast as i could and fired blindly into the woods in the direction i saw the creature ran when the gun was empty i ran back to the building and locked the door behind me i ran into the security room and i was panicking not knowing what i had just saw i was terrified i was wondering if it would come back or not what was it and where did it go so many things ran through my head for the rest of the night. and i dont think i put my gun down the rest of that night. the next morning my boss shows up and asked what happened to my car i told him some kids had thrown rocks at it and ran into the woods before i could catch them. thankfully it was the weekend now which gave me time to reflect on this and it also gave me time to get my car fixed. i spent that weekend browsing the internet looking at all types of weird creatures and none of them looked like this creature it wasn’t a Bigfoot it wasn’t a werewolf and it wasn’t an alien it was completely something else. when the weekend passed and it became time for me to work again i was somewhat scared and didn’t want to go and part me was saying to quit my job but instead i sucked it up and went back to work and i didn’t see that creature again at least while i was working that is.

Several months have passed by now and it is now late fall i haven’t seen or heard of the creature since that one night. and i had somewhat forgotten about it and moved on. deer season was going to be coming up soon and i was excited to go and i was looking for grounds to hunt on i was hoping to find private land to hunt on so i didn’t have to worry about running into other hunters. i asked my boss if i could hunt in the woods that sit next to the shipping facility i was happy when he said yes it would mean i would have those woods all to myself and the shipping facility sits on about 30 acres of private land most of which is woods. the week before the season came in i put out three trail cameras hoping to figure out where the deer were moving camera one and two sat in a large flat area with few trees and i can see i far distance those two cameras where seeing the most deer and i even saw giant black bear too. camera three was in a spot where there was a lot thick brush and trees and i had hardly seen anything on that camera. i had talked to my boss and he allowed me to take two weeks off work to hunt. on the first day of the season i headed to the shipping facility where i parked my car and walked into the woods. i was sitting in this make shift blind i built that oversaw a great distance of the woods it was the perfect spot. on the first day i got lucky and was able to take a doe at fifty yards away i had made a great shot on her with my lee enfield sporting rifle. the first week of the season was pretty good i was able to kill another doe and i even killed a large ten point buck i saw on one of my cameras. on the last day of rifle season i decided i would stay there from sun rise to sun down it was quiet most of the day a couple of doe here and there but nothing exciting. it was getting towards the end of the day finally i had about forty minutes of light left. then all of a sudden i see something running through the woods. it was that black bear i had seen on my cameras. i quickly pull up my rifle and fire two shots at it. i didn’t know if i had hit or not. i wait for a little bit and then i here the bear do what is called a death moan its something that bears do when there dying. i felt bad for it i didn’t want the animal to suffer so i got up and tried to find the blood trail i found blood and a lot of it more then there should have been. i followed it for awhile then it eventually led to the bear but when i got there and looked at the bear something was wrong. it didn’t have any bullet holes there were claw marks all over the bear some where three inch deep cuts. it was horrifying i immediately knew what did this it was the same creature that i saw months ago. that i thought i scared off. then i hear this horrible roar behind me i turn around and there is the creature about twenty yards away standing it what little of daylight was left. it was staring right at me i believe that the creature recognized me from our last encounter. i raise my rifle to fire at it and it jumps away and behind the trees it starts running from tree to tree using it as cover not giving me a clear shot. there was little daylight left and it was getting to the point where i could barley see. its pretty far walk back to the car i put my hand lamp on and i fire another shot right next to the creature hoping to scare it. then i start running to the car i can hear it running with me its keeping its distance but it was toying with me it was hunting me. i get to the point where i can see the outdoor lights from the building i thought for a second im almost there then i here the creatures running get closer i quickly look behind me and there is the creature right behind me and it is about catch up to me. then i spin around and fire at the creature it stops and touches it shoulder where i hit it then it roars at me and then runs away i continue running to the shipping facility i finally make it to my car and then all of a sudden i hear another roar this one is different though its deeper its almost like a wail a wail of pain and i took some comfort knowing that the creature got hit and might possibly die from that gunshot.

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The Thing in DeBary Swamp

I’m a 15 year old guy, and I live in a remote part of Florida, Back when I was 13, I would always go hiking into the woods with my friends.

To Start this off, My name is Blake and the other person who witnessed this alongside me is Liam. We used to go hiking together into the woods on weekends to wind down and relax, or just to have air-soft wars in the drier parts of the woods.

So after a long day of fishing, we were unpacking our gear, as the sun was beginning to set. When Liam noticed something strange with the tackle box we had brought along with us. “Hey Blake, Come Check this out..” I came over, a little annoyed as I was still setting up the tent and it was a pain in the ass to pitch. “What is it -” I stopped as I now saw the long scratch-marks that were engraved in the top and side part of the now mangled tackle box. “What the hell happened here?” I asked still examining the scratches, still trying to figure out what animal had tried to get into our box. “I don’t know, but it was like this when we had come back to set up our tent.” I was now a little on edge, thinking that there could now be a bear in the area.

“Keep your knife close by when you go to sleep tonight.” I said, clutching my pocket knife I had brought along.

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The giant

Hi all, I just wanted to share something with you that has receny happened to me.

I live in the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary, in a small town about fifteen minutes from the city. They call it a town, but really it’s just an overgrown village. It has the feeling to it and all. Lighting at night is scarce, but, and this might be the source of my luck here, our street is pretty well lit. Why I think it’s lucky?

A few days ago I had to move out of my room and take refuge in the guest bedroom, so my room can get repainted. The guest bedroom is small, almost claustrophobic, and it has one large window, through which I can see most of our neighbors’ houses on the other side of the street. Our flat is on the forst floor of the building, a nice two flat house with a big garden, though it’s mostly empty. My room’s window looks directly onto the garden, but the guest bedroom faces the street, which enabled my experience.

One night, as I was trying to sleep despite my insomnia, I started hearing a strange, pulsing sound, like someone turned on loud music at one of our neighbor’s. But this sound was weird. It followed no particular pattern or beat, and yet, it felt strangely familiar.

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Not what I expected

Hello everyone.

At the begining I think I should introduce myself a little. I’m from Poland and for six years I’m a member of one of the biggest paranormal investigating teams in country. Sometimes people call to us and ask for help with things that they think are “paranormal”. I’ve got a lot of cases, files, photos and recordings of strange things and creatures. But this time I’d like to tell you about one of the weridest cases I’ve ever seen.

It was four years ago. I live near Czech and German borders, at the mining comunity. One day I returned from work and saw a new E-mail from HQ. They wanted me to investigate a call from village, almost at Czech border. It was some way from me but I lived closer to it than anyone else. So, the call was about suspected ghost activity. Not in one home but in entire village. From the intelligence HQ send me I tought it was a powerfull Poltergeist. I packed up ghost hunting equipment and got on my way. It took me about two and a half hour to get to the place.

At my arrival I saw small, quiet village. Only about ten houses, no shop or even a bus stop. I made a circle trough the village, just for some fun. Then moved to adress HQ gave me. It was preety, wooden house, in the middle of the village. A young man opened me the door.

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A true Sasquatch sighting

This happened when I was 11 years old. I used to have this old little electric mini bike that went about 20 or so miles per hour and had a small little light on the front of it so I could see in the dark. I used it to get to and back from my friends’ house. On one particular summer night, I drove over to a friends house on my mini bike at around 5 or 6 pm to play with him on his Xbox 360, I believe we played Call of Duty 4, or World at War, I’m not sure which one we played. All I know, is that I stayed there till around 9:00 at night, and since my parents were easy going parents and we lived about 2 miles away from this friend, they didn’t mind that I’d come home late or drive to my friends house on the little mini bike, since it went at a decent speed.

When I went outside of my friends house after I said goodbye to him, I went to go on my mini bike to drive back home. Keep in mind the whole way there, around his house and mine, too, is are largely wooded area, so we would always hear creatures moving around and always hear crickets. When I hopped on my mini bike, I heard nothing at all, not even any crickets. It was just silence. This was very odd because we always hear them and there are thousands of them in the woods. There was something that made them quiet. Take note that the mini bike was electric and didn’t make much sound when it accelerated.

Since it was summer, and pretty early in the summer around Mid July, it was still pretty light out at 9 PM, not too light but enough to make out someones face from about 10-15 yards away. As I started heading home, I felt very uneasy, as if I was being watched, and still heard nothing of the crickets. I was coming up at a T Junction where I would have to turn left and continue down that road for about a half mile and make another left at an unlit intersection and continue going straight until my house came up. As I was approaching the T Junction, I could barely make out something in the trees straight ahead of me. I saw a pair of eyes in the trees. My first instinct thinking it was maybe an owl or something because we get quite a few owls up where we live, until, I saw it had blood red eyes.

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