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The writer

Before her corruption, Tessh was originally a human being named Robin Williams. Born in the year 1981, she grew up in the town of Point Pleasant West Virginia. She was well known and loved by her neighbors and friends.

Robin’s true best friend was Robert Anderson, a tall redhead with a love for filming wildlife. Their favorite spot to film was in the woods that outlined Robin’s backyard. There they could film without anyone disturbing them.

Stalked by a Mountain Lion

I was nineteen years old when this happened. I’m thirty-two now but the thought of what happened that night still sends shivers down my spine. I visited my dad in a small town called Rio Grand City, he has a house inside his ranch which is perfect because i love hunting. My dad and step mom were going to be out for a few hours for they were heading to a party. My dad urged me to come but I didn’t want to, later on I regret that decision.

As my parents left I went to my room and grabbed my bow and arrow and my fathers 38 special revolver. I headed out deep into the ranch before it got too dark hoping to find a deer or bob cat, I was an expert with my bow and arrow and wanted to see if i still had it. I go to my usual spot which has a deer blind my dad bought when I was six. There I waited and waited till darkness was upon me. I was quite disappointed no animals had shown up, I decided it was time to head back home.

The Hand

Doors forcibly slammed, while four residents exited the convertible. Two sisters, similar features with the same glossy ocean hues, blonde hair bouncing with such grace despite the absolute no effort put in them. A muscular man in mid-forties, hair barely thinning while the beginning of a beard showing on his facial features, as his blond hair was decently messy. Emerald orbs staring toward the house displayed in front of them all, eyes dull without a spec of emotion. His height like a skyscraper compared to the other three females by his sides. A round women with curly hair similar toward the two younger girls, yet a dark shade of chestnut brown. Face coated with all types of concealers and powder, the strong smell of perfume overwhelming everyones sense of smell.

“We’re seriously going to live here?” The man inquired, eyes shifting toward the plump woman who’s practically beaming with joy. Oblivious to the distaste her husband showed, heels clicking noisily as she sauntered to the trunk, popping it open.

Mr. Googly Eyes

Lila. Where do I even begin with her? If she’s not flashing a toothy grin with lips smeared with chocolate ice cream, she’s prancing around the backyard, lost in a four-year-old’s fantasy of princesses, witches, and fairies. Sometimes she’ll invite a friend or two over for a play date and I’ll watch them run around; her long brown hair blows calmly in the gentle breeze, and there’s nothing better than seeing my daughter beam with excitement as she embraces the wondrous thoughts that fuel her imagination.

Yes, it truly is precious to watch her grow and explore, to live a life as every child should: free from the dangers that threaten the outside world. I wish I could say that Lila’s young life has remained full of joy, welcomed in that fragile sanctuary where bliss and wonder comfort her each day. But about four months ago, she was exposed to a cruel reality that no child should ever have to face. An unnerving danger that shouldn’t exist to begin with. This is her story. Well… more like our story…

The Knocking man

Hi my names john im a 15 year old male i’m about 6,0 and well built not exactly someone you would pick a fight on, i am also not scared very easily.

Well this is my experience of the Knocking Man.

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