The night I about died

This story happen to me when I was about 12 or 13.  I live in a small town in central Illinois. And I’m a huge fan of paranormal. Me,  and a friend we will call Dave went to a haunted house. It was part of the old Asylum in Penkin Illinois. It might be somewhere else but it was close to Pekin.

So before leaving for the haunted house, I was talking to this lady in her 40 about the asylum. She explain how her and her friend would always sneak in and smoke weed, drink and and just enjoy their teenage life. She also explained her paranormal experience, if I remember right this is what she said “Me and my friend was just smoking and passing the time. And we heard someone. Being stoned out of are minds we was panicking because we thought it was the cops. As we started to leave we heard footsteps. And they was coming towards us. We all dead spirited out of there. I go separated from everyone else and couldn’t find my out. I heard my friend screaming and out of no where I heard the most Demonic  voice ever yell “GET OUT NOW!” As soon as I heard that I ran towards the screams of my friends and got out.”

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