Creep in the T.J. Maxx Bathroom

My name is Selena, this story took place when I was around the age of 12 or 13. I am now 19, but this still creeps me out until this very day.

My family and I, were at a nearby T.J. Maxx shopping after Christmas. After a couple of hours of shopping I told my mother that I needed to use the restroom and that I would be back before she knew it. When I got there I noticed that there was only one person in the restroom other than myself, and they were in the stall besides me. Later on I was ready to leave my stall, when some of my money fell out of my pocket so I bent down to get it. When I was almost done collecting all of it I heard what sounded like a mans muffled voice, asking me for some toilet paper, I froze but gave the person toilet paper from under the stall.

The man grabbed my hand as hard as he could and pulled it from underneath the stall. I used all of my strength to brake away from his strong grip and hit my wrist on a part of the stall, I then ran out of the restrooms in fear.

I had no idea that this could ever happen to me. ┬áJust because your in a public places, doesn’t always mean your safe.