Creepy Man At Starkbucks

So This About Two Years But I still Remember This Like this was Yesterday So I Work At Starkbucks For About Two Years And I Was The Cashier So I Have To Take Orders For Creepy People And At Time I Was Only 24 But This Encounter Was Defiently The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened to Me So Was A Boring Wednesday Not Really Different There About Three People In The Shop Me My Boss And My Other Co Worker/Friend Lucy So Me Were Talking About How Life Was But Then The Door Opened That Was Weird We Was About Close The Store But We ignored it. There Came A Man Who Looked Like He Was In His Early 30s So I Said Welcome To Starbucks May I Take Your Order He Didn’t Replied So I Reapted Again Welcome To Starbucks May I Take Your Order But This Time He Said Hello Cutie I found it strange so I said Thank You May I Take Your Order he said I Have An Iced Coffee I said Ok Coming Right Up Then He Said You Look Beautiful Thanks I said Then He Said Something That Still Plays In My Mind So Katie Do You Have Boyfriend Don’t Worry I Know Where You Live My Heart Froze He Saw Be You Could Be Wife I shouted No Go AWAY YOU CREEP MY Friend Lucy Heared And Said To Him Go AWAY I Called The THE COPS AND HE WAS Trying To Break In And Then He Reached Out A Gun From His Pocket AND MY MANGER WAS FREAKING OUT SHE SAID TO ME AND LUCY TRY THE BACK EXITS THEN Finally Then we Saw The Red And Blue Lights Of Cops Car Finally The Police Were Here Police Caught The Man And Arrest Him. SO Creepy Man From Starkbuck Let’s Never Meet Again