The Thing in DeBary Swamp

I’m a 15 year old guy, and I live in a remote part of Florida, Back when I was 13, I would always go hiking into the woods with my friends.

To Start this off, My name is Blake and the other person who witnessed this alongside me is Liam. We used to go hiking together into the woods on weekends to wind down and relax, or just to have air-soft wars in the drier parts of the woods.

So after a long day of fishing, we were unpacking our gear, as the sun was beginning to set. When Liam noticed something strange with the tackle box we had brought along with us. “Hey Blake, Come Check this out..” I came over, a little annoyed as I was still setting up the tent and it was a pain in the ass to pitch. “What is it -” I stopped as I now saw the long scratch-marks that were engraved in the top and side part of the now mangled tackle box. “What the hell happened here?” I asked still examining the scratches, still trying to figure out what animal had tried to get into our box. “I don’t know, but it was like this when we had come back to set up our tent.” I was now a little on edge, thinking that there could now be a bear in the area.

“Keep your knife close by when you go to sleep tonight.” I said, clutching my pocket knife I had brought along.

We then made the fire and started talking, after a little while, the thoughts of earlier had drifted to the back of my mind, until we both heard what sounded like the footsteps of an animal coming from the underbrush, we both looked over at the source of the noise, thinking about what it could be.

Those footsteps were to loud to be anything like a raccoon or a squirrel. So we had our knives out, just in case it was a predator stalking us, but what emerged from the underbrush, still haunts me to this day…

A tall, thin, and pale looking creature made itself known to us, it had claws that were bigger than any that I had ever seen. It didn’t have eyes, only dark pits of where the eyes should’ve been, but I knew it was staring at us.

It then made this ear-piercing shriek and started charging at us.

I then did the only logical thing I thought to do and threw the tackle box at it in a quick attempt to distract it, as soon as the box hit the creature, Liam and I made a mad dash towards the bathroom building that was in the camping area, and we locked ourselves in there. We didn’t get an ounce of sleep that night, still hearing the wild pattering circling the building and occasionally hearing the creature’s shrieking and clawing at the outside walls of the little building we were in.

I was afraid that it was going to come through the door at any given second. We had stopped hearing the shrieking and the wild pattering outside, but we still waited to go outside until the sun rose, just in case it would be awaiting us.

When we did emerge from our temporary safe haven, we saw claw marks all over the door and walls of the little building,

we then made our way back to our camp slowly and hesitantly, when we had gotten back, everything was destroyed and thrown everywhere, we then turned around and gotten out of there as quickly as possible, not wanting whatever that thing was to return. When we had gotten back to my house, we decided it would be best to never speak of the events of that night again.

I think that what we had saw, was the Rake. But I will never forget those Dark Pits, staring into my soul.

The giant

Hi all, I just wanted to share something with you that has receny happened to me.

I live in the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary, in a small town about fifteen minutes from the city. They call it a town, but really it’s just an overgrown village. It has the feeling to it and all. Lighting at night is scarce, but, and this might be the source of my luck here, our street is pretty well lit. Why I think it’s lucky?

A few days ago I had to move out of my room and take refuge in the guest bedroom, so my room can get repainted. The guest bedroom is small, almost claustrophobic, and it has one large window, through which I can see most of our neighbors’ houses on the other side of the street. Our flat is on the forst floor of the building, a nice two flat house with a big garden, though it’s mostly empty. My room’s window looks directly onto the garden, but the guest bedroom faces the street, which enabled my experience.

One night, as I was trying to sleep despite my insomnia, I started hearing a strange, pulsing sound, like someone turned on loud music at one of our neighbor’s. But this sound was weird. It followed no particular pattern or beat, and yet, it felt strangely familiar.

It wasn’t until i realised it was getting louder, and movong closer that it was the noise of something big walking down the street on two legs. Out of curiosity, I was already at my window, bathing in the lamplight coming from outside, when I spotted it.

The creature was vaguely humanoid with smooth, grey skin, a head, devoid of facial features or any hair, and four arms, the second pair sprouting from the sides of its ribcage. It didn’t look emaciated, but I could still see its bones beneath the skin. In fact, it looked oddly muscular, as if posing while strolling down the street.

Oh, i forgot to tell the most important bit. This thing was huge. We live on the first floor, and I was lookong upwards from my bed through my window, but I still had to go closer tl the window to look at its head. This thing was at least twenty feet tall, possibly bigger, and there it was, walking down our street in the middle of the night, calmly, looking around with its eyeless face, stopping occasionally to take a peek inside a house, then continuing its stroll.

I wasn’t scared at first. My reaction was closer to “what the actual fuck?!”, but that quickly turned to fear as it turned my way, it’s featureless face staring in my general direction. Realising I was still in the lamplight, i quickly retreated, and watched on from the shadows.

The giant walked to our house, and took a good, long look at it. It stood there for at least ten minutes, seemingly scanming the house for something. I dared not move, lest it notice me, and god knows what it would’ve done to me. So I just stared, terrifoed, at this monstrosity, its four arms dangling idly beside it as it looked at me with that featureless face. Sorry for repeating it so much, but I stared at it for so long the picture burnd into my retinas, and when I close my eyes, I can still see that face staring into my soul.

I’m scared. It’s night again. I cant hear the footsteps, havent heard them since that night, but I fear one night I might awake to it staring into the guest bedroom, looking at me. I’m afraid to sleep.

I don’t know if anyone else has seen it, and if they have, are they just too afraid to talk about it, and at this point, I’m afraid to ask. I don’t know where this creature came from, or where it goes during the day, but I want it gone for good.

… Just as I’m typing the end of this, I hear the footsteps coming again. I hope it doesn’t notice me.


Not what I expected

Hello everyone.

At the begining I think I should introduce myself a little. I’m from Poland and for six years I’m a member of one of the biggest paranormal investigating teams in country. Sometimes people call to us and ask for help with things that they think are “paranormal”. I’ve got a lot of cases, files, photos and recordings of strange things and creatures. But this time I’d like to tell you about one of the weridest cases I’ve ever seen.

It was four years ago. I live near Czech and German borders, at the mining comunity. One day I returned from work and saw a new E-mail from HQ. They wanted me to investigate a call from village, almost at Czech border. It was some way from me but I lived closer to it than anyone else. So, the call was about suspected ghost activity. Not in one home but in entire village. From the intelligence HQ send me I tought it was a powerfull Poltergeist. I packed up ghost hunting equipment and got on my way. It took me about two and a half hour to get to the place.

At my arrival I saw small, quiet village. Only about ten houses, no shop or even a bus stop. I made a circle trough the village, just for some fun. Then moved to adress HQ gave me. It was preety, wooden house, in the middle of the village. A young man opened me the door.

He said that he and his wife moved in about month earlier. He was a writer and this place was perfect for him to work at his books. But there was something that made him and his wife really scared. They said that at nights they hear werid noises comming from the woods. And that the ghost is making even some things from the home dissapear.

As we finished talking I went to a walk. I walked around, near the forests border, looking for anything strange. I’ve found some wolf, deer, rabbit and fox footprints, nothing special. But then I saw something… strange. At one tree there was huge, deep scratches. Like a bears. But there aren’t bears at that part of the country. There was small lake near this tree so I just thought some animal came to drink water from it and for some reason scratched this tree.

After a while I came back to the village. I’ve setted up cameras, the hidden, hunting ones on the trees, put some sound recording devices and setted up a base in the barn. I was sitting, watching the cameras and drinking energy drink. Suddenly I saw something strange at one camera, like something crawled through the grass, moving to the house thhe writer lived in. I am really cautious when it comes to things like that so I grabbed my bowie knife, which blade I managed to cover with silver and quietly moved to this house. As I wanted to take a good look at this “ghost” i got a ladder and climbed to the rooftop of the house.

At the point I was thinking that this “ghost” is just someone kidding around. But this was huge mistake… I crawled to the end of the rooftop and started observing the area. For a moment I didn’t saw any movement but then… then I saw it. Humanoid animal, it’s skin was pale, a little bit blue. It looked really skinny and I saw that It has very long fingers. Not like the claws or something, just normal, very long fingers. It looked almost like a regular human being, but more… meateatting. Like it was created to hunt and eat living creatures.

For a moment I didn’t knew what to do. I just stared at It. I’m glad It didn’t saw me or felt my presence in any other way. As fast as I could without making noise I got out the roof and runned to my base. I grabbed a stick, poured some oil on it and lighted it. Then I rushed to the field.

This… thing was there, almost touching the wall of the house. When it saw me, first it looked like It didn’t expected meeting anyone. Then, it made strange, long and loud scream and took off the way it came. It was really fast. Good thing it got scared. I don’t think I could kill it with a torch.

Next morning I spoke to the owner of the property. I told him what I saw and that there are no ghosts involved. Both of us agreed that we can’t leave it like that. But there wasn’t much more that I culd do there. So I just gave him some tips, like how to secure his house, set up traps and stuff like that. And left the place, a little bit unsatisfied.


This is one of the cases I’ve never solved. And untill today I don’t know what I saw.

A true Sasquatch sighting

This happened when I was 11 years old. I used to have this old little electric mini bike that went about 20 or so miles per hour and had a small little light on the front of it so I could see in the dark. I used it to get to and back from my friends’ house. On one particular summer night, I drove over to a friends house on my mini bike at around 5 or 6 pm to play with him on his Xbox 360, I believe we played Call of Duty 4, or World at War, I’m not sure which one we played. All I know, is that I stayed there till around 9:00 at night, and since my parents were easy going parents and we lived about 2 miles away from this friend, they didn’t mind that I’d come home late or drive to my friends house on the little mini bike, since it went at a decent speed.

When I went outside of my friends house after I said goodbye to him, I went to go on my mini bike to drive back home. Keep in mind the whole way there, around his house and mine, too, is are largely wooded area, so we would always hear creatures moving around and always hear crickets. When I hopped on my mini bike, I heard nothing at all, not even any crickets. It was just silence. This was very odd because we always hear them and there are thousands of them in the woods. There was something that made them quiet. Take note that the mini bike was electric and didn’t make much sound when it accelerated.

Since it was summer, and pretty early in the summer around Mid July, it was still pretty light out at 9 PM, not too light but enough to make out someones face from about 10-15 yards away. As I started heading home, I felt very uneasy, as if I was being watched, and still heard nothing of the crickets. I was coming up at a T Junction where I would have to turn left and continue down that road for about a half mile and make another left at an unlit intersection and continue going straight until my house came up. As I was approaching the T Junction, I could barely make out something in the trees straight ahead of me. I saw a pair of eyes in the trees. My first instinct thinking it was maybe an owl or something because we get quite a few owls up where we live, until, I saw it had blood red eyes.

When I got closer, I could tell that whatever the fuck that thing was was not an owl and it’s eyes were 9 feet off the fucking ground. Before I go on, I must say that there is a legend around where I lived that late at night, Sasquatch would come out and hunt.. which was obvious (or so I thought) bullshit. I never believed in Bigfoot or any cryptids, but, when I saw these eyes and how far they were off of the ground, I immediately thought of this legend. I pissed my pants when I saw this, because I was a very paranoid person at the time (and still am) and would always assume the worst. I was terrified and knew that I would have to make this T Junction very fast and and book it the fuck home.

When I turned left I was going as fast as I could on that mini bike. I lost sight of the eyes and thought the thing had just fucked off, until I heard in the woods that whatever this fucking thing was was easily keeping pace with me. I started crying at this point and kept just driving as fast as I could down the road. I started approaching the intersection where the trees stopped and there would be a bit of a clearing on all sides of it, and saw a 9 and a half foot tall hairy, disgusting looking beast come out of the fucking woods that was coming straight for me. I made the left as fast as I could and I’m not sure if it was a miracle but I saw a pair of headlights coming down the road. I turned behind me and saw the beast step into the woods, because it knew it would be illuminated by this person’s headlights. As soon as I passed the person, I heard the crickets again, and hoped that this beast fucked off.

When I got home I shut the garage door, and locked every door and window in the house. My mom saw me obviously uneasy and pale and asked what was wrong. I never told her, or anyone what ever happened to me until now. I don’t know what that thing was, possibly a ‘Sasquatch’, but whatever it was, I hope I never see it again. I have since moved into a dorm at my college and seldom visit my parents who still live where they did when I was 11. I hope no one ever has to endure the fear I was in and I truly hope no one ever sees what I did.

My name is Jack, but I’d like to remain anonymous. Thank you for your time.

UK Dogman Encounter

First of all can I just say how much I love your channel and how much it has helped me come to terms with what I saw, it really helps to know that so many other people see these strange creatures and that I am not crazy.

A little background about myself before I get into my story, my name is Damon-Aston de’ Medici, I am a 23 Year old guy and from the West Midlands of England in the UK. Now, I don’t live far from a place called Cannock Chase, which is where my encounter took place.

It happened when I was 19 years of age, I had just completed a new album and, at that age and with any excuse, me and my friends, Peggy, Rosalind, my boyfriend James & his friends Francis & Aymon, took the opportunity to have a little private celebration in the Chase, we went to our local Off-licence, bought some booze, and off we went for an all nighter in the woods, as is the norm for teens.
We got to our usual spot around 10pm and got to drinking.

About an hour had passed, we were getting tipsy and having a good time, playing my new tunes from James’s Bluetooth speaker, when Peggy screamed, I was shocked and asked: “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!”

She said: “I swear I have just seen a bear by that log!”

Now, Peggy has always been a little ditsy and is often the butt end of our jokes with some of the things that she comes out with, so everyone just burst into laughter and Francis said: “You don’t get bears in England you div!”

Everyone laughed it off and got back to drinking, however I couldn’t help but think… I had heard of the Cannock Chase Werewolf before, I never believed in it mind you, men that turn into wolves? Come on, I wasn’t a kid, I just thought it was a folktale like the Lochness Monster or Bigfoot, but without thinking too much of it, I just registered the thought and carried on with the merriment. Peggy however couldn’t, she was jumpy and kept on looking around her into the woods.

An hour or so later I was a tad bit merry and it was also apparent that I needed a wee, so I went a little off into the woods to get some privacy, as I was doing my thing I heard leaves crackling in a footstep like fashion, I stopped myself; “Hello? Babe is that you?”

No reply, so I got back too it, just to hear that sound again, carrying on this time I called; “Guys if you’re trying to scare me, too bad, I’m too tipsy to care!”
I just finished up when I heard a deep, guttural growl emit from the darkness, I looked around, now quite frightened, but couldn’t see a thing, I quickly ran as fast as I could back to the others and into James’s arms.
“Woah, babe, what’s wrong?” he asked.

I told him what had happened and he just laughed at me; “Aww baby, had a bit too much to drink?”

I scowled; “Don’t be an arse, I’m serious.”

“It was probably just your imagination after too much to drink and Peggy’s eyes needing testing” he said as him, Francis & Aymon all started laughing.

“Fine, don’t believe me” I snapped, sitting on my log with obvious annoyance.

Rosalind sat next to me; “I know he’s being a prick but he’s probably right, it’s probably just the drink, that’s all.”

I know she was trying to be nice and comfort me, but I know what I heard. I know I didn’t imagine it.

I sat there for the next hour seething to myself, slowly sobering up, I was so mad that the only person who seemed to believe me was Peggy, and that my own boyfriend was just laughing at me with his mates, every now and then one of them would make a sarcky comment to take the mick and eventually I just snapped; “Do you know what James, piss off! You and your bleeding dick head little mates can take your sarcky comments and shove them up your arse!”

I got up and stormed off into the woods, James trying to call me back but ignoring him until he was out of ear shot.

I found a little spot a while a way, sat down, and started to cry, I was still a little tipsy, heightened emotions and all that, you know. But then through my tears I heard those footsteps again. I stopped myself and listened, they were getting closer, I looked around to the general direction I was hearing them from but couldn’t see anything, I slowly got up trying not to alert whatever it was to the fact I could hear it in case it was some knife wielding nutcase, I walked a little and realised that in my anger, I hadn’t taken note of the direction I’d come from…

“Oh shit!” I thought; “That barstard better be looking for me!”

I walked until I found a big tree that my whole body would fit behind and slipped in behind it, now being very scared, I heard the crunching of leaves get closer and closer, I stood there, shaking, thinking this is it, I’m about to be murdered by some weirdo creeping around the woods in the middle of the night, until I heard, like, well like a dog sniffing, right behind the tree! Sighing a massive breath of relief and thinking: “Oh thank Heavens for that, it’s just a lost pooch!” I turned around to see a MASSIVE, 8, 9, maybe even 10ft BEAST standing on it’s hind legs before me!

But in that split second I wasn’t scared, like as if some primal instinct held me for a second before logical thought kicked in, it was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. It was a sturdy looking beast, muscular, it had shaggy and matted, light brown & grey fur, a fluffy mane around it’s neck and like a German Shepherd’s shaggy tale, it’s face looked, well just like a Wolf, in fact, he (yes he, I noticed) kinda looked like my Siberian Husky, Snowy, at home, only his eyes were more of a golden yellowish colour than Snowy’s chocolate brown eyes, he was just gorgeous, I thought… Until rational thinking kicked in and I suddenly thought: “Bloody hell! I’ve gotta get out of here!”

I ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction to the Beast, he seemed to give me a head start, then on all fours he got, and ran like the wind, taking no time to catch up to me, he pounced, slamming me to the floor, I felt a sharp pain in my elbow down to my fingers and I screamed. He turned me over and pinned me down, his weight was immense, I screamed and screamed at the top of my lungs for James but try as I might I could not move, he just had me pinned down looking at me, he got in my face and I closed my eyes thinking this was the end, but I just felt a tickle in my ear as he sniffed me, just like Snowy did at home, you know when your dog sniffs in your ears and tickles you with his whiskers? Well this enormous “Monster” was doing that, I was in shock, I thought he wanted to eat me, not play!

He stood up, still looking at me like his curious new toy, just then I heard James, Francis & Peggy; “Daye! Damon! You okay? Daye! What the bloody-?!”

The beast looked at them, gave me one last glance & then took off, fast as lightning into the night.

James ran to me, tears now streaming down his face; “Babe! You okay?! I’m so sorry baby, are you hurt?? I should never have let you go off like that!”

“I’m fine” I promised, “It, didn’t hurt me- ouch!”

I realised that in my fall I’d hurt my elbow, I later found out that this was a slight dislocation, but I knew that it was an accident, this animal had not tried to hurt me at all.

I had a lot of trouble coming to terms with it all, but simply because I wondered if I was going crazy! But if that were the case, were James, Francis & Peggy all crazy too? They had seen it. Then we found this whole community and have found much comfort in knowing we’re not alone, others have seen these magnificent creatures too, and we now feel validation in our experience.

I just want others to know that not all Dogmen, Werewolves, Lycans, whatever each person may call them, are vicious, blood thirsty Monsters, in fact I believe they are just another of Earth’s creatures trying to get by.

Thankyou for listening to my story, I hope others can take comfort in it as I have theirs.