Possible vampire jinn.

To start this off this story occoured in Pakistan more specifically in the middle of the desert somewhere south in Pakistan

Ever since I was little I absolutely loved chickens and chicks so my dad decided to buy me 6 chicks. Every day we would let them roam in our yard at 5 am and we would put them back in the cage at 7 am. One day when my mom went to put them back in the cage , she found them all dead .

There was no blood around them so the death was clean. And there were also no bite marks. When my mother further inspected the bodies she found 2 puncture holes in all the chicks and it looked like the blood was sucked from them. She thought it was a cat but cats eat their prey and take it with them . There was nothing else she could think of. So she told me a cat had killed the chicks I was devastated but after I was bought a parrot (which is still alive) I buried the chicks and forgot about them.

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